Neji Hyuga: A Reincarnated Ninja That Become A Quirkless Hero

Chapter 11 - Each has their own Battle: Part 1

Meanwhile, The same Day and First Day of School.

Inside the U.A School, in a field where 21 People could see, and their Quirk Apprehension Tests has just finished.

Shota Aizawa, Hero Name [Eraserhead], Homeroom teacher of U.A first year, 'Class 1-A' starting from today.

20 students Standing opposite to him. he then raised his Cellphone-like Meter Score, which displayed a Hologram infront of his Students which projected their Ranking Results.

1st Momo Yaoyorozu

2nd Shoto Todoroki

3rd Katsuki Bakugo

4th Itsuka Kendo

5th Mezo Shoji

6th Tenya Iida

7th Izuku Midoriya

8th Fumikage Tokoyami

9th Mashirao Ojiro

10th Eijiro Kirishima

11th Mina Ashido

12th Ochaco Uraraka

13th Koji Koda

14th Rikido Sato

15th Tsuyu Asui

16th Yuga Aoyama

17th Hanta Sero

18th Denki Kaminari

19th Kyoka Jiro

20th Minoru Mineta

He smile and said, "Funny right? Do you all remember what will happen to the last placer like what I said?? hmp!.." Before he finished his Sentenced he look at Mineta.

"Mineta. Since you got last place, you are hereby removed from the hero program" Shota says shocked all of his Students Especially Kendo and Momo Yaoyorozu.

""Sir, I thought that was just a rational deception!"" Kendo and Momo yell out.

"In some ways it was, but he has shown he's not fit for my class" Shota says while taking out some paper and writing something on it before walking up to Mineta.

"Here take this to the teacher of class 1-C, tell him I want to see him later" he says while handing Mineta a note.

What the hell just happened? The remaining 19 Students stand there with Disbelief, seing Mineta's back, whose shivering and crying out of noise.

They didnt saw it but his face turned twisted, it have full of Hatred, and Vengeance.

{A/N: too many Hero! we need more villains to balance it up!!}

"Stop Spacing out and Headback to your Classroom!" Eraserhead shouted at them and walk away.

the same time when all of them are heading back to their Class, one of them stared at Izuku Midoriya's back, a Spiky hair squinting its eye, he was Katsuki Bakugou.

'Deku you bastard! what happen to you?!' He thought with disbelief and clench his fists.

not just Izuku Midoriya's height and physique, but his Aura also changed.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

2 hours After

at U.H Training ground

Heroes Battle Royale still Ongoing.

The luminous light started to moved again.

Neji clone along with Lahel hide and move at the same time, though his clone can also activate byakugan, it decreased its effectiveness, so he command it to prioritized their hiding, second is to relocate if needed.

Meanwhile, the true Neji met this two, Sword and Shield Duo face to face.

At first, he used hit and run tactics and focused on attacking to only one of them

but this two, Despite they're trashtalking and cursing at each other, they're almost perfect Combination by protecting and defending each other at the same time by Filling each others weaknesses.

'But they almost out of breath' Neji thought. Seing with his own two eye, the heavy breathing of this two. even their chakra with the help of his Byakugan is at the bottom. adding that this two was swept by their Teacher Ten a while ago was persistent and doesnt want to give up!



From the gound, was cracking sound like someone was stomping it.

From the sky, was blazing red and blue flame was dancing.

the two was coming at them from the same direction at fast speed.

Neji's back was stabbed by a sword, because of those sound, he lose his focused for a second but....


it changed to a tree trunk. a Kawarimi!!

'Damn f.u.c.ker! were screwed!' cried by Xiao Yunin.

at the same time a Silhouette emerged, one was Blazing Flame hovering through the air, He was Johnny Enslley.

The other one had a Blue Aura all over her Body, and formed an Ant-like Aura. On her head was its Antennae, on her chin was its two "v" shape mandibles, on her back was its Gaster, she's only wearing Plain Dark with blue Stripes Fitted as Stretcheable Suit. and she's wearing a Sunglass like an Eye of Ant. she was Evelyn Nevaeh.

This two were Americans, Their proud Future Heroes.

"You two seems exhausted for some Reason" said by Johnny like his two voices echoed and Stacked at each other, his suit is visible to the n.a.k.e.d eye, he's just wearing a Stretchable Plain Dark with blue stripes Fitted to him, just likr Nevaeh, this two had the same Hero Costume.

"They retreated and give you two to us? they made us a Janitor eh?~" followed by his voiced.

"Shut it Johnny! this two looked Exhausted but they're still an Elite from their Respected Country! remember! our American Motto is to do not Underestimate a Hero!" Reprimand by Evelyn and bow to Yunin and Juan.

Xiao Yunin whose Hot-Blooded, after hearing what Johnny said almost burst from anger but with Evelyn words she clamed down a bit.

But their Battle Starts after exchanging words. But even a Child knew what the conclusion was.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

Same time

U.A Highschool, Class 1-A is now in training field wearing their Costumes, with All-Might being their Teacher, After he made them Draw lots and a Versus Battle between Hero and Villain.

as a Hero, their Target is to Retrieved the Nuclear Weapon dummy.

as a Villain, they have to defend it from Hero.

First Battle:

Ochaco Uraraka and Izuku Midoriya


Tenya Iida and Katsuki Bakugou

But Before they went to their respective places Bakugou shouted at Izuku

"DEKU! I dont know and I dont care what really happen to you and your Body!! but even this time! you cannot Defeat me!!!!" he along with Iida went out.

'Deku?' all of their classmates heard him calling Izuku, Deku.

Even Kendo Surprised with this sudden event.

Then She said to Izuku before he went out "Izuku!! Get him!! show him all of your efforts why you're here! show him all of what your Mentor Neji teach you! all of them!! Goodluck!" She made her fist big.

All Might was only Smiling at the side Spectating them.

"uhm! I wont lose to Kacchan!!" and said his Goodbye along with Uraraka.

After they left, their Remaining Classmates asks Kendo a Questions.

"Kendo! he had a Mentor?" asks by Momo

"Yup! My Boyfriend Neji! he's not a lolicon as he had the same aged as us, so don't worry he's kinda looks like a Girl though, Teehee." said by Kendo.

"Merci~ so that Neji guy is Strong? and only the same Age as us?" said by Aoyama with sparkling eye, even his Suit was sparkling.

"is that True kero?" asks by frog Girl Asui

"Of course! he's stronger than his Bestfriend Shoji here, and me with two against one!" She pointed at Shoji

"Wow even Shoji was no match!" Shoji was tugged by Kaminari

"Amazing, he can defeat Shoji here with you together?! I want to Fight him!" said by Kirishima and Acrivate his Quirk.

Wait... they then snapped out and remember Kendo's first word.

except for Shoji, Kendo and Todoroki

""""BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!""""" they Simultaneously shouted. Kendo was just smiling and didnt said anything.

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