Neji after duck, used his Technique "Gentle Fist" style, but right now he's body lowered than his original style, deep and heavily exhale, he dash forward with lowered body, Kaito Surprised with this style, Neji was without a doubt charging straight but why did he saw him zigzagging?


Their left hand Collide and with room full of spectators but being silent, the sound of their two palm was like thunder that vibrated the whole room.

But that was only first seconds and fractions of their clash, Neji with his 2 fingers pointed used slashed after their palm collide, Kaito belatedly realize it and a slice from his palm could see, though neglible he was surprised,

'he can made a a Knife using his finger! what a concentration!' Kaito thought.

But another tip of Neji's right finger went straight at Kaito's face from below after Neji back slash his left hand.

Kaito not step backwards but instead stepped forward and Neji finger slide at Kaito's cheek, his left knees was almost touching Neji crotch after that step but thats not what Kaito's target, the palm that Neji Injured a while ago is now milimeter neared his face, their left and right arm crossed, but of course Neji's Left hand already swung, and back wrist of it collided at Kaito's left wrist near his thumb, a Lightning-like crack struck at Kaito's wrist, he clench his teeth but he didnt stop his left hand momentum and still touch Neji's face and he them slammed it to the ground


the ground made by toughest wood now destroyed, and a crater made by Neji's head lying there that slammed by Kaito, Neji pupil turned white and his mouth was open, He lose his conciousness with those slam and there are blood from his nose and from Kaito's palm.

Kaito smiled not because he won, but because he lose

Neji's Left hand palm was at his throat, and Neji's Index and middle finger layed at Kaito's left Neck, if Neji didnt lose his conciousness maybe Kaito's head was now rolling to the ground, if giving mercy he'll become crippled that his Neck veins were cut if it isnt dicapitated.

Their battle was not greater than 30 seconds concluded just like that.

other students praising Neji that he made Kaito-sensei become serious, others are envy, some were pitty,

Kendo on the other hand saw Neji Killing Intent with those fraction of seconds so does Kaito Sensei.

and After she saw Kaito-sensei serious expression after Neji lose his conciousness she said to herself

'They're, really strong! Neji, what are you really?' She then Immediately run to unconcious Neji and Kaito, and they went to Hospital.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

In a Hospital, 2 days after Neji return his conciousness, he's laying on his bed and heard a shout outside

"If you are a Teacher atleast control yourself! If my Son really Die all of you even a drop of your bloodline will be dismantled to death!" Neji heard his Mom shouting, when he saw at the window in a hallway, there his Mother and Father talking to Kaito, him, Shoji and Kendo and two other teachers. lowered their head but when Kendo saw Neji blinking with poker face she smile and shout, Immediately dash to Neji bed and hug him..

"Ha Ha Ha, Neji your back! I really am glad!" said by Kendo while hugging him, tears flowing down from her eyes.

His mom, dad, kaito, shoji and others followed but all of them specially his mom and dad silently looked at him and Kendo's warm hug, teary voice and longing for him.

"Sigh, I guess we didnt need here for now, Son! Goodluck!" Neji dad made an approve sign and drag his Wife outside, Kaito and others followed suit, Shoji also followed up

"Later Bro!" said by him and Used his dupli arm of four layers and made an approve sign above Kendo's head.


Neji caugh after the two of them left inside, there, Kendo unhook her hand, her face turned red with those sudden event

"Cough Cough!" she cough and look at her back and said "Eh?"

"what? you didnt know they gave us some space?" Neji said and smile at Kendo.

"ehhhhhh?" Kendo cry out and wanted to rush outside but he legs were trembling, she cant stand up!

"Ha ha, By the way, thanks Kendo" Neji pat Kendo's head, his hand burned but not literally and Immediately tap Kendo's head using his palm

"oh I think you had a fever, my hand was burning and your face is going red" said by Neji and silently laughing at Kendo

'Ba-Baka!' Kendo thought.

Neji knew why Kendo was like this, Just like Lady Hinata to Naruto, but Neji isnt as dull as Naruto in this sense. He dont know when, but for some reason Kendo approached to him was not the same as Kendo approaching Shoji and/or other guys she was acquainted with. But Neji stopped his teasing and asks her

"by the way Kendo, what happen after" he asks what happen after their duel

"uhm! I carry you while activating my quirk and confine you to nearest hospital, later after they stabilized you, you transfered here, Kaito-sensei neck was stiffed I dont know what really happen, but he always exercise his neck so maybe its alright now" Kendo answered and followed up

"that same night your mom and dad went by, they really worried, they preach Kaito-sensei and terminate your contract at our Martial Art School" Kendo voiced at her last sentenced lowered.

"hm, I see, its okay I'll still change bouts with Sensei without them knowing He he he" Neji laugh and to made Kendo frustrated smile.

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Both of them didnt said to each other for atleast 5 minutes after that.

"thanks" said by Neji to Kendo after she peel an apple and give it to him.

"uhm" Kendo answered

"Kendo" he called her name but before she asks Neji throw an Invitation

"Saturday, lets go out, the two of us" Neji scratch his head while asks Kendo and

"ah, if you dont want, Lets invite Sho-" Before Neji complete Shoji's name Kendo answered

"Yes! lets go! only the two of us!" Kendo answered with stuttered tone.

A minute later...

"alright sweet time's over! its parents time now right? miss-?" said by Neji's mom and asks Kendo.

"Ke...Kendo! Itsuka Kendo madam" answered by Nervous Kendo.

"okay missy Kendo, sorry to bother you but can you give us some time please? I and my mister have to talk to my child. okie?" Neji Mom said.

"Hai! I...Im so sorry" Kendo bowed and went outside, and sigh after she closed the door

Neji's mom preached him nonstop on that same night, she also said that she f.o.r.c.i.b.l.y terminate Neji's contract to that Martial Art School. also the Kendo surname, a business tycoon higher grade than their family, that it'll give him a hurdle if they by chance become a couple in the future, Neji turned red after what he heard but only listened to them, 'Hurdle and Hardship! nonesense!' he thought.

In this world and even his past life, strong always devour the weak. Nonesense!

But that was not on Neji mind, in two days that he was confined, he realized, he's far too weak, what if that'll happen in front of his enemy? What will happen if Kendo, shoji, Kaito sensei and his mom and dad if he was that weak?

Neji clench his teeth and fist only with those thought thats running through his mind. But one thing that he didnt know or maybe he forgot was....

— —

Outside the Hospital, Kaito and Kendo was talking

"you still didnt said it to him, right?" asks by Kaito Aizawa

"no sensei, but why you dont want him to know? are you sure he really forget it?" asks by Kendo

"yup, but Im sure he'll remember after he wear those again" said by Kaito

"alright you can go home now, your family sure be worried now and will investigate if you always return late at night" said by Kaito to Kendo

'did he really forget he's wearing 500 kilogram weights?' murmured by Kaito

— —

Yes, Neji was wearing 500 Kilogram weights during the day they spar, and the same time he open his chakra points.

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