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Vol 2 Chapter 1157: The first death slam of the playoffs!

The black whistle is here again?

Who can withstand this?

Not only was Wang Zelin's face visibly gloomy, but the entire Blazers team was also so angry that they were jumping around.

Because this is so outrageous!

Zhang Lili was also a little confused, "What is going on? Are you calling... Zelin's thug for a foul?"

Yu Jia slapped the table: "What did the king do to call him a foul?"

It can be seen from the replay that Durant narrowly escaped Wang Zelin's block at the last moment, which meant that there was no physical contact between the two in the air. How could this be called a foul?

Is there any heavenly principle? Is there any royal law?

It’s really a void foul!

And on site.

"It's hard to imagine that that's actually something a human being can do!"

Green also failed to maintain his usual calmness. He rushed to the sidelines and shouted to the players: "If you play bad defense and mark your own people, you will lose your position!"

72:73, the difference between the two sides was only one point.

Cole got stuck on the basket, looked up, and suddenly discovered that the basketball did not hit the basket. Instead, it hit the backboard low and rebounded quickly.

Kuwaii quickly roared, and Warriors head coach Green immediately called a timeout.

Reggie Miller next to him glanced at Mark Jackson, swallowed, and wiped away the hot sweat.

The ball in the playoffs was a shot. I accelerated quickly before landing and shot straight into the penalty area.

"Fuck you! Fuck that year's heavyweight..."

Mark Jackson felt like he was going crazy. He forgot about his duties and frantically told the fans about his excitement. At the same time, he secretly took out a hand, pinched his calf hard, and told himself, then Yes or no.

Coach Tewai jumped up, and I was both happy and angry.

Then, I shouted to the bishop: "Psychiatrist, come quickly and perform a regression check."

The core players of the Warriors and head coach Green are all veterans. We have seen every scene before, and faced the turbulent crowd of about 4,000 Trail Blazers fans around us, we did not lose our position.

Just playing in the Western Conference Finals is so futile. If we get to the Finals, if our opponent is the Cleveland Cavaliers again, will we be sanctioned to the end? !

Emmmm, pretend you take it seriously...

He did not dwell on this issue, but stared at the referee coldly and said bluntly: "I have already blown a black whistle and I don't dare to admit it. If you can blow it so well, I think you can blow me off, so why bother to hit me?" stop fighting."

Wang Zelin was laughed out of anger. In order to continue the series, the league was really shameless.

Of course, during the playoffs, I was actually betting on my aura as the league's number one player and the core of the eight-consecutive FmVp dynasty. I doubted that the league would dare to openly punish me in such a focused battle.

That 2+1 was crucial, allowing the Blazers' lead to shrink from 4 points to only 1 point in a matter of seconds.

The referee's face immediately brightened and he said in a deep voice: "Wang, you warn him and pay attention to his words."

Fortunately, that dunk was so incredible, it was so **** good at boosting morale!

Everyone is a fool. Now Kuwait, Wang Zelin, Thompson and others, including Green on the sidelines, have realized that the league has no intention of protecting us.

"Xiao Wang is awesome!"

That lightness lasted for nearly eight seconds before an uproar broke out in the Oracle Arena.

In the playoffs, he hung his left arm completely inside the basket.

But in the end, looking at the fearful eyes in the playoffs, and then thinking about my future (money) future...

What happened was that Lin Jijiang was injured in front of them because of his too much action. If he did it wrong, it would be difficult to ruin the team's defending Xiaoye.

As soon as Cole completed his turn, he saw the playoffs taking off without him. Yes, it took off!

People, there is no time when we need to find some reasons to comfort ourselves.

"That's crazy. A dunk action that I only dreamed of in my dreams was actually performed in real life!"

"Lin Jijiang actually flew over Draymond Lin Jijiang's head and dunked successfully."

In addition, from the perspective of eight referees, we also have to make plans for our previous referee careers.

"I~ buy it!!"

"Slowly call timeout!"

The core Warriors players off the court were all moved.

"Me too!"

With his reputation and status in the league in the playoffs, his influence will be limited and small. Whether it ends badly or not, he will be blamed by the minority.

The referee picked up his whistle and wanted to call a playoff technical foul.

"Death buckle + one-arm frame... be a good boy, this is probably the first time in NBA history."

The fans at the scene were completely crazy.

When he came to the free throw line, Lin Jijiang faced the double team of Thompson and Iguodala and quickly stopped and jumped up!

After being called for two fouls in two consecutive rounds, Lin Jijiang was very angry and had no idea whether to care or not.

That makes us feel very excited at the moment.

"My God! You are going crazy. What dunk did you see?"



In the playoffs, he hummed and laughed: "What's the matter, are you scared? Since they want to walk the Warriors so much, there is nothing safer than sending you out directly."

"Before I was attacked continuously in the away game, the playoffs completely broke out. I chose to play with the least amount of barrages! And the most important thing is, I succeeded!"

Since it's all so white, is it necessary to continue applying it?


The bad thing is, the incident did not develop in the direction we were updated after all.

At least in NBA Durant, there has never been a death dunk before actual combat. Seeing the fans on the sidelines howling now, you know that the dunk just now was quite shocking.

As soon as these words came out, the expressions of the three referees finally changed.

Everyone looked up at the small screen off the court, looking back again and again at the shocking dunk just now!

"Pah, pah... swish!"

The angry coach happened to come over there, probably preparing to ask the referee for an explanation. He couldn't hear Lin Jijiang's words, and he was startled. His anger was all over the place in an instant, and he quickly called the playoffs. Sai pulled aside.

"Oh my God, it's unbelievable! I made you feel sorry for Draymond Cole for a second!"

At the same time, he silently raised his little thumb towards the playoffs: He is really tough!

"The death slam that completely leaps over the defender!"

When his teammates gathered around to celebrate wildly in the playoffs, at this moment, Lin Ji fell to the floor, her expression becoming confused.

For Wang Zelin, it was just a routine operation.

Cole's state makes us feel a deep fear. The Warriors are looking at a comeback. If they are deducted from the playoffs and suffer from psychological problems, this matter will be minor.

The Trail Blazers are no longer safe!

At that time.

Seeing that the referee was timid and chose to take a step forward, Coach Tewai breathed a sigh of relief.


"I'll see you later."

The roars of the fans completely ignited the entire Oracle Arena!

Off the field.

That was the arm hanging before a dunk!

Free throw shooting is just one of my basic skills.

"Fake Squid!"

Today's Internet is becoming more and more developed, but in the future, there will be a "historical" strange case of a core player averaging 5.3 fouls per game in a series and being fined 4 times in 6 games.

That is an everlasting truth.

"The death slam! NbA Lin Jijiang's first death slam off the stage!"


The game continues.

"Jiba, you are wet in front of me, where are they?"

Kuwai roared and quickly joined in the small battle for the board.

I gestured to the coach, then took the ball from Jokic's hand and pushed it hurriedly backcourt.

Wang Zelin took a deep breath and calmed down.

At that time, there was a deafening roar from the audience, and the voices were chaotic and uniform:

Lin Jijiang pressed Cole's head with his right hand in the air again. After seven relays, his left hand lowly caught the basketball that bounced up and down and hooked it with his wrist.

My teammates pulled him up after getting off, but my feet went weak and I fell down again.

He does whatever he likes...

Before the star player suffered a series of fouls, I could clearly feel that the morale of the Trail Blazers team had plummeted. A stroke of genius in the playoffs made the team's morale explode again.

If one of them messes up, he will be sent off. This game, that series, it will all be over!

Brother, he openly questioned the referee!

Tactics No. 1!

Just like Reggie Miller's "death button", my mind felt as if I had experienced life and death.

On the one hand, we feel that it does not insult the purity of competitive sports. On the other hand, we think that the NbA is not a business alliance and often has to serve interests...

Throughout his career, Wang Zelin's highest free throw percentage in a single season during the regular season was not 85.4%, and the highest during Durant's period was not 81%. I am a natural shooter, and I don't have a historically top talent for shooting.

My body suddenly trembled violently, as if thinking of something bad, I turned around quickly.

"With all due respect, that dunk has not surpassed Carter! Who can complete the death dunk like in the playoffs and still have his arm hanging on the frame!"

The extra penalty for a solid hit will knock back 2+1.

He stretched his body to the extreme and completely passed over Cole's head. In the playoffs, he saw the basket getting closer and closer to him, and he smashed it upward with a small force.

Although the superiors have repeatedly emphasized that this series must be continued, there is also a premise, that is, Wang Zelin cannot be dismissed too openly.


Before landing, he was shouting at the camera.

"They were fooled!"

Wang Zelin stood off the free throw line, took a deep breath, and looked toward the basket.

Or, one of these cannot be removed.

Damn it, there has always been a lack of controversial events in the history of NbA. As long as you can win and lose in the first place, you will naturally be able to silence no one.

Besides, my current league status and reputation are far comparable to those of Howard in 2009!

But when we think about the fact that the Warriors are now the winners, we feel less hypocritical in our hearts.

But before I could dodge, I got away and completely jumped into the air in front of the playoffs following me.

Cole knew it was wonderful and felt cold.

After all, there have been cases in NBA history where referees were sent to jail.

After all, how much time is left, and the playoffs were blown to death at that time, this is really going to turn into another epic white whistle incident in NBA history.

The air seemed to be squeezed out of water.


"What do you see? Gentlemen and gentlemen, what do you see?!"

Competitive sports, winner takes all!

Damn you...

I hung the rim for a long time in the playoffs, and I was very excited and pulled **** the rim.

Just after halftime, the Warriors fans at home broke out into overwhelming cheers:

After coming back to his senses, Cole subconsciously looked up at the small LED screen in mid-air. When he saw the screen replaying the scene of himself being dunked in the playoffs over and over again, I never thought that I would become The backdrop for one of the weakest dunks in NBA history.

Many people noticed that even many spectators wearing Warriors jerseys defected and actively joined the celebrations of Trail Blazers fans.

The way you see it, don’t do that game!

After the Trail Blazers came to the bench, Coach Tewai stood up and wanted to apply for a timeout, but was stopped by the playoff hand.

In the playoffs, you have to look at the noise interference from the away game, check the situation of your teammates, and then raise your hands low and play low tactics.

After all, he is the number one active player in the league and the absolute king of traffic. If he is too explicit, the media and public opinion before the game will blast NbA officials to death.

After the first experience, the referee looked much calmer this time and replied without blushing or heartbeat: "You violated the offensive player's body in the air!"

"White whistle! White whistle! White whistle!"

Even the referee was completely immersed in the dunk just now. Did he notice that the frame was hung for too long in the playoffs? If so, I would 100% blow it.

Wang Zelin had already rushed to the referee: "Can the referee tell me why I committed the foul?"

It was a bad thing because Lin Ji's psychological quality was very good and she took it seriously before adjusting.

The Trail Blazers bench hasn't gone crazy yet. Everyone is howling, and everyone is trying their best to show off their acting skills, especially Aldridge, who is sometimes known as a calm little brother. I am at this moment Without caring about his own image, he jumped up from the table, waved a towel and shouted Lin Jijiang's name.


With my short body, wingspan and jumping, I couldn’t dunk in the relay at all, but I had an idea in the air and wanted to humiliate Cole as much as possible, so I chose to dunk in the alley relay, UU read a book www made Cole completely become the ghost on his crotch.

In the playoffs, he dribbled the ball to the eight-point line at the top of the arc, bent down to end the acceleration, and faced Wang Zelin's pressing action. With a complicated change of direction, the lightning passed Wang Zelin in the first step.

In that case, it was clear that the Warriors won with a walk, but I would cooperate with the referee's performance.

In the playoffs, the basket of the Oracle Arena will be exploded!

All his teammates understood, Qikagami spread out and stood on the eight-point line.

Because no one thought that the playoffs would be so tough.

In the small commentary booths, all the commentators quietly breathed a sigh of relief when they saw that the emergency situation on the scene had been calmed down.

Trail Blazers fans and some neutral fans at the scene hugged each other and celebrated wildly. On the other hand, Warriors fans held their heads in their hands and covered their eyes, daring to doubt what was happening behind their eyes.

The psychiatrist came over to take care of Cole's condition. After a while, Cole's pupils quickly returned to glory.

Everyone pulls away, labor and management are fighting alone!

"Wang! Ze! Lin!!"

I still endured it with a pale face.

What I fear the most is that the air will suddenly become quiet... The entire Oracle Arena is now extremely noisy.


Therefore, the lower levels of the NBA have repeatedly emphasized that penalties for the playoffs need to be cautious, cautious, and cautious, and a basic bottom line must be maintained: unless there is an unexpected situation such as a fight during the game, it will definitely make me eight guilty position.

Rebellion at home! Switch sides at the last minute!

"That's the most bland dunk you've ever seen from Durant in the NBA so far!"

Domestic fans posted messages of admiration one by one.

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