Outworld: Rise of an Industrial Empire

Outworld: Rise of an Industrial Empire


155 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Outworld: Rise of an Industrial Empire

[Industry VS Magic + This Is Very American + German San + Chitu Su + Science Fiction] The fighter jet engines roared towards the flying dragon, the grenadiers rushed towards the magicians with rifles in hand, and the torrent of steel rolled over the bodies of the alien beasts. When freedom and fairness meet slavery and privilege, when human liberation meets divine magic, this is the moment that magicians fear most. A country created by common people, without nobility or privileged classes, was founded in the magic-free West Continent. It resisted the encirclement and suppression of the Central Continent Magic Empire from its birth, developed in the flames of war, and relied on one two-year plan after another to stand firm in the Holy Continent. "We are not protecting the interests of the nobility, we are protecting the interests of the working people!" "Don't underestimate the power of civilian unity! The nobility should be attacked!" .... "Sir! Times have changed!" "The strongest magician ? How many masters are the strongest magicians?" .... Su Zheng traveled to a world where magic exists, where there are magicians, strange beasts, and flying dragons! As a mortal, Su Zheng said that I don’t know magic, but I know technology! Let us witness the rise of a technological and industrial empire in the magical world!


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