Valhalla, that was Neji and others named Their Hero Guild, with Kendo's help and research, they came up with the named Valhalla, which stands for "Hall of Heroes", others doesnt have any complains and approved it.

One Month Later

Ectoplasm, was hired by higher ups to become Valhalla Guild temporary Important member because of his Cloning Quirk, as per the Members of Valhalla was still counted with two hands, he was helpful and can do paperworks and also Villain subjugation within the range of where Neji City is, because of him, the crime rate became lowered, with his single Digit Hero Rank, he was being feared by normal Bad Guys.

Ectoplasm is a tall, slender man, always wearing his hero costume that was a tan cloak that covers most of his body, the area over his torso and the high collar resembling that of a double-b.r.e.a.s.ted trench coat. Underneath, he wears a skin-tight black bodysuit with a golden striped neck area, and a matching black helmet that covers his entire head, a jaw-guard attached over his nose and around his jaw, and circular mufflers. 

Neji Mother, Rina Hyuga was their Treasurer and Auditor consecutively, and also the one called Vice Leader.

Neji father, Ryu Hyuga was In charge of what lacks from their Guild, and dispatched a Member if some crisis arised.

Their Guild only covered a radius up to 3 main cities, and he was the one called Guild Leader.

Kaito Aizawa was also a Vice Leader but he helps by training the Members and sometimes roam from city to city.

RnR company was their Backer, and even its equipment was 50% Discounted to their member, of course higher ups can compensate to RnR Company if they loss sum of its Income but thats not gonna happen.

Because, All in All, RnR company became even widely known with their high-technology Weights and related products, at the same time, their [Valhalla Guild] Gain more fame than the currently 3 to 5 years that runs a Hero Agency.

All of it happens was only at the Span of 1 and half years.

and Because of Valhalla fame and the 3 Cities they covering, The crime rate decrease to ↓68% and still decreasing, and now they have a total of 2,098 Nember, Licensed, unlicensed or Quirkless alike, but Majority had a Quirk especially to those member that was in [Fighter/Battle Members].

Of course they background check all of their members, from its predecessors until its grandschildren if by chance they have. so theres no shithole in their Progress.

Also because Ectoplasm was Temporary member he just left 1 year ago, but thanks to him that Valhalla shined until today.

Kendo and Neji are still Dating and do his Neji-like Training or more like, Lee-like training regement.

Shoji changed his placed and rent a home nearest to U.A and study hard, but they still had contacting each other.

Kendo was busy strenghtening her Quirk, and with the help of Neji, her hand didnt grow big but its ability and monstrous strenght was still there. still, she atleast want her Hand grow big as that was her original Quirk really is, so she also learned Metal Like hand, it cant see with the n.a.k.e.d eye though, this Metal Hand was not Just Monstrous Strenght but also as Hard as Metal that was why they called it [Metal Hand].

Neji at the same time wanted to help Shoji to strenghen his quirk but Shoji doesnt want to bother him and said "I can strenghten my Quirk and wont lose to you next time! but still, if by chance I feel like I face a wall and looks like I didnt even grow at all, you'll help me right?", Of course Neji without further ado Nod and they bumb fist and said their farewell.

Yes, Shoji cant win to Neji especially to his speed, but he was still proud that his childhood friend and bestfriend became stronger without envy or jealousy, Shoji Departed with full of motivation.

Koichi, a.k.a The Crawler along with Pop✩Step were [Figther/Battle Member Category] and dispatched those who doing Evil deeds.

But they are also in [Community Service Member Category] and [Office Work Member Category] consecutively, and because this work were suited to them they extend their contract, Neji made even more than happy after he heard their words.

And that was the [3 Category Members] of [Valhalla Guilds].

Also, 3 Months Ago, the two accidentally Recruited a big guy named himself KnuckleDuster, a Quirkless big guy, but he was hotblooded and always complain by wanting to become a Fighter, with no Other choice, Ryu Hyuga later assigned him to became [Fighter/Battle Member Category] and he finished his job faster than Neji's fastest record for Robber Subjugation.

Valhalla Members since then called him 'Unique Member' because of Quirkless but specialized for Battle, he even try to provoke Neji by teasing Kendo, Neji vein popped up and the two battled after.

Unfortunately for him, he wiped the floor brilliantly because Neji pinpoint his weakpoints that his body limp to the ground like lifeless guy, he lost and out of commission for whole day.

But still, he was one of the powerhouse of their Guild that even in his day off, he subjugate Evil doer faster than anyone if by chance he happened to be there.

Neji of course isnt dilly dallying by those months, He now can run and walk at the wall and Water surfaced, just like him being a Ninja, he returned to Basics.

He can even summon not one but twl Kagebunshins simultaneously, of course, with the help of Science and Alchemy and with the quotation of [Equivalent Exchange], he learned that it needed was a 'Medium' to summon one, what he pick was water element, it wont break easily with blunt weapon as long as it didnt destroy in one hit, and before it completely destroy either one can drain the water or to completely destroy it before regenerate.

"So we happen can use Jutsu's even without even knowing that it was because of Science and Alchemy" Neji was talking to himself.

Neji now was Inside the training room thats been renovated at the second floor and was too focused concentrated of who knows whats his doing that other trainee were busy for their training.

Also his Mom and Dad was watching him from glasses outside the door, with other man besides them was standing, he had yellow hair, deep and black something that covering its eyes, skinny, dry skin and had long and thin Neck like girrafe.

"He's always like that if he wanted to tests something, I dont know if he know that we'll watching him here" said by Ryu

"Ryu, Rina", But before he finished his sentence the two decended downstairs and said "Hai Hai, take your time".

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