"So? do you want to Inherit my power now?"

Neji surprised and jump sideways after he heard those words from his ears

"All-" before he can shout any word a skinny, bone like body and Giraffe-like neck of this man covered his mouth in a flash before Neji complete his words.

the Man's arm that covering Neji's mouth had a transformed muscle while his body doesnt have.

Minutes later, after they went upstairs at the very top of Martial Art School Building whose now the main office of Valhalla Guild, the man talked.

"So what was your Decision?"

"I told you didnt I Godfather? Im not suited to that power"

"but you aimed to become a Hero now right?, I asks you back then, when you were younger but those lingering feelings and Memory of yours being a Genius Ninja from different world or something was not suited for being a Hero, but now you've changed to a completely Different Person, then-"

"I will said it again for the second time, and also for the last time, I Dont want That Power!" Neji piercing voice made All-might mouth shut.

Yes, The Skinny and skeleton Guy infront of Neji was the Currently number one and the Strongest Hero True Form.


"I already tastes Fame! but that very fame made me become Domineering and Mighty, humiliating my lady who become the family head in the future, misjudged the ability of his own teammate!"

"but in the end Being defeated by the useless man from my class that until now, was the person that I still fond of!"

"I wont and never become like him even in this second life of mine"

"so please find a successor thats more suitable than I am, Godfather"

Neji said it all without stopping.

All-Might and Neji had a staring contests for about 1 to 2 minutes, All-Might then Smiled and change to his Muscle Builder form.

"I knew it Kid! you are as persistent as ever!" He then tap Neji shoulder and said "thats why I am here to tell you now that I already found a successor"

"Tomorrow was his first training! would you please be his Mentor?"

All Might then take out a piece of paper.

"I already made an Exercise regiment to him! I called it [American Dream Plan]!"

"If you Interested, come tomorrow morning at Seashore!" All-Might then kick the ground and flew upward, Gusts of wind made Neji almost blow then All-Might Shouted.

"He'll become a Splendid Hero in the Future! Im sure of it! so come tomorrow!"

Just like that All Might vanished like a shooting star.

'Me? a Mentor?' Neji mind went blank.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

Later that Night, Dinner time

"hm I'm glad He found his successor" said by Neji Dad

"Time sure flew by, even the greatest Hero become rusty and Aged, there really is no one can Win against time" Said by Neji Mom after she gulp her food.

"Neji, is something matter?" Asks His Father

"I just wondering when did you guys met All-Might?"

his mother was only listening while eating as she already know the story.

"Uh him? someday he just went by and buy our very first New Product, when we just made our business and that was almost the time that we are losing profit than Gaining, and without us knowing he sometimes advertise those weights when he's in live interview, this was Good Weights that looks like made me even more powerful every time Im using it, he said"

"We dont know it when your mom accidentally changed the T.V channel, and like that, our company gained fame and other famed Hero also made their purchased one after another, he'll become our friend just like that, but he always come with Deformed state and also said his greatest secret, then when your Mom was pregnant he insist on becoming Godfather"

"But until now, Im still wondering, we didnt even know why he helped us" His father End his story while scratching his chin.


"Ehhhhhhhh!! oh My dear Honey and Son where's my extra rice??! the rice cooker was empty!! Noooooo" with his reaction, Neji and Mom cant hold their laugh and burst it out.

That Night his Father belly isnt full and become skinny the next day.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

4am In the morning at seashore, after Neji finished what needs to be done he went straight there.

And then he found a slim boy wearing green jogging pants and jacket with curly green hair and had some peckels talking to All Might.

"there he is, Neji come here" Shouted by All Might to Neji after he saw him.

"This is Izuku Midoriya, My Successor and your Deciple from now on"

"This is Neji Hyuga, me and him will become your Mentor" and All Might Whisper to Izuku but Neji doesnt care.

'He was strict! so be ready' after that he stand straight and said

"you two are the same Aged, but Midoriya Boy Neji here were far stronger than an Average hero! so Goodluck!"

"Sadly this seashore and the nearest was cleaned thanks to Valhalla Guilds active members so lets stary my [AMERICAN DREAM PLAN VERSION 2.0]" All Might then Dashed at nearest Chair and Shout.

"Go on Neji! I'll give you his first 2 hours every morning and another hour was mine!"

— — — — —

Neji Sigh and asks Izuku

"Did He give you a copy?"

"Hai! Se...Se...Sensei!" Izuku flinch and stuttered just by answering Neji but Neji saw a Burning Determination from its eye.

without further ado he madr a handseal, with a poof Neji take out squared flat board with exact Dimension, His other hand reached at the sea and like a waterbending it went him and make a hand seal.


the Water a seconds ago become Kagebunsin of Neji

Deku jaw dropped and said "Multiple Quirk Activation!? eh-???" But before he finished his sentenced it Carry him at its shoulder and run towards the sea, along with Neji.

he just shouted to All Might saying "HELP!"

But was surprised that they didnt sink instead they running at the top of the water and saying "AAAAHHHHHH"

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

kilometers away from seashore, Izuku carried by Neji clone and Neji who was standing then Throw the board, It didnt sink but instead his clone made Izuku sit there, Neji said

"Dont worry, Water Elements helps you to hastily activate your chakra points and can help you maintain its sudden bursts"

"Chakra? Maintain? wha-"

"Sit still and balance your body or you'll sink! for now I'll help you open 2 chakra points" saying those and Hold Izuku's head made Izuku trembling in fear.

First day Izuku opened [The Root Chakra] and [The Sacral Chakra] consecutively.

Fourth Day Izuku opened [The Solar Plexus Chakra]

Fifth Day Izuku opened [The Heart Chakra]

Sixth Day Izuku opened [The Throat Chakra] and [The 3rd Eye Chakra] consecutively.

Seventh Day was [The Crown Chakra] and final Chakra point.

After he opened his last Chakra points that those agonizing pain was Over, Izuku was the happiest of the world, but later did he know that there are [AMERICAN DREAM PLAN VERSION 3.0]

Izuku take it another day for activating Solar Plexus chakra was, his abs muscle cant take it so using bowling ball for those days it almost made him puke all of his lasts week meals.

on His sixth and seventh day of Intensive training, Kendo insists on watching Neji's new and first Mentor, it made her surprised with this Izuku boy Determination

"Really? he will also Study at U.A?!" She was surprised

"Yes, but unlike you who have a recommendation, he first take an entrance Examination" Said by All Might, but he named himself Toshinori and Godfather of Neji, as the greatest secret needed to be hidden as minimum people as possible.

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