— —

Ernst Heinrich ★ German

Quirk: Heart of The Machine

— —

Lahel Persephone ★ British

Quirk: Dark Matter

— —

Nayun Ae ★ Korean

Quirk: Thousand Lotus

— —

Nile Horus ★ Egyptian

Quirk: Destructive Archer

— —

Xiao Yunin ★ Chinese

Quirk: Sword Saint

— —

Neji Hyuuga ★ Japanese

Quirk: Ninja

— —

Mikhaim Aleksandra ★ Russian

Quirk: Wind Elementalist

— —

Juan Arnais ★ Filipino

Quirk: Damage Return

— —

Johnny Enslley ★ American

Quirk: Human Torch

— —

Evelyn Nevaeh ★ American

Quirk: Power of Ant

— —

Inside the Office of [Universal Hero School], a Man who has 3 scarred Bear-like Claw vertically placing on his face, and full of beard flipping 10 pieces of papers.

After he saw the students from the papers in his hand he said "So this are the first year this time? they filtered out but, So many?"

"Yes principal, and seems like this year have full of Promising Students with Unique Quirks we ever had from our three years of service." Said by a Man with Hero costume of Red suit and Dark Lightning symbol on its c.h.e.s.t.

"hmm, its been three years since then, All of the Head Chairmans of Hero Associations around the Globe dont want to bother our Symbol of Peace everytime their country is in peril, so this is what only way we can do to decrease his burden, and every Hero whose working harder out there" he said and followed up "I wish this group of students can one Day become like him, the Symbol of Peace that feared by Villain".

Moments later when the principal was Alone in his office. and After he Finished reading and Scanned again all of this 10 new Students Quirks, their effect, and weaknessess. He then started to write something.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

"Then we can't do the Evening Date starting Tomorrow?" Kendo Confusingly asks.

"We can Date every Saturdays to Sundays though, Thats more or less looks like it, they Gave us an Individual Rooms and we dont have a choice, leaving there is the same as quitting at their School, and Saturdays and sundays was our Day off, Sigh.." Neji said and Scatched the back of his Head.

"Thats fine by me, still, I didnt even Know your School was Granded than our U.A until today"

"Hmm, they forbid me to say it but I have to tell you atleast a bit, that School and the Students are more or less the same as mine"

"What do you mean? I dont get it?"

"They are Quirkless but didnt, They are normal but didnt"

"fufufu So you think your not normal?" Kendo was Covering her mouth.

"N...No thats not what I meant, the point is, Like mine, their Quirk isnt Normal you see?"

"Yeah yeah I know, I was just teasing you" Kendo Hug Neji and placed her head to his c.h.e.s.t, her fingers locked at Neji's side, they were in a Park today, Seated while watching the Sunsets.

Neji Hug her back and C.a.r.e.s.sed her Beautiful and Soft Ginger colored hair, kissed her hair and said.

"Take care of yourself there, Remember that even if All Might is in U.A school, no one can tell if theres a Villain wanted his Revenged, if it happens then the School Reputation will affected and Students inside will get Involved, and dont hesitate to call me" looking down at her whose on his c.h.e.s.t

Kendo then Kiss Neji's Lips and Said,

"Bishõjo chan, your Girlfriend here is very strong, so strong that they dont even know what hit them so dont worry that much okay? It is you thats I've been worrying about, your calssmates are all Elites from their respected country and...." She then Stared at Neji

"Dont Hit a Girl and made a Harem Understand!? or he he, I'll Smash that thing of yours using this Quirk of mine He he", She look at Neji crotch and made her Hand Big by activating her Quirk with Evil laugh

"H....hai!, Ojou-chan!" Neji repeatedly Nodding his head with many Dark horizontal lines could see on his head.

And the two was happily laughing and chatting until The Sky turned Dark.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

Next Day

Neji's Baggage was already transfer weeks ago, so this time he went out from his Home and said his Goodbye to his Mom and Dad.

"Take care Son, Always make a Call alright? or Mom will become sad, she was stressed eater afterall" while saying those words by his Dad, his Mom Pinch his Dad's Ear and said

"Always make a Call alright Son? I love you" and she Kissed Neji forehead.

So warm, that Neji held back his tears from flowing and turn his back, and said "Yes Mom, Dad, thank you and Dont worry, I always take care of myself" he then walked away hastily, he felt like he become more emotional.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

Before Neji Entered the class room and After he Opened the Door With 'UH-1' he was surprised, 10 pieces of seats and Table but 9 of them were already Occupied

'I thought Im the first one to arrived here' while narrowing his eye, he started to Enter and occupy the remaining seat.

"Woah there's still latecomer at a time like this? hey Lady I'm Johnny, whats your name?" Said by Tan skin, Squared faced, Tall and Toned Body Guy, with Spiky Black Hair, and Deep black pupils whose named Johnny Enslley, one of the two American Representative.

"Neji Hyuga" Replied by Neji and takes his sit at the Very back corner.

Johnny Confused because of Neji voiced was a voice of a man but before he asks another Question, the Door Soon Opened again

with Hero Suit, It was a Girl with Protruded Long horn from her Forehead, a Beautiful face with With Scaled at her Arm and Cheek, wearing Dark Clothes with Yellow Dragon Symbol on its Sleeves and its back, her cloak was covering her Other Suit.

"Good Morning to All of you, Im Tenryu Long, and my Hero name was Xiandian Long, Lightning Dragon was my Quirk, and Starting today I'll be your Homeroom teacher! and just call me 'Teacher Ten' from now on, and As all of you here was an Exceptional Students lets cut the chase! Take out your Costumes, well do our Practical Exam outside" She Introduced herself.

Exactly 30 minutes later

"Alright, Lets do this!" Tenryu Long said, she smirk and followed "Those who dont want me, Come at me all at once, I know and see it in your faces the word 'Im Stronger than her', I'll made you acknowledge me as your Teacher So next time, you Bastard Elites will know your place" She said and used her hand to Taunt.

3 of 10 Students moved forward and wanted to teach this Teacher Ten.

Of course with her words, Neji lose his Excitement and drag himself to the side of the field.

Neji Hero Costume was Black and Gold Mechanical Helmet thats covering only his head and his Ears, and on back of it was a Hole so his long hair can pass through and make it a ponytail look, it also had "V" shape of Dark and Tinted Windshield, if activated, it was covering his eyes until his nose so that when he was using his Byakugan no one can see his eyes that changing its color to Gold.

His Arm and Leg weights can Also blend to his costume that it can attached and dettached anytime.

He made his Body Costume was like he was a Jonin, but instead of Cotton, it was made of Metal, he also Carrying on above his b.u.t.t was 3 pieces of scroll-like Item, each one inside was 50 Liters of Pure Distilled water. It was for Kagebunshin Technique.

On his two sides was like a Small Belt Bag, each of it had 5 pieces of Kunai.

And on top of it all was Semi Transparent Silver small-sized hood-less cloak until his waist. Neji really love this cloak costume but he dont even Know why.

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