Neji Hyuga: A Reincarnated Ninja That Become A Quirkless Hero

Chapter 10 - Winning Raffle Ticket: Battle of 10's

Neji From the side was watching, his Teacher, for the very first day Provoked this student of hers, Is she really suited for teaching? Neji Taught. His other classmates have their own world and watching the show, the Only one who have a friendly atmosphere was the 2 Americans, but one of them who was now Flaming was battling with Teacher Ten along with the Sword user Girl and a Man Tanking Teacher Ten's Physical attacked.

'Shes sweating' Neji thought

But less than a Minute later, a Thundering sound could be heard and the 3 Slammed to either ground or Wall.

Teacher Ten Clapped twice, Inhaled deeply and said "Good! that was Exhilarating, Oi! Bring that to me!" and called her Assisstant(?)

It Bring one Red Box.

"Come! all of you! Draw the Raffle here! and you all had a chance to win a Lottery" She said while smiling.

Of course all of them Draw the Ticket(?) but who would believe her?

"Alright! Partner yourself! 1 and 2, 3 and 4, and so on! then position yourself infront of that Gate, when I count to 3, go Rush Inside and Hide there, make sure that you along with your partners were beside each other or you two will be disqualified!! Ive been talking to you all using the hidden Speaker inside!" She pointed at Big Gate near their training ground that who knows how many Kilometers of the Land inside of it

— — — — —

Ernst Heinrich ★ German

Nayun Ae ★ Korean


Lahel Persephone ★ British

Neji Hyuuga ★ Japanese


Nile Horus ★ Egyptian

Mikhaim Aleksandra ★ Russian


Juan Arnais ★ Filipino

Xiao Yunin ★ Chinese


Johnny Enslley ★ American

Evelyn Nevaeh ★ American

— — — — —

"Now Go!" She Immediately shouted.

'you didnt even count!' the student cry in unison from their heart but only choice is to dash inside.

After 5 Minutes, All of them positioned theirselves

"He He! this event! I called it Battle Royale! no, Heroes Royale!"

"Those who win here, 'We' can give them a vacation for the total of 5 days! you can use it anytime you want! even during Class! Amazing right?! theres also an Extra Gift so Be ready!"

"now, you all have a whole Day to hunt each other!! Remember Killing is forbidden!!"

"This test is a battle of, Wits! Techniques! Cooperation! Information Gathering! Assassinations! and many more! as long as it can give you an Advantage and kill your way out! and be the Final Winner!"

"This is the True way of Hero!! sometimes you have to know how to become a Villain to win! not some foolish bravery! sometimes you have to wait! not some bloodheaded f.u.c.ker! sometimes you have to surrender bacause you are too WEAK! But that weakness was ONLY EXCUSE!!!" all of them heard her shout from the speaker at every Direction, neat and clean.

"BUT ARE YOU ALL WEAK!!!!? thats why you are Elites!! and do what an Elite can do! make your disadvantage your Advantage! Think outside the Box!! GO FUTURE HERO!! AND LET THE HUNT BEGIN!"

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

10 Minutes Later after the Start of their Battle, Many Buildings were now devastated and turned to Debris, Their Location was too Big to saw each other, its just like a Half of the whole City But

"Cough Cough! I forgot! every 10 minutes, theres a Blue Luminous Light that will covering the whole City and it'll become smaller and smaller every passing time! and stopped after 1 minute!! Neglible, but once that light touched you, you are automatically Disqualified!!" Reminded by Teacher Ten.

Neji looked at his partner, a Blond Girl named Lahel, her Hero costume was Dark and Red colored fitted light armor suit.

But this Girl heavily breathed after hundred meters of Running and hiding.

with the help of Neji Byakugan he can pinpoint the exact locations of all of his opponents 360°, He wanted to Solo Hunt but this Girl Insists to go with him.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

P.O.V of Lahel Persephone

Whats wrong with this Guy, its been almost an hour since weve been running, hiding, and scouting but this Guy, he isnt even catching his breathe

Not only that, he looks like scouting that we successfully evaded or Hide to any of our opponent we saw without them knowing.

Like he knew and can pinpoint their Exact Location.

At first he said "I'll hunt so sit still" I didnt believe it, what if he were defeated? so I insists to go with him. But it seems like Im really just a Baggaged.



my body dodge without me Knowing and saw an Arrow, it soon Dispersed like dusts.

I was surprised to what happened, when I look at this Guy called Neji, he looked away and said

"Im surprised you dodge that, I thought your just a useless baggage"

He saw me Dodge that Arrow but..

He said it, he really said it.

F.u.c.k me!

oh my god! why did my mind said that Bad word! My mother will kill me if she heard that! Stop it! stop it! concentrate! I slapped my face with my two hand and try to concentrate.

"Brace for Impact!" he shouted while I try to concentrate but its too late, the world or rather, the ground and wall crumbled, and a building debris dropped from above me


— — — — — — — — — — — — —

"Nice slash Mikhaim!" said by a Man whose using bow, Nile Horus. His Costume was like a Typical Elven Archer with Feather hat, he also had a pointed Ear-like earphone.

"No, they're still....Dodge!" shout the by a man with Silver Blue patterned Butler Uniform who use wind to push Horus away while he dodged. he was Mikhaim Aleksandra, the Egyptian and Russian duo consecutively.

"You wiped the floor thanks to teacher Ten right? Im surprised you can still fight" Said by Neji, Standing atop of the Debris opposite to Mikhaim and Nile.

{A/N: Mikhaim Aleksander were the one of the three who were defeated by Teacher Ten}

'Not Good!' cry by Mikhaim out loud.

Lahel Fired with her Dark matter, a laser that as thin as her small pinky finger.


But Mikhaim Defended with his Wind Element type Barrier.


'Hah....hah...Shit' from our last attacked I thought we finished them, and here their disadvantage become their advantage.


moments later, the sound of Crumbling could be heard getting nearer and nearer.


with the sword that Emerged at the head of Lahel, Neji parried it with his 2 kunais in reverse grip.

the Girl who used sword smirk then Neji felt his Kunai Being Cut in half, he Grab Lahel and Jump backward.

"cheh!" thereafter she run away without looking back.

Mikhaim and Horus successfully retreated and now more than hundred meters away from Neji, Opposite to where the Sword Using Maniac girl went.

while Lahel isnt looking like she was doing something, Neji Immediately made a Kagebunshin sacrificing one of his scroll, he then dashed without any noise leaving his Kagebunshin in tow along with his partner.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

"Urgh! its so hard, such a Drag! Hey Yuwan did you find someone?" Said by the Girl who once slashed Lahel stretching her shoulder, Her sword was an Old japanese looking sword, and a Samurai-like Costume and Helmet, she was Xiao Yunin.

{A/N: what? she was Chinese, but wearing Japanese costume, wierd?}

"Juan! Who plus One! Juan, not Yuwan, you damn Girl!" said by a man with Round shield, one Handed sword, and a grey tattered metal equipment, the typical newbie Starting item of every MMORPG game. he was Juan Arnais

"I dont care! I'll call you what I wanted to call you"

"Urgh! Girl you want a beating!?"

"ho~? or it is you who wanted to get beaten?"

The two started their Cat and Dog trash talking.

oh, Xiao Yunin and Juan Arnais was the other two who get beaten by Teacher Ten.

The two were Chinese and Filipino duo consecutively.

Shield and Sword, a fitting combo.

{A/N: Numba one!!! Aigoo!!}

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