Neji Hyuga: A Reincarnated Ninja That Become A Quirkless Hero

Chapter 17 - Intermission: Where it Started

Neji Hyuga P.O.V

Gramps All Might Help my Family Business, Insist to become my Godfather, Visiting our household atleast once a month. All without waiting in return. that one? I already solve that case.

My father, my Dad. He was nominated as a Successor of One for All, Gramps All Might feeling guilty and help them because of that. he called it by himself Payment Guilt, though he didnt want my Dad to know the truth his heart cant take what really happened.

Gramps who only brag to become Symbol of peace one day from his younger Days, but only a Quirkless in return.

After Inheriting One for All, he later Achieve this what so called almost Impossible feat. His Fame Shot up, He really is an Idol and Hailed by many. because of him, Crime rate of Japan downed to ↓6%, thats in all Japan. thats how he feared by Villains. with his Destructive punch that can change the weather? who won't shiver in fear?

But its not about him. its about

« One For All »

It started when Quirkless people called normal, and those who have were called Mutants or something. but thats not the real story.

Its about how, One for All become One for All

a Quirk that can passed down from Generation to Generation and to Generation, strengthened and enhance by those Past Holders up to the current Holder.

One for All, it came from

« All for One »

He, was the Brother of One for All.

to be more specific, the two was the of One for All.

All For One gave One For All one of his Quirk to Obey him in return, but One For All instead rebel and Opposed him that want him dead, that all he wanted was peace.

One For All couldnt defeat All For One, his Elder brother didnt know he has a Quirk from the Start.

It was a Quirk to Pass his current Quirk to another using 'Acceptance' of both party and 'DNA' from present Holder.

once that two Condition met. Just like a Torch, One for All passed its Power to new Holder. he strengthen it or not, after some given time, all of its Power will transfer without losing any drop of it but instead will power up.

that is According to Gramps

Is that really true?


what will happen if that curreny Holder passed it to 2 person of Different time?

That, that Gramps Accidentally give his 'DNA' and 'Accept' it to passed his Quirk to that person when he was 4 years Old and unconciously forget it?

that, the 4 years Old boy that time didnt know himself if he Accepted that Power or he Declined?

It was all Starts Here—

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