Online Games Go Back One Minute

Online Games Go Back One Minute


1453 Chapters Ongoing Status


In 2222, on August 1, two major events happened.

The first thing, “World of Hope” is officially open beta, this is an epoch-making online game, currency exchange, 100% real, known as the second world, and in the later stage, the game will be realistic, the real world, Change the world order.

The second thing, Ye Chun, a young man in the civilian area of ​​Jiangnan City, Huaxia Kingdom, on his eighteenth birthday, awakened his supernatural powers and could go back one minute in time.

What can you do by stepping back a minute?

Equipment enhancement failed? It doesn’t matter, the backward time will be stronger again, and it is too strong to be stronger.

The treasure chest didn’t open what you wanted? It doesn’t matter, the rewind time will be reopened until you are satisfied.

Failed to reclaim wasteland? It doesn’t matter, if the details are wrong, go back a minute and you can save it.

With one minute of backward time, Ye Chun simply became the uncrowned king of the Hope World.

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