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when a luminous moonlight covered by clouds, In a narrow street somewhere, a footsteps could be heard, seconds later a silhouette revealed a man covered with blood on his body, with bloodshot eyes, a nose that were bandaged and even his body were covered with bandages, in his hand were 2 bloody sword whose edge was rusty, on his back, lying on the ground were 2 people both lose its conciousness, but because of sudden appearance of a Boy at the very entrance of its narrow street. after he heard a scream he Immediately went where the voice came from but bewildered and sweat covering his face of what he saw, is it fear? but before he make a move and after he saw a man, it already talk, looking at him and walked 3 steps forward changing its target while it lose its interest at the 2 person he's going to kill.

"Now then! what will you do brat? why are you here? will you help them? is that why you want to become a hero? or you'll help them because you are a hero? but now youre in front of me, Hero Killer Stain, atleast you are ready to die! kukuku will you run cowardly while you tuck your tails between your legs? or will you run away and looking for nearby hero? if yes, I'll kill this two here. or? you'll looking for revenge because I injured them? tell me! answer me!!" a Hoarse voice full of killing intent of Hero Killer Stain, asks a Boy whose just arrived.

"No! I will rescue them both, I dont need any reason to help those two even if Im not a hero for now! and I will Defeat you at all costs! thats my way of being a Hero!" The boy shout and thought to himself

'am I right Naruto?'

Hero Killer Stain eyes narrowed and sneer with this little kid's Immediate answer and thought to himself

'So, there are still another All-Might in front of me, I thought they are already extinct but....' But after those thought he charged straight to a boy and reverse grip his 2 rusty sword.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

"We need a Medical Ninja here!"

"No... It's... too late"

"Remember... Lady willing to die...for you, so remember.... your life now...isnt belong to only you alone, as well as... mine"

"why will you do this to me! sacrificing yourself!"

"because... I... am... a... Genius"

In a room thats now bright with sunlight, a boy with blue long hair awoken from his dream, slowly opening his eye but crystal clear water without him knowing fell out from his two eyes, he swept it with his hand and murmured

'What happen to them, why am I the only one in this world'

He Immediately went up and looked at the mirror at the side of his bed, there, he saw himself, an average height and average physique, blue long hair, white jade skin, Blue eye and black eyebrow, if you didnt know him youll doubt your eyes that he was a boy.

He was Neji Hyuga, yes Hyuga. Neji didnt know if its really a coincident that his mom and dad named him Neji with Hyuga's Family name, all he know is that he reincarnated 13 years ago and he sometimes dreamt of those things about Ninja wars, his missions with his team, sir Guy, Lee, Tenten, Humiliating Lady Hinata, Beaten by Naruto in return, but In the end of the Day, they become his irreplaceable comrade, but sadly he die while protecting Naruto and Lady Hinata, but protecting them was his own decision, his only regret was, he didnt know what happen after he die.

'you won right Naruto? as you are a splendid and Very Unique Ninja, Im sure you became a Hokage, and had a daughter and son with Lady Hinata, Im sure they are Strong with our Hyuga and your Uzumaki bloodline' Neji thought

'Its been 13 years since then, I love my family here, of course as my dad was respected citizen and businessman so does mom, the warmth I recieved here is much warmer... no! dont compare them Neji!..." he clench his fists and again look at himself in a mirror

'I decided to change my hairstyle and clothings as part of moving on, I wont resurrect in that world again, If yes, Im sure they're not there anymore' he Thought

"Gentle Fist! and Taijutsu! I atleast will start my jogging and that after was my training and will study! I wont go to U.A with Shoji but atleast I'll become a splendid Hero here! right? Naruto!" Neji was full of Motivation.

what Neji said was correct, in this world he resurrected was very unique, a world were Normal people without superpowers were called Quirkless, that superpowers, mutant, mutation are common here.

Hero, an occupation those who seek fame, an occupation common in this world that fights villain, a villain that using their quirks doing bad deeds.

Hero, they were common in this world but Neji?

Quirkless, yup, Neji was Quirkless according to his physicist, after the examination, he was but a normal human.

Quirks in this world were manifested when a child aged of 4, as rare as it may, Neji doesnt have, and always tease as useless..

But who in the world give a beating to a less than 5 year old children? a 16 year old past life of Neji added his to 4 years of his current life and kick those childs asses? nope, so he dont give a damn to any of those, But for some reason theres a Guy, no, a Boy who was fonded to him, Shoji Mezo.

Shoji Mezo was his neighbor at the same time childhood friend and become bestfriend after, this child was giant, he's twice the size of a normal children and up until now, Neji's height was only at his shoulder.

Shoji Quirk was his four extra, webbed tentacles growing from his shoulders. His Quirk [Duplicate Arms] allows him to grow individual body organs at the tips of these tentacles. He has so far shown to grow eyes, ears, hands, and mouths. Despite his intimidating appearance, he is actually very Quiet, kind-hearted, but keeping his calm in the most dire situation.

Like any awkward friendship starts with awkward conversation

— —

"so, I heard you are Quirkless?"




"Im Shoji"

"Im Neji"

— —

after that first awkward conversation, they become friends.

As for Neji who was quirkless? nope he isnt, he had...

« Byakugan »

Neji still staring at the mirror.

Yes, he still have his [Byakugan], but for some reason theres no vein thats popping or sorrounding beside his eyes, or even his pupil became white, instead its changed its [Blue] color to [Golden] color, only his mom, dad and Shoji who knows his secret "Quirk", also theres 'another person'.

— — — — —

after he done what it needs to be done, he went to their table and sit with his mom and dad, they then started eating breakfast..

"Son, you still wanted to become a hero right?" Asks by his Dad.

Neji Current Father's name was Ryu Hyuuga, his quirk was Basic Wind Element Summoner, that he can manifest wind and can fly, he can only summon a wind within his 100 meter radius and it vanish once it step outside his range.

"Yes dad! Im sure of it! Shoji wanted to study at U.A but because I'm quirkless in papers I wont dream on going there, I atleast know martial arts thanks to you mom, dad!" Neji said happily and start to chug a Bun, inside was Egg and ham, and drink milk after that.

"you dont want to succeed our RnR Weight Company? are you sure? and oh! speaking of weights! our new product is here! they're in your room later, it'll deliver soon so do check it right Pops?" Said by his mother happily and his Dad nod, they then start chugging their breakfast and happily chatting while eating.

Rina Hyuuga, she was Neji's current mother, her quirk was Far-Sight, she can see 10 kilometers on a flatland without any terrain and 5 kilometer from her peripherals.

their Busines name was [RnR Weights Company], a Company that produce and sells Weights and other related equipments, high-tech or not.

In reality, Neji was really lucky to obtain weights for his training because of his Mom and Dad's business, for some reason he still thinking about this 'a Coincidence'.

RnR Weights Company, was his Mom and Dad's sweat and blood business, it was made from scratch and till now contineously prosphering and all of it thanks to someone.

Back to reality, Neji really was needed weights, just like what Rock Lee always qoute "Hardwork and Training!", he stretch his muscle fibers at its maximum from lasts year till date, though he wanted to train when he was still a child his Mom and Dad rejected the Idea and wait till he became 12, he do martial arts training and wearing arm and leg weights when he enter 12 years of age.

'If I they let me train during my childhood' Neji thought.

'maybe I can lift tons of weights now' He thought.

but his heart warmed with their reasons

"you wanted to grow up and become a Hero and not to become a War Machine, right?"

But Neji blazing eyes were full of resolved, and wanted to catch up to those missing days, months and years without hard training.

Just like that, one of the Daily life of Neji Hyuga after his Reincarnation

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