Neji Hyuga: A Reincarnated Ninja That Become A Quirkless Hero

Chapter 12 - Each has their own Battle: Part 2

10 Minutes after Neji left to that Battlefield but still seing what really happened.

[Ehem! Juan Arnais and Xiao Yunin Were defeated, and will now leaving from the Battlefields!]

Teacher Ten voiced could be heard everywhere.

Neji just sigh and thought 'This two, they're Unbeliveably Strong!!' and left. He's talking about this 2 American duo.

Juan Arnais and Xiao Yunin Combo were close to undefeated but, adding to their Exhausted energy with Neji relentless assault in every Direction, they be soon Defeated by this 2 Americans.

Inevitably Defeated

theres no room for Excused and they just Accept their Defeat, of course they still do what they can do before they fall Down.

This American Duo doesnt care of their Enemies weary condition, whats on their mind was only one word.


— — — — — — — — — — — — —

another minutes later, Neji Clone cut its connection.


He Immediately activate his Byakugan and check what really happened

There, he saw Lahel and other two, Hundred meter away from her Position.

Neji used his fastest speed as much as possible.


'Damn it!' He dodge the sudden Airstrike.. from its crater, flame Immediately Expand its Area whose In front of Neji blocking his path.

Later, multiple flame Airstrikes went directly to him,

wait theres more..

Some buildings from two storey Building to 10 storey Buildings were flying here and there.

it went in every different Direction, he predict its course and all of it dodged by him.

"So its Lessy boy~ we finished those tras- *cough! those Guys! then its your turn next!" said by Johnny Enslley but he change his word when he met the eye of Evelyn.

'Lessy?' Neji narrowed his eye

"your like a Cornered Rat now AAAAHHHH"




the Two was pushed by unknown force like bullets and they slammed at the wall.

Johnny Slammed and Crashed the wall at 5th floor of Building as his body entered inside without Knocking and passed the building and went outside, he and Evelyn was only 10 meters away to each other now.

{A/N: Fos Ro Dah?}

« Eight Trigrams, Air Palms »

it was the technique he used by sacrificing another Medium called [Coin], just like his Kagebunshin. it even more stronger and Deadlier than the one he and Hinata used once.

{A/N: Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm + Coin, Railgun anyone?}

Johnny G.r.o.a.n.e.d in Pain, his C.h.e.s.t wasnt stopped aching and saw a charcoal-like coin on top of it.

"F.u.c.k! did I belittled him? Damnit!" Johnny still groaning.

"you're right, More or less, he was stronger than the you are" Evelyn looked at the coin that burned becausd of Johnny's flame. It was also the same coin that pushed her and slammed till here.

"why you didnt change form?" Evelyn asks

"Im saving the bests for lasts!" Johnny boastfully said.

"that 'saving the best for lasts' almost made you knock unconcious. Doesnt matter, if you're only bark and no bite, I'll shoo you away, you're waste to our society" Said by Evelyn with cold Intent.

"you're arrogant as always! Just so happen you are stronger than me Doesn't mean thats always happen! we have the same Goal!"

"I dont care about your goal, but your Destiny is always second to me, remember that. And that fate of yours will never change" She then started walking to Direction Neji went and with her Last sentence he look at him with pity.

"Bitch! looking down on others secretly without them knowing, an arrogant bastard! wearing sheep skin when she was actually a wolf! feeling high and Mighty! that trashy habit and trashy pride of yours will be your downfall!" Johnny murmured.

'someone! beat this bitch! I cant take her anymore BLEEEE-' Johnny then puked.

It always happened to him if he was in a state of Wrath or Terror. But this time, for the first time in a while happend to him, Wrath at the same time Fear.

He then look at his hands, it was shaking, it didnt stopped. But he clench it and his body turn to flame. He then follow Evelyn.

I dont have the what so called Pride anymore! I admire you, Fear you, and Mad at you all the same time. he thought.

{A/N: Warning!! M.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t Alert!}

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

Neji wanted to settle things and Defeat the two Americans but he's worrying about Lahel, their teacher said that 'Who win' not 'the group who win' can get the prized. He's not the Old Neji who was the highest pride. Just like Naruto and All-Might that he is fond of, he wanted to reacue those who he can reach!

While Running at Full Speed, his Byakugan was still Active, with less than 3 minutes he was now beside Lahel whose tattered and breathing heavily.

"Neji! I thought you're dead! one of them beheaded you! uwaaahhhhhh"

Lahel cry and Hug Neji



Gusts of wind with petals along with it whip where Neji and Lahel seconds ago.

"Knight in Shining armor? were in modern world so stop Daydreaming your highness!" a Girl wearing Red armor suit with many different kind of petals, such as Rose, waterlily, and lotus attached to it, in her hand was Green whip with multiple Petals. she Was Nayun Ae.

On her back was full Body Metal Armor, like the first Version Armored Suit made by T*ny St*rk and had its Greatsword. He was Ernst Heinrich with his Mechanical Machine.

{A/N: Iron Man Mark I}

"But my handmade suit looks like a Knight right? In modern world though" said by Ernst and Stab his Greatsword at the ground.

{A/N: now, 10 of them had a monologue at last!}

— — — — — — — — — — — — —


"Deku! Come! I'll show you our Difference!" Shouted by Bakugou to Izuku after he blast them after they went upstairs.

Him and Iida ambushed Izuku and Uraraka at 3rd Floor, they also cleaned the area clean. This was all worked and Planned by Bakugou, and Iida just go with the flow.

actually, he was surprised with this sudden decision of Bakugou.

"Urusai!!! just follow my lead!! we'll crushed them clean!!"

after that, Iida covered his mouth and obey.

"K..Ka...Kacchan" Deku take Uraraka and Dodged, he was surprised and shouted in his heart 'Not good! Kacchan was unstoppable if he use his brain!'

"Uraraka Run!! I'll confront them!" Said by Izuku to Uraraka.

"You think Im just a Decoration?!" Iida Stopped infront Uraraka.

2 on 2

"Oi! Engine guy! dont let that Girl went up! I'll finished this!!"

Crack Crack Bam!

Bakugou Exercised his neck and Punch his Palm.

"Deku!! are you mocking me haaa!? you had Quirk all the time! you fooled me until now?! for what?! to show it off!!!? to show me that you are stronger than me?!!!! I'll take you on!"

"I dont give a damn if you use your Quirk or not! I'll Kill you!!!"

'Kill???' Izuku shivered.

"Oraaaaaaaaahhhhh" Bakugou dashed forward

"I dont know why you are so Angry everytime you're In front of me!! But!!! I'm not the Deku you used to thrashed!!

"Kacchan!!! Someone told me just now!!!"

"My Deku doesnt always mean You cant Do anything!!"

"My Deku can also means 'YOU CAN DO IT'!!!!"

After hearing those words, Uraraka Flinch.

"I too wont Hold back!!! KAACCHAAAN!!" Izuku kicked the ground and clashed with Bakugou head-on.


5 minutes Before the battle Begins

Outside the building before Izuku and Uraraka enters.

"Deku? I...I mean Midoriya" Uraraka called

"Y..Yes? Th...thats okay" Izuku Stuttered

"Im just wondering, why Bakugou called you by that name?"

"Thats how he called me since childhood, it means I cant do anything"

"Really? But for me, the word Deku gives off a feeling that 'You can do it!!'.."


BAM BAM BAM BAM, the whole third Floor, from ground to wall crumbled.

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