7:00 AM, at U.H School

Teacher Tenrou entered their class and said "Alright! Remember what I told you Yesterday right? to use your P.E Uniform and pack your lunch from our Cafeteria! are you ready KIDS!!?"

"""AYE AYE SENSEI!!!""" All of them shout in Unison

Silver Coloured Limousine were park outside their school, it Opened after they went out from the Gate.

as they Exit, All of them was wearing full body Silver jumpsuit with two Golden and Blue lines vertically from shirt to pants. on their left sleeves was Golden Symbol of U and H on its back was Blue Dragon symbol with one Horn.

"Cool!! Thats what you called Special!!" Juan rushed inside the Limousin

"hmp! Pleabians like you dont even dreamt to even touch that thing!" Yunin proudly said.

But Juan already went inside and bounced his b.u.t.t repeatedly.

"Sad fufufufu" a voiced heard at the back of Yunin

"this Limou is more important than you now? kukukuk"

"of course he'll pick this little limou instead of his trashtalker girlfriend here kekekeke"

Johnny, Ernst and Nayun teased Yunin.

they know this two who was like a Cat and Dog, but have similar personalities.

the 3 simultaneously laugh

"W-Whose that Damn Stupid Girlfriend?" Yunin Shouted with stuttering tone.

this two whose always Trashtalking every single seconds from their first day and until now, their Interaction as rivals were questionable.

Neji smile from the side, this group, they're just like 'them'.

"Hey Hey! lets go!" Juan shouted at the group while waving, he was busy he didnt know he was the subject.


all 10 of them was accomodated and sitting comftably inside. And from the front beside the Driver, Teacher Ten said.

"Kids, this Exercised, I called it , all of you can play there all you want until 12 PM! he he he" Teacher Ten grinned.

"Play your ass!! who would believe that Inconceivable sneer of yours!?" cry by Yunin

as they Arrived and went Inside the Big Dome.

Inside, they Met an Astronaut Guy at the Entrance and welcome them

"Hello, Students of U.H I'm No.13, thats my hero name just call me thirteen though, this place were called U.S.J and stands for Unforseen Simulation Joint and, errrrr-" said by 13 the Astronaut guy and look at Tenrou

Tenrou cut off thirteen and said "COMMUNITY SERVICE!! yup, you're all here is to clean this place, thats one traits of being a Hero! Remember?"

"Bitch! I know that smile of yours were doubtful! you made us your Janitor in excuse for Commuti-" Yunin was talking but her classmates rushed and start their work.

Tenrou smiled at her "I told you, this was also part of being a Hero, there are many trashes to Dump, sewers to clean, rubbles to swept, Pool thats full of Mud and leaves, of course leave the Shipwreck Zone, Landslide Zone, Mountain Zone, Fire Zone, Windstorm Zone and Ruins Zone as that was the Training Zone."

"After you finished as I promised, you can do all you want. at the corner below, there are VR Simulation Room, Hotspring, 3D Painting Room, Robo-Battle Fight and more! now tell me? isnt that amazing?" Yunin was glaring at her, but after Yunin saw Juan picking up trash along with her other classmates, she sigh and started to work.

"Hm! thats what I called Professional!" Tenrou put her hand to her chin.

"Miss Long, why did you insist to reserved here? they can do community service outside" from her side, thirteen asks.

"like what I said, they can play all they want after their work here, and best of the best playpark without people are here right? they are still children afterall"

"I see but remember the time-"

"Hai, I know thirteen san-" Teacher Ten cut thirteen words, because she knew there are also someone other than them will come but she dont know who. But her word also cut with sudden ring.


Teacher Ten answered the call


"hai? hai! eh? but my student-?"


Teacher Ten drop the call and sigh with depressed expression and look at thirteen, she bow and said.

"Im sorry thirteen-san, something came up, thats my superior who called, but please gather them to eat their Lunch then you can shoo them away, their service were outside so theres no problem for their transportation, dont worry their like that but they're all behave and good Kids, so is that okay? tch I dont really like that guy!" Tenrou explained her circ.u.mstances, with no choice, thirteen Nod.

She then stomp outside angrily.

Thirteen was wondering what's the Identity of this 10 and said to himself 'a Class with only 10 members?'.

After their work for almost 3 hours. the Girls went to Hotspring and dip their feet as they dont have an extra clothes and inhaled the atmosphere inside, Evelyn tagged along.

Neji went to VR Room along with Juan, Mikhaim and Ernst, they 2v2.

"We wont lose this time!" Mikhaim and Ernst cry.

"Dream on! Neji-Bro will carry me! huehuehue" Juan sneer and Neji only nod.

In Robo-Battle Fight. using their brain to move the miniature robot to fight, Johnny and Lahel battled, Lahel didnt come along with girls for some unknown reason.

"Lets do this!" (Johnny)

"Goodluck!" (Lahel)

after almost 3 hours doing their own, Thirteen gather them and explain that their Homeroom teacher was busy and something that came up and they can go without her. He gathered them to eat their Lunch together.

thereafter, They find the highest place and Ascend to rocky cliff and went there, others tagged along of course.

they eating in circle, 10 of them.

"He he, this is what I called camping!, oh Xiao Yunin, dont you want that celery? I'll eat that for you, you're picky eater afterall" beside Juan was Yunin.

'Eh?' some of them was astonished by Juan words.

"Y-you! Shut up! who told you Im a picky eater?! t-this is my favorite!" Yunin chomp the celery full after she look at her classmates awkward face. but she's quivering and a clear water tears can see on her eyes.

"we still lose even in VR" Mikhaim and Ernst chomping their meal while murmuring.

"Maybe we just lucky to beat you" Neji try to raised their Spirit.

"10 Streak Win and you called it Lucky?" Ernst sigh. Neji failed.

"of course! This brother of mine is the strongest! Ha ha" Juan proudly said and hook Neji neck.

"Idoit! we're eating!!" Yunin headchopped Juan using her hand.

"Ouch!" (Juan)

Nile was busy munching, he was happy he went at high-tech 3D paintings alone, he made a souvinir at the very least.

Nayun and Evelyn were eating and talking.

"Lahel here was strong, I didnt win even one round" Johnny said

"That was part of my my training when I was young, it trains your Brain Stimulation, Field Perception, thought process and Reaction Time, I think giving some time, you'll become even more stronger." explained by Lahel, Johnny blushed and scratch his nose.

The 10 happily talking while eating their meal. with sudden CREAK sound, the entranced of U.S.J were opened.

"Eh?" a voiced of a surprised girl could be heard.

20 members, along with a guy who has sports ragged black outfit that consists of a long-sleeved shirt and matching pants that tuck into his boots. He also wears a utility belt and his signature scarf at all times. He hides a pair of yellow goggles underneath his scarf. he was [Eraserhead].

and The girl who was surprised was Kendo.

"Ahh I forgot!" Thirteen surprised after he saw U.A Class 1-A entered, he's busy of who knows what he's been thinking.

"Neji!! Bishõjo Neji-chan!!" Kendo waved her hand at Neji after she saw him. Her classmates and Teacher look at him in surprised.

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