Next day U.H First year Classroom

Because all 10 of them has their Own Room with complete set of Furnitures and Utilities Inside.

All of them didnt talk to each other after the Battle, no its not that they didnt talk, they couldnt talk because of Exhausted, weary, Burned and Bruises Body, though its still thanks to Partial Recovery Potion made thanks to [Recovery Girl] Apprenticed, they can still walked and Study, but Majority of them were covered with Bandages, they are like Mummies.


When Neji with Lahel Fighting Nayun and Ernst for almost 10 minutes

Neji was waiting for an Opportunity, the biggest Opportunity he could have,




Silhouette came one after another where they Fighting, Neji knew they will come, he smiled with this current event.

He wanted to test his Limit.

He wanted to go Wild.

Without Restraint

Wuthout Holding back.

Johnny Enslley with Evelyn Nevaeh

Nile Horus with Mikhaim Aleksandra

adding the fact that

Ernst Heinrich and Nayu Ae was here.

They all came one after another far away from each other.

« Eight Trigrams Palms, Hakkeshou Kaiten »

without harming Lahel, he used it to cover them and deflected all Incoming Attacks.

Of course because Neji and Lahel was Inside their Encirclement his Classmates attack them First.

Metal Sword, Petals Hurricane, Flame Artillery, Building debris, Wind Palm, Magic Arrow.

All were Deflected.

from the Inside of Neji Skill, a small light burst out, no it was dark. Dark Matter, a laser Quirk of Lahel unleashed.

all 6 try to evade it, but Nayun and Nile was late to respond and they receive a hit to their Legs and Shoulder respectively.



the two Screamed in unison, but before Neji made another move, Evelyn and Johnny rushed where this two injured was. Burned and Crashed, the Korean and Egyptian lost like that, they enveloped by Blue particles and bailed out from who knows where

{Nayun Ae and Nile Horus has Been Defeated and left the Battlefield!!!}

"Nayun!" "Nile!"

their Parner cry their name.

"Sorry Guys, thats life!" Evelyn cracking her fingers with Aura around her Body and dashed to where Neji and Lahel.

Johnny flamed Mikhaim and Ernst here and there

this two Americans dominated the Area.




Again, Evelyn crushed at the wall for the second time.

« Eight Trigrams, Air Palm »

that technique made her Fly for the second time. Though Evelyn was strong and can lift 20 Storey Building, that was only because of her Ant Quirk. just like Ants they can 'lift' anything they touch even hundred times of their weights.

Meaning she need to touch someone to overpower them with her sheer strength.

Johnny was surprised and look where Evelyn flew.. and because of this, he's wide open.

Lahel fired a Laser, and Mikhaim used Windblade


Johnny Flamrd body torned... or so they thought, he become flame himself!

But Below him, from the ground, the two figure came out from its hole.

It was Neji remaining Kagebunshin

'Release!' Neji, with his hand levelled infront of his face, he made 2 finger gesture.

his Kagebunshins then become water and Envelop Johnny.

"What the!? Urrrgghh!! Ahhhh!!!" Johnny cried out, his Flame Extinguished. this Kagebunshin each has compressed 50 Liters of Pure Distilled Water.

Johnny whose hovering fell and lied on the ground, his body was Steaming and fell unconcious.

in reverse Physics, he was burned.

{Johnny Enslley was BUURNED! *Cough was Defeated and Left the Battlefield!!!}

Like others, Johnny bailed out.

The remaining Mikhaim and Ernst battled but because of Metal versus Wind, Wind losts and Mikhaim Bailed out.

Ernst Bailed out the same time as him, he was Exhausted as he Deactivated his [Heart of the Machine], his Machine made of Metals was crushed by one of the Building who drop to him and Bailed out

{Mikhaim Aleksandra! AND!! Ernst Heinrich was Defeated and Bailed out!!!}

like usual, Teacher Ten was as energetic as ever.

"I still dont Know what your Quirk is after those one sidedly battle! But I wont- Kuuuuh!" Evelyn Charged at Neji but her sentenced was cut because her solar plexus was stabbed.

Her eye grow big.

Her pupil become small.

"Fuc-" Her Aura Vanished, She just clench her fists and Punch in front of her with full power,

Neji was surprised and Stabbed her Shoulder bone but it didnt stop.


Neji Left Shoulder was Struck, he swayed his Left shoulder and move his body weights, he made his body twists.


The ground beneath and in front of her trembled and create some crater, that was only the shockwave from her fists.

She dropped her Knees and vomit.

a rainbow Color emerged from her mouth. After that, she lose her conciousness

{Evely Nevaeh was Defeated and Bailed out!!!!}

{The winner for this Hero Battle Royale was!! Neji Hyuga and Lahel Persephone!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!}

But Neji cry out because of his dislocated shoulder, and lose his conciousness.

He was Exhausted

His Left Shoulder Dislocated if he didnt twists his Body to those lasts seconds, not just his Shoulder but his left arm will shattered to pieces.

His eyes were pumping by using too much Byakugan.

His Legs and Muscles were trembling just for Running here and there by Activating [Gates of Opening] just fighting Yunin and Juan.

Yes, Neji used one of [Eight Inner Gates], once used by Sir Guy and Rock Lee.

But he can only activate so far was Until Third Gates.

'Im not as Genius as Lee as I thought I could be' He said to himself During his learning process about Gates.

— — — FLASHBACK END — — —

"Alright Class! Lets see? Congratulations to our Winner.. He he" Teacher Tenrou Entered happily and said it to them

"But it is weird that one of our Winner was exhausted and Battered than other Participants, Mind if you tell us Mr. Rank One? oh!? Hehe" on her second sentenced She covered her mouth. But with this, the room who was silent a moment ago and with only 10 Students become Noisy.

"F.u.c.k me, there are Rankings!?" said by Yunin

"Yeah f.u.c.k you, there are rankings" Followed by Juan, Sticking his nose.

"What did you say you Bastard!!?" said by Yunin, placing her feet at the top of her table.

"what? I just repeat what you just said!!" Juan said in return.

The two Started their Trash Talking Again.

"Teacher whats this Ranking you're talking about?" Nayun sigh and ask.

Neji was only listening, his left Shoulder was covered with Gauze and bandages all over his body. It already healed, but the after effect of Impact was still fresh in his mind.

"Then, mind if you show us our Rankings!?", The Mummified Johnny asks.

— —

1st. Neji Hyuga ★ Japanese

2nd. Evelyn Nevaeh ★ American

3rd. Johnny Enslley ★ American

4th. Nile Horus ★ Egyptian

5th. Ernst Heinrich ★ German

6th. Lahel Persephone ★ British

7th. Nayun Ae ★ Korean

8th. Xiao Yunin ★ Chinese

9th. Mikhaim Aleksandra ★ Russian

10th. Juan Arnais ★ Filipino

— —

"Dafaq?? Im dead Last!!!?" shouted by Juan

"The princess was above me?" Nayun Sigh.

"6th Placer" Lahel covering her Face using her Boom.

Evelyn was clenching her fists, Johnny closed his eyes after seing her depressed face.

the room now full of voices from different person

Neji was just staring, staring at the rankings in front and closed his eyes and smiled.

"That ranking was not Blind rankings alright?, During, Before and After your battle, thats all where it came from"

"First. what is your Quirk? is it harmful? deadly? how much did you control your Quirk? that was the base of your Score points"

"Second. what's the weaknesses of your Quirk and how did you overcome that weakness"

"Third. how you utilized your Quirk in actual combat and fill that gap if your opponent Quirk was stronger"

"fourth. Information, Observation and Retaliation, with small information and just by Observing you can devised a plan. without a Plan you're just like thug entering an enemies territory line and just used 'trigger happy' blindedly. if you are against true villains you think they will give you time to?" She look at Neji, Yunin and Ernst.

"Fifth. Opportunity, within only a split second opportunity you can win hard battle" She look at Johny, Neji, Lahel, Yunin and Mikhaim

"sixth. like I said a Disadvantage can become your Advantage" She smile and look at Neji.

"and lasts, was 'Luck'.. it was funny to hear but Luck is also part of ones Strength. remember that." She looked at Lahel, Lahel flinched.

"Aaaaand, because you are all Exhausted and Injured we'll only doing regular class for today" then their Class continues..

"She didnt even look at me! what have I done!" mumured by Juan.

For the record. he didnt done any active role on their battle except their Combo when fighting Neji

"No worries! you can challege anyone 3 ranks above and below you. You have one chance per week. and only every Sunday, okie?" Teacher Ten smiled, and start her lecture.

The whole class sigh of relief. I can return My lost Honor once week! they thought.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

Lunch Time

"Really? thatsl was too harsh, but still you did your best in that battle right?"

("Yup, too harsh... and Uhm! Todoroki was too strong for me right now I think")

Neji and Kendo was talking using their modern Technology communication devised called [Cell-Watch], it was a normal wrist watch but can used as communication devised especialized for 'Calling'.

"then missy~? whose your 20th classmate? you said he introduced today morning right?" asks by Neji

("ummm he was Shinsou Hitoshi, and his Quirk was Brainwashing")

"Wow! that was very useful Quirks, and have him to confessed the co-member of those Stubborn Criminals who keep their mouth shut. if its okay Oujo-chan, can you ask him to join Valhalla? I'll create a contract today specially for him, and mailed it to Mom, Dad and Kaito Sensei.

("Hai Hai Do not worry. and Lunch time is almost over, Take yourself care okay? *Smoooch*")

"uhm! Take care too, see you" *Smoooch*

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