Neji P.O.V

My Skin was tearing, My bones were breaking.

I cant...move any muscle.

That last attack of mine is to made anyone crippled on the spot.

but this Nomu, in front of me not only can stand straight it even exchange Punch with Evelyn and later just like Juan she Flew away but thanks to Ernst become her Airbag she return to battlefield.

First after my Attack, his muscle made a Blob— sound as if his Blood spew out of his body anytime, but seconds later he made *Burp* sound as if he Ate all of my Attacks.

« Byakugan »

No, the Chakra inside his body isnt flowing like the last time

Haaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaa

Get up!!!! F.u.c.k this body! I hate it. Compared to my past Self, this body was inferioir to my Genin Form, when I've beaten by that guy during Chunin Exam.

I wonder why.

Crack Crack

whats more, not even 5 minutes but this body of mine was like. crumbling


Blood. my Gates still activated and slowly dessipating but the after effect started kicking.

on the same note. They're here, Class 1-A.

The skinny guy at the same time feels irritated. he can't keep up to Yunin instead, the Hands all over his body came out one after another and now his body covered with Slashes everywhere. which he call his other Nomu, the Grey and the Green one. But I was also surprise, one of them become black like charcoal, its Gut had a Hole like someone drilled it, it was Dead.

Another one was wrapped by Taped and covered with mocus, though it was still alive it doesnt have an energy to even tear the tape covering him.

I looked at 1-A Individually. no, I used my Byakugan to check them one by one, Majority of them was exhausted. Haaaa. It was really hard battle.

I remember the time when we rescue that Sasuke Uchiha. and That time when Konoha was Destroyed because our team isnt there.

Wait, why am I reminiscing? Ha ha.

I was happy that nobody die that time, and this time too. even that Juan was alive and kicking.

I subconciously raised my hand and open my thumb and said. "Good job everyone!" damn it Sir Guy its your fault.


"Fear not! for I am here!" that Familiar feelings and familiar voice, no doubt its him. I dont have an energy anymore so. please win, Gramps.

I then lose my Conciousness.

— — —

Izuku Midoriya P.O.V

"Jiro, Hinder its sense of sound!"



"F.u.c.ker! who are you to Command me!?"

"ha...hai Sorry!"

After that Green Nomu emerged, we devised some plan, Kacchan will fight that thing while I clean the Villains below, though it takes a while. I finished it by Blowing them away. gathering them together by creating Big crate at the Water and blew them all at once. It takes a toll as my left hand hanged to my side after, its good that Only my muscle torned and my Bones weren't affected but. It hurts like hell!.

Jiro Immediately tear her Undershirt, wrapped and hang my arm like "L" which labelled to my stomach while saying.

"this is all I can do"


and now, with a flick of my Right Middle and Index finger consecutively, it create a shockwave and blasted the Nomu upward.

Urgh! It hurts! but I Immediately Clench it.

Kacchan followed suit and fired it relentlessly from midair, he then Blast it downward when it become black like charcoal and said

"Damned Nerd! Catch!"


Breathing out, I lowered my Body and Twist it halfway to my right. I charged One for All to My right hand.

Shriek Shriek

Red and Green lightning Gathered to my Fist.

The Metal Roof of Cruiship below me made a Creak— sound as if it will collapse. I dont care.

"Jiro, Brace for Impact!" as Jiro still on Deck, if by chance this cruiship Vibrated up and down I dont want her to fall down.

« One for All! »

« Detroit Smash! »

Kacchan whose also in the air blew away, maybe he was thanking me as he fly where Neji sensei is. Jiro at the same time almost fell off, as the cruiship which literally jumped up from the water surface. The water created some big wave because of it.

I drilled that Nomu's stomach, but I didnt saw where his body went after that.

Haaaa Haaaa

Crack! Crack!

Ahhh it hurts! I stumbled. I cant use my hand just to balance my body.

now my other arms was also useless. I look at Jiro if she was Okay. Hmmm good she's fine I think?

— — —

Kyoya Jiro P.O.V

No way!

That final stance if his, that Destructive power. No doubt about it, its like.. All Might!

I know its absurd to think but I remember what Asui said from the Bus before we came here. 'your Quirk.. Just like All Might'.

No no. I said so myself as I shake my head. Dont think unneccessary things, Im glad we made it out alive here. Ah—

I catch him after he stumble and fell off the deck from the roof after loking at me, Im sure he checked if I was alright, how unneccessarily kind.

I, who didnt do anything.

"Midoriya, take care of your body next time!" I said. thats the only way I can thank him, "and thank you", I really said it. after which I put Lifebouy ring at him and we two Jump off the cruiship.

"sorry, this was the easiest way to go at central Plaza" I explain it to him which he only smile and nod. He still cracking his Teeth though.

— — —


The Gate of U.S.J destroyed by this sudden visitor.

"Fear Not! For I am Here" All Might flashingly said. he was Smiling, whilst Angry.

Zoom— Zoom— Zoom—


All Might run to where his Students are.

"heh~ you came! Ha ha ha" it was Shigaraki, on his side was Yunin. Her sword at the same time was gone which turned to Ashes.

"W-what happen!?" she cry out.

"Nomu—!" Shigaraki Cry.


Shigaraki's Black Nomu didnt come but instead was Punching and Slamming by Evelyn from afar with Long range attack by Nile Arrow, Lahel Laser and Mikhaim Wind Slash.

"All Might, they're here to kill you!" Todoroki said but after he witness that Brute Girl he asks All Might.

"you know them? huh?" Todoroki looking where All Might went. All Might went where Neji was. Neji who was red skin, steaming and Unconcious.

"Neji Boy" Clenching his fist All Might look at Shigaraki, Kurogiri was near him and some cannon fodder. He also look at Izuku who was at the shoulder of Jiro, Smiling at him.

"According to Neji, that Nomu has [Shock Absorption], [High Regeneration] and [Strength Enhancer]" It was Johnny who was flying.

"Uhm, thank you Shonen!" All Might ready to join the Prey.

"ku ku ku— funny ei All Might?!"

"hmm?!" All Might look at Shigaraki again.

"We, are all Categorized as Heroes or Villains. We are Villains and you Guys are Heroes. We are Wrong and you are Right. Funny ei!?. But look at them! that unconcious Blue haired Guy, this two Nomu's of mine, Those Barbarians who was Playing my Other Nomu. All of them use Violence! VIOLENCE you hear me?!"

"at the end of the Day, we used Violence and so does you Heroes! and us were only wrong!? who decides?"

"The Society yeah!? F.u.c.k.i.n.g Society! F.u.c.k Life!"

"Thats why, we will Kill you here! Symbol of Peace!? Gimme a Break! you are but the Symbol of Oppresion yourself!"

"Violence Breeds more Violence you hear me?!"

"After we Kill you here, I'll made it known to the World! NOMU—!!!"

"this Antisocial Psychopath!" All Might thought.


"eh?" (Shigaraki)

"hmm?" (Kurogiri)

His Nomu came, but. Even All Might dont know what reaction he'll make.

Its Exposed brain now become half, its jaw was Dropped, literally. Its Left and Right arm was Twisted and in one of its hand was chopped. its right eye was pierce by something. One of its Leg Also destroyed like someone gripped it. Then, voices could be heard from where that Nomu came from.

"He slipped away Goddamnit!" the one emerged from the fog was a Girl wearing Silver Jumpsuit with Short and Blond Almond Hair, with Blue Aura sorrounding her body like of an Ant.

"you think it was still Alive?" (Lahel)

"that Guy looks like Immortal to me, I even repeatedly chop its hand" (Mikhaim)

"F.u.c.ker! Kurogiri—!" Shigaraki trembled Shouted, Kurogiri wanted to warp the Black Nomu along with them but with Shockwave of All Might punch, he doesnt have a choice but to only take Shigaraki Away.

"All Might!! I will Kill you!! Just you wait!—" he reach out his hand and Pointed at All Might and made a chop sign on his Neck while saying those words.

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