kicking one of the two who was lying on the ground. The man with bloody red long scarf and bandaged on his two arm and flat nosed, with messy black hair and red shot pupil. with two rusty short sword in his hand and Long katana on his back. He Sigh deeply and said "Haaaaaa, you false Heroes, who only care about yourself! for revenge. for money. you are unworthy, you are not needed for this Society! If you're a true Hero, you saved lives just because you have to. thats the main characteristic of a true Hero! you're all farcry to your true Hero, All Might! I will kill you so that fakes and rotten like you will perished in this World!". It was Hero Killer, Stain. and the two person below him was one of licensed Heroes He defeated.


when He readily cut one of the two after after he reverse grip his rusty sword, but He felt a presence at his back. looking where it came from, he saw a silhouette of a young person looking at him.

"you, stay away from them." Neji with activated Byakugan look at Stain, he sigh of relief after he sure that the two was still breathing.

a very Omnimous Aura. thought by Neji. as sweat was covering his Body, like someone pressing him to the ground


"Now then! what will you do brat? why are you here? will you help them? is that why you want to become a Hero? or you'll help them because you are a hero? but now youre in front of me, Hero Killer Stain, atleast you are ready to die! kukuku will you run cowardly while you tuck your tails between your legs? or will you run away and looking for nearby hero? if yes, I'll kill this two here. or? you'll looking for revenge because I injured them? tell me! answer me!" a Hoarse voice full of killing intent of Hero Killer Stain, asks Neji whose just arrived.

"No! I will rescue them both, I dont need any reason to help those two even if Im not a hero for now!" (even though I have my Provisional Licensed) "and I will Defeat you at all costs! thats my way of being a Hero!" Neji shouted to erase the pressure he felt and thought to himself.

'am I right Naruto?'

After then, Stain smirk and charged at Neji with reverse grip of two short rusty sword and crossed it infront, Neji lowered his body.


« Air Palm »


but was parried diagonally by one of Stain's rusty sword. that was but a diversion, Neji charged forward and now Infront of Stain

BAM— his right palm touched Stain stomach and twists it while hooking Stain whose body was also twisted to his left and slammed him through the wall. But before he make another move.

SSSK— a Dagger flew where Stain Slammed. it scratched Neji cheek and because of its rusty edge it splashed more blood. Thereafter, Stain charged at him,


« Hakkeshou Kaiten »

because it was narrow, Stain returned to where he came from, the wall. Or so Neji thought, Stain jumped upward during the reanimation of his Hakkeshou Kaiten

TUG TUG TUG—! Stain whose running at the wall

DASH—! kicking it, Stain dash with unsheath Katana and thrust diagonally downward where Neji was. Stain smiled, Neji reacted if it was a Trap so he Slid to the side.

BAM—! it created Smoke, Neji was ready at any moment but

Tzzzzz— Before Neji make any move, his whole Body become numb and dropped to one of his knees

'What happened!' He thought.

"you've got Guts and Experienced, Kid" inside the smoke where Stain was, His body showed slowly, in his hand he was l.i.c.k.i.n.g one of his Dagger.

'What!? that Dagger!' Neji eyes grow big and clenching his teeth after he saw the Dagger.

"Like what I said, you're an Experienced fighter, but you missed one thing. You dont know what my Quirks are. I can kill you now—" looking at Neji, Stain eye didnt have any Killing Intent this time.

"but. You won your bet, kid" said by Stain, while looking up, he saw The Crawler with the remaining person on his back. of course Stain felt another presense other than Neji before they fought. Koichi The Crawler already saved two unconcious Heroes this time.

That was their plan. Neji divert Hero Killer attention to him while Koichi will rescue the others.

"You mean?" Neji who was still numb

"I already know your plan, but I wanted to test you more, good perception and battle experience, and good cooperation but always remember to know your enemy first. Thats why you lose. but, I didnt kill you. a Courageous and become a future true Hero who was still an Egg, so relax for now. Boy, dont change. that Conviction of yours is one of the characteristics of true Hero! just like All Might." Stain look at Neji and Koichi The Crawler who was at the top of the Building while walking to darkness without any sound and vanished without trace

' 'He knew our Plan from the very Start!? ' '

Neji and Koichi thought.

— — — — —

Not far away. . . .

Hufff Hufff Hufff

in a Building above, long red scarf and creamed Bandaged with blood fluttered in a middle of the darkness. Hero Killer Stain who was breathing was c.a.r.e.s.sing his Stomach while his leg was trembling in sitting position.

'hmp! hat technique was deadly. no normal human can learn much less perfected that technique, that Kid' He thought while still smiling. Because, He knew that in this time, the new Era of True and Real Heroes will start.

Stain was looking at Neji and Koichi from above who was carrying the two fake Heroes he have to kill.

Stain stand up and said "I wont stop Hunting you fakes, ready to clean your neck before I chopped your head off", he then jump and vanished to darkness.

After that Incident, Neji and Koichi reported what happened and go home.

— — — — —

4 am the Next Day. . .

Neji who was Crossed arm waiting from the beach heard multiple voiced from his right.

"Ho ho, looks like I've become a promising sensei from now on eh~?"

"So? is that really true?"


Juan, Evelyn and Yunin said respectedly. his other classmates also came except Nayun and Lahel who already went home yesterday. Neji look at them "I dont know how to repay you all but please for now help me teach them" and bow respectfully.

"cheh— we came here for fun and a request from our brother alright!" Juan seriously look at Neji and shake his shoulder.

Last Night, Neji sended a Group Message to all of his classmates to help him teach U.A Class-1A. He explained that it was too taxing for him if he teach them individually so last night he created a Training Regime Indivudually. for Emitters, Transformation, Acc.u.mulation, Mutant and Hybrid type Quirks.

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