Neji Hyuga: A Reincarnated Ninja That Become A Quirkless Hero

Chapter 22 - Preparation: Teach Me. and Me. Me too.

Neji Hyuga P.O.V

Koichi The Crawler, Pop✩Step, KnuckleDuster and more. there are many promising New Heroes from Valhalla Guilds who wanted to join the fun or rather the incoming Guild war.

Monday, 2 Days Before U.A Sports Festival and Guild War will held.

Afternoon that same day, I enter Inside my Dad's Office without informing him.

"Hey Dad" I Wave my hand to Dad

"Hello son, How's your school? as far as I know its only Monday, why are you here?" my Dad said seriously, he looks grow older.

"we have 1 week vacation, what? you're not happy I came here?" I jokingly ask.

"ha ha, of course I know why you came. guess you already know huh?" I smiled. what he said is about the upcoming Guild Wars. he wanted to say something but I put my Provisional Hero I.D at the top of his Pile of papers.

"what the— Son, you never ceased to amazed me, really. but how did you get this provisional I.D? Its hard to even get this thing you know?, and you just casually throw it?" my Dad said after he picked up and return my I.D.

well I didnt throw it alright?

"That's a secret" Scratching my cheek and said embarrassingly. really, I dont know how and why she's the one who give me that thing until now. she didn't even look at me every time I called her name. that teacher Ten. but I'm glad I can participate because of this.

we talked about many things, especially our Valhalla Guilds new and effective members, the concept of upcoming Guild Wars and etcetera.


"Dad, its about time to fetch Itsuka" I said while saying goodbye to him. for the record, I came from our Home this morning so my Mom knew our 1 week vacation, as for my Dad. He was busy to do his job so sometimes he slept at his Office room.

— — —

at U.A School


it was Bakugou, attacking me after we just met.

The hell is this dude problem?! Though I just swiftly evade his three consecutive attacks and hit his Arm and Leg chakra points, He just awkwardly slump at the ground though.

"what The hell!!!?" He Shout and questioning himself why he was facing the ground, his arm laid at his side while his b.u.t.t was pointing upward.

faceplamed, His other classmates repremand him for being a Battle Junkie for attacking me without any reason.

"Amazing! you dispatched Bakugou that easy?!" it was spiky red haired Guy named himself Kirishima. with his similarities to Bakugou, I'm surprised they're different in terms of manners.

"Hey! teach me!" Bakugou who was almost recovered from my attacks because I saw his finger twitched and asks me, or rather ordered me to teach him. nones ense is I wanted to say but another Guy step forward and asks the same question

"can you please Teach me? I am Shouto Todoroki" said by Red and White haired man whose other eye had burned marks. Looking straight at me with determination to learn, I look at Bakugou with his still awkward position with the same eye. Shoji was also the same.

"""me too!!""" the hell? Simultaneously, all the people here also raised their hands high. I look at Itsuka, this was supposed to be our first Date after that Incident.


I, with deep sigh looking at Itsuka, she just wink at me like saying, Do your best~!

this Girl sold me out.....

— — — — —

Same Night, On a Park where Neji and Kendo was eating Crepes.

"Say, why they insists to Learn from me even though we've just met twice, especially that three?" Neji asks Itsuka.

"hmm, Midoriya showed an unbelieavable Water Surface Walk and news travelled to our whole class because of Bakugou, now tell me who doesnt want to learn that technique?" She said Neji my Cheek and followed

"Todoroki, Bakugou and Kirishima on the same time doesnt want to be left behind, they have the sense of rivalry to each other since after that Incident, especially to Midoriya who always gave his all even if it means to break him, litarally though"

Neji swallowed his remaining Crepes and nod. He look at the sky and remember the once a loser Guy, who become a Powerhouse and later become a Hero of their country, thereafter, many people looked up to him on a new light. It was all because of his hard work that he wanted to be acknowledge and determination not to lose.

"Neji" hm? Neji look at Kendo.

"I wont lose too! Im not as strong as you or a Quirk as strong as my other Classmates but, I wont lose! no, I will win! even if its Todoroki, Midoriya and Bakugou!" while clenching her fists, Kendo said in determination, I forgot, not only those three but even their classmates wanted be become stronger.

"heh, of course you wont lose. You are [Martial Fist] afterall" Neji hooked at Kendo waist and gently hug her and kissed her hair. This is the only way I can help you, Neji thought.

Afterall, he knew her ability. She was strong and fast even without using her Quirk but with her topnotched classmates and their Strong Quirk, she was but an inferior in every aspects, He knew she can still improved but she's almost facing the wall.

I'll teach you everything I know in the future. But for now, do your best. Neji though.

— — — — —

After Another hour and its also Midnight, Neji escorted her to her Service and said their Goodbyes. after walking for almost 10 minutes, he accidentally met Koichi the Crawler.

"I felt this before, so this is what they called Déjà vu" he said to Crawler.

"He he, it was also at this same time thay you beat me to death" Koichi said while smiling

"he he, Im sorry for that time, youre just like a Stalker because of your perfect guess at that time. Still, why are you here? this place isnt covered by our Guild right?" Neji curiously asks.

"hm hm. But my home along with Pop✩Step and Knuckleduster is near here. Also theres a rumor that Hero Killer are also here. So I was doing reconnaissance and warned other Heroes nearby to stay away from narrow street or Dark places." He said while slowly Sliding like a c.o.c.kroach.

Putting his hand at his chin Neji asks "Then, arent you afraid? he can also attack you if he saw you"

Trembling, he look at Neji while smiling "Brother, dont jinx it okay? he—" "Kyaaak—!" before he finished talking, they heard a Scream.

« Byakugan »

Immediately activating his Byakugan, Neji saw three people, two was lying to the ground, they are three alleyways away from them. He Stopped Koichi before he make a move.

"Wait! I have a Plan!" Neji said.

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