Just like his usual routine, after his Jogging he directly went to his School, Genius Neji of Ninja world was only average grade level when it comes to Academic to this current world, and because he already know what it means to be a Genius, being an Average Grades made him happy and contented

Today was Monday, and his Sparring with Shoji after every class because their abilities was far above others. just like Neji, Shoji also register to learn Martial Arts along with Kendo Itsuka. after they met, thought Kendo already a member 3 years ago, Neji and Shoji almost on par with her 6 months after, without using quirks but physical abilities alone.

Kendo Itsuka although not from their same school they had the same Instructor, with hundreds of members, they 3 were like shining stars, but because Neji counted as Quirkless he didnt get majority of the attention and counted as third placer.

Kendo Itsuka became their buddies and sometimes together with Neji and Shoji they sparred as Royal Rumble, after their Instructor saw their battle, his Jaw dropped, this 3 were like a true Professional martial artists, if they used their quirks along with their martial might, arent they Unstoppable? he thought. So the Next day after, He always made this 3 have a Royal Rumble, everyday after he teaches them and always watch their battle made him relaxed.

Kendo has teal eyes and long, ginger hair, always worn tied into a high ponytail on the left side of her head, which reaches halfway down her back. Her bangs are split into three clumps around her eyes, and some of it sticks up in large tufts on the top of her head.

Kendo Quirk was to grants her the ability to enlarge both of her hands to a gigantic size.

And with that and just like that, Kendo became their Sparring Buddies, as per Neji, he didnt said his Secret to Kendo until today even though they shared laughs, meals and giving bruises to one another for years. Neji doesnt want this to be revealed to everyone he met. so he thought, but with his silent atmosphere, Shoji broke it just like a brother who know whats running on his mind, tap his shoulder after Shoji used its dupli arm and tap Neji shoulder, along with Kendo who were eating crepes outdoor.

"Isnt it time to said it to her?" said by Shoji opposite and to the right of Neji after he tapped his Shoulder.

"w-what? what? N-Neji? what do you mean its time Shoji!?" Opposite to Neji and beside Shoji, Kendo Fl.u.s.terred with sudden question of Shoji to Neji, she Gulped and drink her softdrinks while looking at Neji, turning red she was waiting to Neji's answer whose now looking to her. shrugging she steel herself and calm her mind.

'calm down, calm down, calm down! its not like Neji will Immediately proposed to me right'. She thought

"Sigh, sorry its not time yet, I think?" Neji said and started eating his remaining crepes.

'what!?' Kendo mind was blowing with Neji sudden answer.

"Sigh, its your own choice. and as for me, starting tomorrow I'll study harder until Next year and send my papers to U.A, they are strict when it comes to grades and I really wanted to went at Hero Course so I'll grind my head and study! because I have a confidence to my physical abilities, so starting tomorrow maybe I wont spar with you two everyday like the last time after our martial art school." Said by Shoji to Neji and to Kendo, he also knew that Kendo will go to U.A School and also to Hero Course.

"hm! I have my Recommendation, My father already made it so that I went straight to Hero Course so I can still be your sparring partner Neji!" Kendo said, although still shaking, she make her Hand as big as half of their table and made a fist.

"why your whole body was shaking?" asks by Neji after he blink twice at Kendo's trembling body. She again turned Red

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

Next day, after Neji woken up and finished his brrakfast, he already Equip his Legs and Arm weights, it was like a shinguard but this technology can adjust ones body weights till 10 tons. magically, science and technologies of this world evolved further compared to Neji's past life, after he Adjusted his weights he sit and position himself as comfortable as he is.

There, he feels his whole body, his muscle, his veins, his bone, and even his Chakra!

yes chakra, he can feel his or to be precise he saw his.

Neji wanted to unlock his chackra point as soon as possible but he waited until he strenghtened his body so that his body was ready for after effect, like if by chance his chakra was overflowed and his body cant take it, it will burst open, worst case he'll die again, especially his heart point, and chakra point on his head.

Neji byakugan also further evolved, he now doesnt have a blind spot when using it, not like his past life where a 1 degree blindspot was fatal especially after his battle to Spider Guy, Kidomaru, minions of orochimaru, he almost die there.

whats more with his Byakugan activated, just like his mother his sight farther reached up to 10 kilometers but only if its activated.

like his original Byakugan, people here have chakra and high density, especially those who have Strong quirks. though majority of them were closed. he even used it to Shoji while using Dupli arm and Shoji chakra flew like his own normal body.

"Huuuuuf, I am ready" breathed heavily said by Neji to himself using his 2 hands and its index and middle finger stitching his chakra points.

The Root Chakra

The Sacral Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Heart Chakra

The Throat Chakra

The 3rd Eye Chakra

The Crown Chakra

He activated it all consecutively so that his chakra flows wont stop and can control it all in one go.

he felt a burning sensation all over his body, like someone was reaping his fiber and stretching his bones and muscles, like someone was destroying and repairing and hammering it nonstop, like he was a Metal Tampering by a Blacksmith. his head was like being stabbed by multiple needles, seconds later he activated his byakugan and feeling his body by third person view.

He was controlling his chakra flow whose now overflowing but it'll all Immediately distributed to his whole body and he made it to circulate normally, all of it consumes 30 whole minutes from activating to Finish. from Agonizing pain, and to relief.

after he opened his eyes, mili seconds of it from Neji's point of view, the whole world stops, his d.e.s.i.r.e blanked out, what he saw was all white sky, clouds and fogs, even birds that flying and chirping are white. like, he was in heaven, all of it was white, all he feel was warmth, and all positive and no negative thoughts running through his mind.

{A/N: 🤔, I create my own descriptions about sensation for activating chakra points}

{A/N: Music please!: Feels like Heaven!]

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

After he Showered with full of sweat because of those agonizing pain and warmth feelings after another, Neji changed to his student uniform and ready to go to school, but his mother eyes narrowed after she saw him descending downstair.

"Son! we just had a Breakfast but why did you Immediately gain height and your atmosphere suddenly change?" She asks.

"what do you mean mom? I open my chakr- I mean I train my mind, why?" Neji descended and he also surprised, he really gain height! atleast 1 and half feet. he Answer again

"he he maybe my body was maturing and in puberty state! he he, bye Mom! see you later!" Neji Laugh silently and pat the back of his head and dash outside after he said his farewell to his Mom.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

After School, Neji went to Martial Art School like Usual.

"hm, Neji sure grown big and gained height for only a day, now then Neji if you dont mind, Lets spar, I your head teacher, Kaito Aizawa will be your sparring partner for now" said by Kaito Aizawa, head Instructor of Martial Art School, after he heard from his subordinate and actually saw Neji Training, Shoji along with Kendo sparring 3-way match. His heart raced and wanted a battle, especially this Neji whose nimble and unpredictable style, whose using old style chakra cutting Technique. Kaito knew this technique but because of emergeance of Heroes with Quirks, majority of them only know how to brawl but no techniques of heart, but this Boy. Kaito Smirk and asks Neji, while Kendo watching not far from them whose also surprise with Neji current appearnce and athmosphere, like he changed to a different person but did not.

She still wondering about Shoji and Neji secret. Rather Neji's secret, what did he wanted to say back then? she thought.

After Kaito and Neji positioned themselves at the very center of their training room, they split and positioned themselves to 10 meters opposite to one another, Neji raised his Fist and touch it to his palm while looking at their Head Instructor Kaito Aizawa and said

"Thanks for Head sama for giving me, Neji some of your time to spar" said Neji while he half bow.

Kaito Aizawa also do the same and said "likewise, give your all as I did mine" said by Kaito and ready his stance, his right feet was in front at 35° angle, his two hands were open, one in front and one from side.

'Gentle Hand Style! a technique that can parry Gentle Fists in any angle!' Neji thought, he didnt said it out loud as he didnt want a commotion, Neji learned that his past family Technique was an antique, that no one from this aged had a leasure time to learn it.

{A/N: yup, I create my own style!}

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