Saturday 11am outside the mall not far away from Neji Home address, there, he and Kendo will met for their 'Date'.

His parents didnt object with Neji decision even with Kendo's background, as Neji had his own life and as a parents they just give him their blessings to any of his decisions and stopped if its needed.

After Neji went outside his parents were talking about him and Kendo

"Sigh, dear he really grows up. I missed our little child Neji-chan" said by his mom.

"Dont worry dear, if by chance he failed, His failure can become his success in the future, if they become officially committed I'll try to appease at her parents, not as a Hero or a Businessman but as a Father, so Goodluck for me! oh by the way I have to go now, Hero Association Chairman had a Proposal, we'll talk about it later okay? *Mwuuuaaahhh" said by Neji's Dad kiss his Mom and said his goodbye and dash in the air by activating his quirk.

Lets return to where Neji was,

After spending 1 to 2 minutes of waiting, Kendo approached Him, of course Neji knew its her because he can't wait and activate his Byakugan to find Kendo.

"Hi Beautiful Bishõjo Mister~" Teased by Kendo after he approached Neji.

Because of Neji's tall but girl-like appearance, covering his Bluish hair with Bonet Red Cap, cool tinted sunglass, along with his civilian attire of Dark and Grey 3/4 Shirts with letter in front of it was Ninja, Black Short Jeans until his knee and black sandals, and with his jade white skin and not so big muscles, he's just like a girl model, so Kendo calling Him Bishõjo was almost true.

And also, Because of controlling chakra inside his body, Neji's Muscle didnt buldge even with his arm and legs were always wearing shinguard-like weights.

This time after Neji saw Kendo, He also surprised, his eye can Only see Chakra flow so after he saw Kendo now and wearing High heels and pink dress until her Legs covered by her Blue jacket, from Normal citizen, hers was normal but for Neji who always saw Kendo wearing jogging pants everyday he turned red and cough, changing his sight from her clothes to her pony tailed hair, his covered his nose and cough again and asks her.

"Lets go Missy~ I'll tour you inside!" while smiling at Kendo, Kendo also turned red and follow Neji while saying

"Alright~" said by her happily and cling to Neji's arm "Gatccha!" and the two went Inside.

Clothings Shopping Spree.

Eating Icecream.

Clothings Shopping Spree Again.

Playing at Arcade.

Neji Playing Arcade Dance. and get the Highest score using his Byakugan to the limit, but he cant open his eyes for 5 minutes or so.

Driving Bumper Cars and Crushing their Enemies in sight.

Two Player Co-op using Guns. and finished it but they spent a lot of token.

Big Teddy Bear Arcade. and Neji coincidentally grab the biggest bear which almost the same size as Kendo, and she Insisnt on getting it, Neji dont have a choice but gave it to her.

Kendo Playing Whack a Mole using her Big Hand and Immediately She dragged outside by Security.

Clothings Shopping Again because they're temporary ban because of Kendo.

They laugh happily with those bad news, they dont know why.

And last was the two eat their Dinner at nearest and fanciest and Delicious Restaurant.

"Sigh! so tiring~" Kendo lied her head at the table while waiting their Order.

Neji blink his eyes and smile to her and also lump his head opposite to Kendo and also said "Yup, so tiring"

"By the way Kendo, why are you still attached to that Big Guy when all of the clothes you buy already Delivered at your home address?" Neji Pointed the Teddy Bear he won whose name was now Igen beside Kendo.

"He He, thats my first Gift from one of the very Important person of my life" Kendo stick out her Tongue to Neji after she answered.

Neji smiled and thereafter they're meals come out.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

after the two Finished their Dinner, Kendo Service car arrived not far away from them and the two started walking where it was, while carrying the Bear Kendo looked at Neji without sunglass and Bonet Cap, he look at her and Smile.

Kendo heart was Racing and beating faster and faster.

"you can call my first name from now on!" said by Kendo to smiling Neji.

He tilted his head and shook it after while answering and look at her "oh okay itsuk- no wait, Kendo I'd prefet to call you that, it made me more comfortable, He he" while he's Scratching his head.

'that one missing character!!' Kendo was frustrated by Neji cutting her first name.

"B....but what did you call me if I Introduce you to them!?" hugging Igen, she asks.

but before Neji give his answer they're already at the side of the car and an open door of Kendo Service and her two guards now blocking him from seing Kendo.

After she sit, the two shoo away Neji 5 meters from her service, the two entered and its Engine started, After it move forward the window of Kendo opened, Neji smiled and shout

"Bye Itsuka! see you on Monday!", waving his hand at Kendo her car couldnt see by the n.a.k.e.d eye. But Neji's pupil turned Gold and smiling, he saw her hugging Igen, the Big Bad Teddy Bear...

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

10 Minutes after he parted with Kendo, Neji was walking and equip his Tinted Sunglasses and Bonet Cap.



He heard a shout saying 'Oi' and someone tap his shoulder. He was wearing All Might-like suit with colors of blue, red and yellow, but is more like a c.o.c.kroach with his thin body and mannerism especially if he wear his red sunglass under his chin.

"Hey brother! Im shouting at you, but you're Ignoring me!" Neji flinch and jump backward away from the Guy who tapped his shoulder, for some reason he didnt feel this Guy present at all, its not that he Neglect his Chakra Perception but this Guy is an Excemption.

The Guy Reached an Echo bag at him which Neji realized that its a bag where his newly purchased clothes with Kendo were.

Neji thought to Himself 'When?' when did it snatched but an Immediate answer made his mind cooled down

"you drop this after you take your hand out of your pocket. Maybe because you are concentrated too much on whats running through your mind?" asks by this c.o.c.kroach-like Guy and followed up while putting his hand at his chin "is it your Girlfriend? I see, I see, after you parted you missed her so much that you wanted that tomorrow was monday but sadly only Sunday- eh?" seing Neji Trembled with his exact word like a Detective, he stop teasing him but those exact answer made Neji even more Goosebumps.

'a Stalker!' Neji thought

and a Misunderstanding Begins

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

in an abandoned building and at the heighest floor layed a Small Room that can only accommodate one person but still had some necessities such as toilet, electric supply, and water supply.

Inside was a young girl with big poofy pink hair and glasses, hair is a tad messy and her eyes were concealed by the glare of her glasses.

while she was watching T.V, the front Door opened and a Man with all might-like costume, a c.o.c.kroach-man entered with his torned and rag clothes, he Immediately lump and lay his body on the floor while closing his door using his feet, his face swollen.

"Koichi!" shout by the Girl.

"Ha ha ha" He only laugh silently.

"hmpf! that laugh, you teased someone and it looks like you guessed it wrong, a misunderstanding stablished, then you look like become a stalker, and them are the one who did that to you right?!" preaching by the Girl.

The c.o.c.kroach-man raise his hand and put an approve sign and said "we became a buddy, he called me big brother in the end! Ha ha ha" he then lose his conciousness.

"Mu~ you went home even after that beating and only with your willpower alone!" said by the Girl and cover him a blanket and murmured "atleast you help them alright? right? Crawler-san?".

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