Naruto, welcome to the blackened chat group

Naruto, welcome to the blackened chat group


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Story of: Naruto, welcome to the blackened chat group

Traveling through the comic book world, Luo Ye received a dimensional blackening** at the beginning.

Just invite characters with the potential to become dark to join the chat, and make them eventually become dark.

You can improve your strength and get god-level rewards.

The first person Luo Ye pulled into the relationship was the Hokage who should be darkened the most - Uzumaki Naruto.

So, under Luo Ye’s whisper.

Uzumaki Naruto: Let the world feel pain.

Nico Robin: I want the Celestial Dragons to be exterminated and their blood to flow like rivers.

Erza: I can't trust you anymore, Jellal.

Ah Qi: I am a shadow assassin from the Xuanwu Kingdom, codenamed Qi. Wu Liuqi is already dead.

As the saying goes: Darkening is twice as strong, whitewashing is three times weaker.

Choosing to go dark does not mean falling into the abyss.

It's about a transformation of mind and a path to true strength.


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