Another 6 months Later,

Today was the Day that Izuku Midoriya will Inherit One-For-All alas Tomorrow was the Entranced Exam of U.A, this time Izuku gained height and his muscle become more toned, and Because his Chakra point was completely open and the Chakra was circulated that Match to his Current physique Neji made an Approve sign to All Might that he was Ready, Of course Neji wasnt at the ceremony as he and Kendo was like the usual, Dating for today.

— — — — —

"What do you think?, you think he was ready for tomorrow?" Kendo asks while they were slowly walking at the park, hugging the right arm of Neji.

Neji looked above, and saw the bright sunlight "Yup, he was" Looked at Kendo and said again, "He'll become a splendid hero from here on out" Neji smile.

"He he, Yup! if you are my mentor I too will become or even more splendid Hero!" c.a.r.e.s.sing her Cheek at Neji arm, this made Neji flushed.

Of course Kendo already open her Chakra Points the time before she created her [Metal Hand].

and the two was exchanging sweet talks everytime they moved forward until their only Silhouette can see and until they're gone.

In front of the School that Neji will also Study

A foreign and beautiful Girl with long golden hair, and Blue eyes descend from her service limousine and said

"Its okay mister, I will soon comeback so wait me here" She said and her bodyguards bow.


"Yes Lady Lahel I'll accompany you" said by a Lady Professor whose aged was 40 at most.

Lahel came here just to stroll around her future School, the place where she live as student, she wanted to taste the Atmosphere so that later she can Adjust herself.

This [Universal Hero School] was the School for foreign and Elite Students all around the world, and only one person alone in every country can Study here because of special and Strict restriction.

so Strict that even the Elites here in Japan doesnt want to study there and instead went to U.A, Shiketsu or other Elite school where professional Heroes were their professor.

Students here are Unique, so Unique that in some other Country calling it Personal Attributes, Instead of Quirks.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

Next Day, an Entrance Examination of U.A begins

without him Knowing, Neji was dragged by All Might to watch the Exam and now infront of him was monitors, so many that it can monitor more than hundred participants.

Principal Nezu of U.A and other trusted heroes only know the relationship of All Might and Neji.

All Might Introduced Neji that he was the son of his Friend, the one who managing the Valhalla and soon to be the new Hero System called [Guild], that he was an exceptional Hero in the future.

as all of spectators were Famed Hero inside this room, they dont mind as long as he behaved.

thought Neji went blank with this sudden development, he Silently spectate.

Izuku whose skillfully destroy one of the Robots without using his Quirks

The spiky hair whose using his hand and made the robots explode

A car-like guy thats running here and there

The roundface girl that made many robots levitate higher and dropped it down later and destroyed

The froglike girl that slammed the robots after she grab it with her Tounge

A man with tail that had muscle like its his own Limb and many more.

The Crow Guy that looks like from Nara Clan technique when he utilized his shadow.

And Shoji at the same time were specialized in Searching and the height and muscle of his isnt for show.

All of them and there are some others who also caught his attention especially the explosion Guy.

'That smile of his face and an Arrogant Aura, he's just like the past me in a very bad way' Neji then look at All Might that was smiling whose in his side.



Soon he heard two Buzzing sound, the last phased of the Exam Started and soon he found in Monitor was 20-meter Big Robots.

10 minutes later, Despair wad found in every face of soon to wannabee Heroes, the Students.

The big robots was too much for them, though it give zero point and all they need to do was to avoid it, it Devastated the area everywhere it went, and now underneath it was the roundface girl who cant move, her feet was stuck.

then in one monitor, he saw a Man with curly green hair, Izuku jumped high that seconds later the 20-meter Robot head Exploded, he punched it with all his might.

'What did he-' Then a hand placed at his shoulder, it was All-Might while looking at the Monitor where Izuku was being filmed and said

"you saw it too right? he saved that Girl without realizing what Danger he faced, he jump and punch that Robot just to save one girl, like his body moved on its own, that was one of the important traits of a Hero" with Approved sign.

Izuku was also help by roundface girl by slapping him and made him float so that he wont crush to the ground.

though his body looks normal his Bone inside were cracked especially his 2 feet that kicked the ground because of sudden burst of One-for-All, he cant move and he stayed there until another 10 minutes later, the Exam was finished, he looks like crying and saying something, but lose his conciousness after.

And That Concludes the Entrance Examination at U.A

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

while Izuku was stable now, thanks to Recovery Girl, he was still lying in bed.

Inside the Principal's Office, Neji, All Might and Principal Nezu was talking opposite to each other while sipping some tea.

"That Successor of yours didnt think the consequences before he made his decision, just like you All Might" Said by Principal Nezu.

Neji was just there, sitting and only listening to this two.

"He is a Hero afterall"

"alright enough, whats done is done"

"Now tell me Neji Boy, why not study here in U.A? I'll give you a recommendation to Hero Course, if you dont like, be a teacher at least. I heard from All Might that your specialty was Teaching especially about human Body Structure correct?" Nezu said

Neji only nod but shake it afterwards and said "Im not that of a good teacher, and I already Enrolled in Universal Hero School"

"a School full of Elite Foreigns all around the world? that School was for Elite of all Elites, as I thought your not a Normal Student. The I wish you luck then"

"Then, If you dont mind I will talk with all Might alone this time."

Neji then nod and went outside..

30 Minutes later.

After Principal Nezu and All Might Finished talking, All Might already met Neji.

Neji asks All Might a question that gives him trouble Until now.

"All Might Godfather, may I asks you one question?"

"what is it Neji Boy"

"I was wondering and until now I wanted to know, I already heard Mom and Dad story but.."

"I wanted to hear it from your mouth.."

"You, one sidedly help Mom and Dad about their business problems without reason, you befriend with them and then you insists to become my Godfather, why? you didnt gain any rewards right?"

After he heard those words, All Might pat Neji head and said "Neji boy, this secret was between you and I alright?"

"He was the first line in successor of One-for-All before me"

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