Eraserhead P.O.V

it was during my relentless assualt in this many Villains.

I know from the very start who was this thug ringleader, though he's not strong just looking at his physique. That black Guy near him posed the biggest threat to my Students if leave alone. So with no other choice I have to take their Attention to me so that my Students can manage their own.

Shit I missed! That Mist Guy Teleported where my Students from! that was fast but... I leave it to you, I believe in you Thirteen and U.H Student Neji.


Huff Huff huff

Its only been a minute, I run around here and there, already defeated atleast 20 of Villains and wrap them after. my Scarf isnt your typical Scarf, it was specially made to capture villains. also this Goggles of mine is to hide my Eye who I targetted to erased ones Quirk


But that Guy, he already grasps my Erasing Period and is counting!



But because there are so many Villains protecting him that I cant even get close, But I have to Capture him first. My Body is shivering just by looking at him. No in that Guy near him. But I have to capture the Boss to threaten its Minion!


He was still counting, but My hand was fastest!

"Just Kidding! Zero!" Stretching his Left arm, it Met my right Hand.

No way! I was too distracted and forgot my real Quirk Activation Period just because of his counting? I was dancing to his palm All along? no wai-

"Again, Just Kidding! He he he" He smiled, my head was centimeters below him, I now saw him Face to Face. Not just his body but Even his lips was Dry, under his eye was dry and black eyebags, the Pupil was Black like hollow, wrinkled not because of his Age but because of dry and skinny physique. this. Their Boss is too young to become Villain Boss! who in the—



What! he was holding my hands and was now Cracking.. it was his Quirk! Clenching my teeth, I used my Left arm and grip his Left Wrist

"Ouch Ouch Ouch" He said and he release my Arm.

I jumped back, reactivate my Quirk but something


that Tug my left shoulder, I flew as my body Bump to Guard railing Metals with *Bam* Sound.


Before I even lift up a single Finger Someone Dragged my body and throw it. Then It lift me up again, grabbing only my Left Hand.

Hufff Hufff Hufff

Opening my Eyes, it was the one he called Nomu, lifting me up like a Stick. My Erasing Quirk was Activated the moment I saw any of its body, but.

So its just his Base Power. Looking at Strength alone, He's just as Powerful as All Might!


"Urrgh!!" it was my voice. Shit! my left arm was snapped. Dear me is this the end?


It grabbed the back of my Head and Slam my face.

Ahhhh. so this is... Death.

But. Dear Students, please Stay Safe.

I dont know what happened after.

— — —

After Eraserhead face Slam to the ground

"Nomu" it was called by shigaraki and defend 3 Kunai's that throw at him, leaving Eraserhead unconcious 5 meters away from them.

"Itsuka-chan take him away, and Leave it to us" Neji said at Kendo.

"uhm! stay safe!" she said.

Seconds later his classmates gathered at the back of Shigaraki and Nomu, and same time the Mist Guy emerged on their Side.

"Kurogiri" Scratching his Neck, Shigaraki asks

"I made thirteen Incapacitated but.. Im sorry, One of the Student fled" it said

"you Useless Teleportation Bastard! it'll hinder our plan because of that Negligence of yours" now using its two hand scratching his neck irritatingly.

"Ahh Ahh Ahh!"

"Nomu, Kill this Children!" changing his mood Immediately and he look at Neji and order to kill.

"Ernst!" Neji called Enrst.

"Worry not" he replied

Boom—! Swoooosshh

Nomu Dash forward and Punch Neji after he said a word. but Nomu missed

"woah!" Exclaimed by Shigaraki.

"Kill their Boss without a Second thought!" it was Juan who shouted, along with Yunin and Evelyn charging at Shigaraki and Kuroguri.

Juan and Yunin had Sword and Shield, and a Katana respectively. it was created by Ernst along their way here, though heavy they dont have a choice.

Nile also got his Bow made by Ernst attacking from their back.

Mikhaim and Johnny was protecting Lahel, Nayun and Nile while Attacking any nearest Villains or supporting their Vanguard, and attacking Nomu.

This formation was Suggested by Juan, the Gaming Addict. with his Gamer word of, Main Tank, Second Tank, Long Range and Support. "This is what I called Formation Undefeated! Ha ha ha!" he boastingly said.

"your brain full of shit was still useful in this dire situation eh?" it was Yunin trashtalking him again.

with Juan only retort of "He he he" and smile while scratching his head.

'hmpf!' Yunin look away with red face. She didnt in her wildest dream, thought that this guy didnt return her Trashtalk.

The usual, the Trio Nayun, Ernst and Johnny of Peanut Gallery Cover their mouth and Restrained their laughing while looking at her.

— — —

Neji Hyuga P.O.V

« Gate of Opening »

« Gate of Healing »

« Gate of Life »


« Hakkeshou Kaiten! »

Opening 3 gates Simultaneously and used my Hakkeshou Kaiten for that span of Seconds and Jump sideways.

that was Dangerous!

I didnt spar with Gramps All Might but this Guy, according to my calculation he was more or less at Gramps level not even in power but also speed!



Bam—! Bam—!

Second Attack! Third Attack!

every Dash and every Punch of this guy created a shockwave. Juan, Yunin and Evelyn cannot enter our Domain, more like his Domain

"F.u.c.ker! Im here!" Using his might and shield to sweep the air, he dash forward blindly and Slice the head of Nomu guy who was assualting me.

Smiling at me as he grip the sword harder and swing downward, but it was parried, more like it was destroyed by Nomu's hand after it twist its body and look at him. Twisting its left hand and from its waist, it take him a momentum and Punch Juan at his Guts.


"Kuk—aaahh" he cried.

— — —

Juan flew hundred meters away if not thousands. his body even passed through from the rocks or metal along the way, it didnt even stop there.

"Dont look away! Attack it!" Neji skin, whose color red by Opening 3 gates screamed to specific person, it was for Yunin. She wanted to rescue Juan at all costs but she Obey Neji command thereafter, because she saw, they saw Nomu down to its knee while cluthing its stomach, Dripping blood on its mouth.

it was the effect of Juan Quirk «Damage Return»


« Gentle Fists Style »

« Hakke Hyaku Nijūhasshō »

on the ground where Nomu and Neji was. atleast 15 meters radius of them. It created one Big Yin and Yang circle. the two separated between Yin and Yang.

Time stopped to all who witnessed the scene.

Slowly, Neji stepped Forward then Rasing his Palm


First, two consecutive strikes to make two.

Second, another two consecutive strikes to make four.

Third, four consecutive strikes to make eight.

Fourth, eight consecutive strikes to make sixteen.

Fifth, sixteen consecutive strikes to make thirty-two.

Sixth, thirty two consecutive strikes to make sixty-four.

Seventh, another sixty four consecutive strikes in succession to make a total of one hundred and twenty-eight strikes.


{A/N: Unlimited Pak— Works}

Neji Ultimately closed all of Chakra Channels of this Nomu

Blob Blob—

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