"Neji, someone is waving here, according to her lip body language she was Shouting your name" it was Nile Horus. With his Archer Eye, he could clearly see even an Ant at 3 to 5 Kilometers away.

Neji stand up and head there.

"Hey hey brother, Introduced us to her and her classmates alright? And let me ride your Harem he he" Juan said joyfully.

"stay here first, I'll call you all later"


Same time

"Thirteen? Explain" Eraserhead, after seing 10 more students camping at the edge of a cliff looking coldly at thirteen.

"Errrr. Truth is....." Eraserhead pupil shrunk after he heard Thirteen.

"why is she here? Arent their Country need her more than any average Hero there?!" Eraserhead asks in confusion

"Dunno, but you heard their Prestige school for Foreigners right? She was their homeroom teacher! And don't worry she had an Appointment so you wont see her off :)" Thirteen teased Eraserhead.

"Cheh! I hate to say this but Im glad. it really was very painful to even talk to her. hmm?" for almost 3 minutes of Eraserhead and Thirteen talking Neji approached them.

Neji nod at Eraserhead and look at Kendo and said "yow Ojou-chan"

"Why are you here are they your classmate?" She asks, her classmates b.u.t.t in.

"Are you really his boyfriend?" (Ashido)

"Kendo said you're strong!" (Kirishima)

"Sensei!" (Izuku)

"He looks like a girl Kero?" (Asui)

Neji was asks by multiple questions before he touch Kendo hand.

His eye and Bakugou's accidentally met. Bakugou eyes were very hostile with *cheh* sound.

"whats wrong with this Brat?" Asks by Neji, pointing his finger at Bakugou

"Haaaah!?" Bakugou Snapped "you nerd! Who are you calling Brat!?"

Bakugou still remember his battle with Deku


Hero vs Villain Training

During Their Clash

"Oraaaah!" Bakugou swung his right hand but Deku catch it and turn around, he wanted to slam Bakugou to the ground.

But mid-air, Bakugou pointed his other hand at the back of Deku

"Damn Nerd! Dont underestimate me!"


"Urgh!" Deku flew forward

Bakugou follow and dashed, grab Deku's right hand. like playing tug-o-war he pulled Deku and put his right hand to Deku's right side.


Before he fired it, Deku's right arm return the favor, it instead grab Bakugou and pull him

"I wont lose Kacchan! I wont let myself become your punching Bag anymore!" Bending his legs and Kick Bakugou's stomach.

"Urgh! F—F.u.c.ker!" he retaliate by pulling his left arms Safety Pin attached to his costume grenade-like Gauntlet which he pointed at their ground.


Him and Deku flew away and they separated opposite to each other, which blocking their view because of his Explosion, he then boost himself forward by stretching his two arms at his back and made it like a booster after he landed.


'One for All!' Of course Deku also readied himself after he landed. Red followed by Green small Lightning manifested at his arms and legs.

[This is called Chakra control, by distributing your Chakra to your specific body, you gain boost temporarily on that specific part. But remember, too small and it wont be effective like what you've imagined. Too large and you'll messed up]

this word came from his mentor.

Deku knew kacchan since childhood. Using his brain or not, his quick judgement and reaction time was top notched. After he heard Kacchan Explosion, he knew it was ready to attack him, he then lowered his body and fell one of his knee. He glance at Uraraka and Iida, the two had stalemate and instead staring at them.



He look at Bakugou, the ground below Deku cracked.

[For some reason, your Quirk is like a manifestation of Chakra in itself, you can distribute it equally to any part of your body like All Might but..]

he used one for One for All to Defend this one-time attack. Like a Castle Wall he steadied himself

"F.u.c.ker! I'll let you tastes one of my Favorite move..."

« Howtzer—!

Bakugou who was now spinning with Boom Boom Boom Explosion in every side his.

[If you used it to one specific part. specially you dont have its full control. It become even more Powerful and Amplify upto 100 times. But remember, control its output]

"Uraraka, ready to float yourself and flew upward! And stay away from Iida so that he cant follow you" he murmured. Then Bakugou exited from his the fog of Initial Explosion.

—Impact! »

streching his two hands in front of him

'I dont know what is this move! I didnt see All Might Defended even once from strong attacks. But I named it!—'

« Impregnable Fortress! »





During Collision course, Gusts of wind Destroyed not even Window frame but also Third Floor pillars and Walls. Even Multiple cracked appeared below them until it tear down for good

All of them fell down to second floor.

{Hero — Win!!!}

it was All Might who shouted, Because...

Uraraka was hugging their target

Bakugou was huffing, gritted his teeth.

Izuku below him lose his conciousness after saying...

"My Sensei... This was... the only thing.. I... can... Think of"

Iida lips was trembling. 'I was useless', murmuring while closing his eyes. He was crying.

And after he blind pick to partner with Kendo to fight Todoroki group, he asks her. There, he found out Kendo's boyfriend and Izuku sensei's name was Neji.

Though they lose because he was exhausted and overpowered by Todoroki Ice, instead of being gloomy, he was curious who this Neji was.


"Oi-! That nerd! He became stronger because of you right?!"

Narrowing his eye, Neji smiled. "He was strong from the very start, all I did is to guide him".

"You f.u.c.ker! You think Im f.u.c.k.i.n.g Stupid?! He used to be timid, pushover and slow!"

Izuku was from the side looking at them with eye of determination.

"Ho? Look at him then. The boy who was timid, pushover and slow. You're his childhood friend so you of all people should know what he made of!" As I thought, this Guy.

Clenching his fists Bakugou remembered everything. Now he understand.

From the time he slid and fell down from to small river when they are young 'are you okay?'

Until the time he was captured by Sludge Villain half a year ago. Deku helped him and said the same words. And until they—


But before he even say a word. Below the Stair, circular Black Fog emerged and spread horizontally, the same time multiple Villains came out one by one inside that black fog.

"Villains are here! Get ready!" It was Neji who shouted before Eraserhead, he also looked at his classmates. All of them saw what happened.

"Thirteen and Eraserhead? According to his Itenerary he should be here. dont tell me he didnt come?" It was said by a guy who was covered with black fog all over his body

'So it was one of them who destroy U.A gate!' Eraserhead thought.

"Haaaah such a drag! For all the trouble to gather this many villains. If isnt here, maybe we either break or kill one or two of his students first and spread the news about us League of Villains? ha ha ha" It was said by skinny and dried Skin guy with many pair of hands covering his entire face and body.

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