Ninja school teacher, I can become stronger by teaching

Ninja school teacher, I can become stronger by teaching


351 Chapters Ongoing Status


Mu Yue traveled to the world of Naruto and became an ordinary chuunin teacher at Konoha Ninja School and a member of the Root Organization.

Fortunately, after awakening the teacher system, you can become stronger by teaching.

In order not to become Danzo’s consumables, Mu Yue worked hard to teach and increase her strength.

“Completed the teaching rated A for the first time, and received the reward – mastery of fire attribute chakra property changes.” ”

Under your guidance, Uchiha Shisui worked hard to practice, and his overall strength has been greatly improved, and he received the reward – Immortal Human Body !”

Under Mu Yue’s teachings, Zhishui understood that the village’s enemies were not necessarily other big countries, they could also be within the village, and people who spoke righteously about the Will of Fire might not necessarily act in accordance with the Will of Fire.

Obito got rid of the title of being the weakest person in the ninja school, and Metkai became a master of Taijutsu earlier…

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