"Thirteen. and Neji right? please protect my Students!" Eraserhead said, Equipping his Goggles as he dash downwards where Villains emerged, his hair flickering upward along with his scarf-like bandaged.

which Neji and Thirteen Nodded in response.

— — —

Neji P.O.V.

"Neji! T...they're all villains... for real?" Kendo said nervously who was beside me after Eraserhead run forward. I nod. she really think this is just some normal Simulation course. I subconciously look at her classmates.

Izuku was sweating, maybe because of that Skinny Guy about Gramps All Might. Not just him, some faces of his classmates was sweating, even Shoji is among them.

This kind of thing is not normal, but not for me. After those countless mission? those life and death? I even taste Death itself, what is there to be afraid of? if I feel fear in this kind of situation, Lee and Tenten sure is laughing at me now.

« Byakugan! »

After I activate it I saw a Black Mist flickered in front.

"Golden eye?" Mutterrd by Mist Guy. he Shitty saw it.

"Ojou, release your arm and ready for battle!" I brush Kendo using my right hand and place her at my back because the Mist Guy already reached us, it really is teleportation. he already created a black circular Space and eat us inside it. I flick my index finger which a coin flew where this Mist Guy main body.

I saw his Chakra of course.

with "whoa that was close!" covering himself and teleport my « Air Palm » with medium called Coin.

"You see that?" It was not Mist Guy who I asks. As I thought this U.A class is a monster on their own. Bakugou, Izuku and Red haired Hardening Guy pounced this Guy main body while saying "Of course F.u.c.ker! you thing we're dumb!". It was Bakugou

I didnt surprised. after all they are Elite, of course I too knows what qualification needed to enroll at U.A. also that Bakugou. Im sure he's that Guy from their Entrance Exam.

while they still fighting the Mist Guy who now summoned Green and Grey color Exposed Brain with protruding mouth Villain to join the prey, he just called it Nomu halfheartedly. I then sneakily look where my classmates was, All was Agitated to lend a hand, but they didnt move a muscle. Afterall I leave my Clone behind if by chance I have them come here. but because of this unprecedented Event, my Clone for some reason become handy this time "Dont move and Observe first" it said. Its me afterall so It can think just how I think.

The cliff we camping was at the very Center of Ruins Zone and Central Plaza so from there we can see what an Unfolding event would happening, just like a birds eye view, in that position, They(We) can see All. just like a normal saying goes. 'know thy enemy first and foremost'. we have to Observe first before we make a move.

"I cant contact anyone! Theres one of them who has an E.M.P. quirk that can nullify our communication device!" said Thirteen and followed "Iida, this is a Command! use your Quirk and Look for help! faster!" using his Quirk to Absorb the mist guy.

"But sensei—!"

"you're the fastest! faster dont look!"

"Not too shaby!—" it then Teleported thirteen Quirk return to his back which Destroy his suit.

This event happen in front of me but I didnt move a muscle. why? I saw Eraserhead who was heavily breathing Below, and I cant take my eyes off to that Black Exposed Brain Villain whose beside that skinny and dry skinned guy at the same time I dont want to endangered Kendo to help him!. and now that Mist Guy got his time to wrapped us again using his Black Fog. one, Thirteen fell to the ground and passed out. two, this Iida hesitated and wrap with Fig Along us. cheh! hesitation made you kill too.

« Air Palm »

I pushed him outside of the fog and shouted "Go!" at the same time.

« Hakkeshou Kaiten »

I sensed all the person around me to whom should I cover and whom should I push.

and who won? sadly, along with Kendo its Only this Baby Face and Bobcut pink haired girl, and the Yellow Guy who always saying 'Merci~'. others already teleported along with 2 Exposed Brain Villain, thought their not as strong as that Black one, the 2 also had an omnimous Chakra.

"you 2 stay here! Kendo lets help Eraserhead!" I too join the prey and signalled my Classmates "lets kill that Black Villain!" using my Clone. 20 person needed just to Kill this single Creature?

Stink and Heavy. that Guy was Opposite to All Might.

The Chakra its eminating.

I sense..... Death.

— — —

P.O.V of Izuku

Huff Huff Huff

'Smash!!!' Punching here and there.

I along with Jiro who was at the cruiship and Kacchan who was flying and kicking assess here and there.

We 3 have been teleported here at Shipwreck Zone. and here I was walking and running at the top of the water Surface. just to stay afloat, it takes a toll for me and it made my body heavy. Kacchan was angry and shouted about "F.u.c.ker! how did you do that! hah!? is it because of that Girlish again? am I right!?" He said. Its hard just to run you know?!. and please dont curse me! I just only said "I'll tell you later Kacchan! lets prioritize to exterminate the villains wrecking the ship!"


"who do you think I am f.u.c.ker!?" he said like it was obvious, as he Flying and Exploding here and there while smiling. Kacchan was smiling?

"Men" Jiro muttered to herself, why did she say that?

with BAAANG—!

at the top of Cruiship, the Green Villain with 2 Bat wings were here! the one they called Nomu! I jump at the cruiship deck after I saw it.

"Ready for another round!" I yelled.

— — —

Ruins Zone

Todoroki with Ojiro and Shoji. after Freezing multiple Villains, Todoroki questioned them(Villains) one by one to make the information he gathered more Legit. The two was partially useless but they recover from fear for some reason.

"as I thought, they dont just brag about killing All Might if they doesnt have an assurance"

Villain being Villain, they brag about their for killing All Might right here, right now. and because their just cannon fodder, they did answer what He just asks.

Haaaaaaaa. Todoroki breathed coldly, using his Ice Quirk at full power without harming his classmate made his body shiver out cold and said. "I have to stay and cooled here first, you two please help the others", Shoji along with Ojiro nodded and run off. they didnt object Todoroki.

Touching his right arm using his left hand, it created a Steam with *Sssshhhhh* sound and murmured.

no one knew even the author what he said.

— — —

Fire Ruins Zone

Tokoyami, Yaoyorozu, Koda and Sato.

though Limiting his Shadow Quirk, with Yaoyorozu Creative Cloak Design, Tokoyami can fight CQC. while Satou was eating Sugar just to power up. Koda on the othet hand Disgusted and Shouted with high pitch voice using an insect to help him defeat his enemy. it was suggested by Yaoyorozu. she later on mumbled while clapping her hand and said her "Im sorry".

— — —

On the other hand Kaminari, Kirishima and Asui and Sero fighting the Grey Colored Nomu. though not Strong attacker it was fast with its reverse Leg like any four-legged Animal has. the 4 become tattered but their burning d.e.s.i.r.e to win made them concious, not fear but determination to win. they long since forgotten the word fear.

"I have an Idea kero—" The calm and Observant Asui made a Plan after their minute of fighting.

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