At U.S.J After the Villains retreated and Heroes and Police came to Investigate. At Ruins Zone. a Man, sunk half of his body from the earth, Spectate what happened at Central Plaza.

"Haaaaa, its good they're all okay Man, but why the hell No one came here to rescue me? Urgh! I cant get out here much less lift a single finger. damn!" it was Juan.

"what am I came here for? Idiot!" he heard a voice above him.

"ha ha, thanks partner! Im stuck here and I cant move any muscle, that punch hit me hard!" he said while Yunin do her work and help him up. She even put him at his back.

"haaaaaa I'd prefer a princess carry. ha-haha let a man dream this time alright ha ha?" Juan murmured, after hearing, Yunin then threw him down

"ouch!" he said, lift him up again and carry him like a Princess.

Juan smiled bitterly and relax his mind, he then fell asleep.

— — — — —

Neji Hyuga P.O.V

"Oh you came here!" a White silhouette Emerged in front of me out of nowhere. his eyes and mouth was only Black. it welcomed me. ah I passed out after Only activating 3 Gates simultaneously and used that technique. one thing for sure. Im not dead yet.

"who are you?" I was surprised, of course I didnt know who it was so I asks.

"hm?" only by tilting its head to my question.

"I said, who are you? you're welcoming me as if we know each other" I seriously asks.

"He he he" but he only laugh.


"Uhh, that was hilarious Joke I've ever Heard"

"Huh!?" it looks like it didnt want to introduce itself

what?" It tilted its head again

"Really. Im not joking here, who the hell are you?"

"hmm" crossing its arm, then seconds later puting its hand on its chin and said.

"I was wonderig, you didnt know me but I know you from top to bottom and you still dont get it?. I thought you're a Genius from your Past world? you didnt even use your brain but instead you ask an Obvious Question?"

"Damn it! you—!"

"If you still dont know then you aren't Worthy! cheh! I thought I've finally found it" It said as I saw it fading Until I blanked out again. now that I think about it. its voice, I dont know if that voice was a female or male.

— — —

Izuku Midoriya P.O.V

where am I? ah I lose my conciousness after the Villains retreated carried by Jiro. hah maybe the effect of Adrenaline Rush or Something was ended.

"So you're here", then I heard an echoing voice from everywhere.

"w..who are you?" then infront of me emerged a Shadow, unknown if it was a Man or a Woman.

"The hell?! is that the common questions of Our current Holder!?" it asks me.

"Our?...Current...Holder? wait! you mean «One for All»!!?"

"Oh~ you are Quick Witted unlike him!" it irritatingly said.

"For real? wait....him? and you said Current.. then.. theres another one? I...dont Get it"

"Uh Shit! I messed up" Ill fed you an unexpected Information. and Here I wanted to have a long chat with you. Too bad.

"W...What?" Wait! before I asks anymore question, it faded away from my sight, or should I say I blanked out after.

— — — — —

All Might P.O.V

now that I think about it. This two Young man In front of me.

They are the same but Different, I cant Differencltiate but these two have the same Imanating White Aura.

'One for All' I murmured.

That time, after the Villains retreated. Principal Nezu and other U.A teachers came.

to Excuse myself, I lifted Aizawa along with this two young man, Neji and Midoriya to Infirmary. I dont know why, I didnt fight that time but my Muscle Form cut its effect to 30 minutes again. my time is almost come huh.

but Im glad, Recovery Girl recuperate them Immediately after I came here. by the way, where is she this time?

""Urgh"" my thoughts snap back after I heard 2 simultaneously groan.

'They awake almost the same time. Creepy' I thought.


"All Might, Sensei!"

— — —

After the two woken up, they asks what happened.

"....its good, nobody badly hurt" Neji said

"except you two" All Might smilingly said

"Irony" Izuku murmured

"One of my classmate flew away, you think he's okay?

"Im not sure, Im sorry young Neji" said All Might, he then saw Neji eye turned Gold and..

"they're alright" he said


"Sensei your eyes!"

"W...what!?" Neji was shocked. because his eyes. was bleeding.

"Young Neji, I think have to close your eyes first!" All Might stuttering and didnt know what to do.

"Gramps, Relax this is only the side effect" Covering his eyes, Neji called him.

'one of those gates was to enhance my Brain so Does affected my Eyes too'

After he swept his Bloody tears

"A...All Might! I had a Dream, I..I think. No! Im sure its about One for All!" Izuku immediately said.

Clenching his fists and open it again "Its said abo—"

Neji eyes narrowed at the same time but—


The Infirmary Door shut opened and voice rang out

"NEJI ARE YOU THERE!!!?" a Girl with protruding horn Entered.

"Oh— sorry, your okay right? my dear Student?" Before she slam opened the Door, All Might changed to his Muscle Form.

"Eh? so Mr. Symbol of Peace is already here? Im Glad. he he" Scratching her head after she walk beside Neji.

"No problem, this is the only two who was Gravely Injured, so I personaly brought them here, and this young Neji have the biggest contribution out there" All Might Smiled and made a Thumbs up Gesture to her.

"By the way, Dragon King why are you here?" followed up by All Might with curious expression. compared to Japan, other country's Crime rate had significantly higher especially her country with billions of people.

"of course it is to fetch with my Student here. Afterall we are not a part of U.A and this isnt our Infirmary. Still, stop with that Embarassing Title he he he" Teacher Ten Scratching the back of her Head while lifting Neji up using her other hands and put him on her Shoulder.

"T....Teacher! thats more Embarassing allright?! Gr—All Might, Izuku... I.. have to go" he wanted to said something more but he retracted his words and instead said his Goodbye.

'I almost forgot, sensei is the same age as me—' Izuku continously Mumbling, All Might changed form that even his ears was bleeding along with his mouth.

Dragon King. it was the Title of Elemental type Dragon Quirk Heroes All Around the world. though they're not as famed as Ranked Heroes because of their low profile position, but they are Strong on their Own. there was once a rumor that even All Might almost lose to one of them on his Silver Age. who Knows. a rumor was a rumor afterall.

After Neji and teacher Ten went out Izuku told All Might what his dream was.

'Two?' All Might then look at the Infirmary window and saw Neji carried by Dragon King further and further away.

'T...this. I have to solve this mess. this is my fault! Master what to do!?' All Might body was trembling and clacking his teeth, he dont have a clue. or rather, he didnt heard an incident like this happening from his master or their predecessors.

Izuku looking at him with daze expression, blinking twice, he took out his phone and click its camera. who knows whats inside on his head that time.

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