My Servant Is An Elf Knight From Another World

Chapter 38: Ending Things, Part 2


Bizarre couldn't even begin to describe it.

Complying without complaint, Irene stretching her arm out in offer, rolling back a tattered sleeve and exposing her smooth, red skin.

Very bizarre wouldn't do it justice either.

"Won't be as appetizing," she continued. "But I'm pretty sure blood from a demon can give you much more than a human ever could."

The ongoing battle from afar continued to escalate in ferocity and force. The grating screech of nails meeting metal, the crackling roar of a sea of flames - crashing down in an explosion of sight, sound, and smell.

The rumbling chaos went with little regard by the both of us. Amelia and I stood motionless, caught in a momentary state of astonishment. And I can assure you, it had nothing to do with the enticing aroma that had gradually begun to fill the air.

Irene. I'd be lying to myself if I said I wasn't glad to see her. On the other hand, the lukewarm feeling I felt when fronted by her gaze again wasn't a lie either.

"You - "

I didn't get the chance to say anymore.

An open invitation to feast had given Amelia absolutely no reason to hesitate.

The fangs that pierced through her, the shock that reverberated throughout her entire body - if there ever was any pain at all, Irene's rigid stare into mine gave no indication of it whatsoever.

Yet for all her show of strength, for all the effort to suppress her agony behind stifled lips, I could still see it even if she wouldn't show.

From the way her skin started paling to a lighter hue of red, to the way her tail began drooping to the floor, the shortness of breath, as well… just being a bystander to the sight of it alone was already hard enough to bear.

Then Irene collapsed to her knees with Amelia still clinging tightly onto her like a leech to a wound, and even then, she only heaved away a heavy breath and pushed on through.

It was like a brazen reminder directed at me of things to come.

I'm going to feel myself slowly slip away, feel my heartbeat slow to a crawl, feel as my lungs slowly suffocated. It'll be agonizing. If I were to get bitten, those things were what I had to look forward to.

I could hardly wait.

With a vocal gasp of air, Amelia finally flung herself loose from Irene. Her nimble movement as she scrambled upright, the lively glow in her expression as she turned and met mine... Clear indications of it - Amelia had made her resurgence.

"It isn't as bad as it looks," She said, reading into my thoughts as if they were plainly engraved onto my forehead.

I raised a dubious brow. "I don't think - "

Interrupted once again by a sudden piercing screech that had risen above the other tumultuous sounds of anarchy. Adalia had pounced onto Ash, toppling her to the ground and snuffing any chance of ever squirming free with Ria nowhere to be found… until she was, sprawled lifelessly to the side - her left wing bent over at an odd angle.

The blazing fire that barricaded escape was rapidly dwindling… extinguishing, just as Ria breathed her last once more.

Guilt lashed at me at the sight of it. Despair tore at me at the confirmation of it. Two against one, evidently… was still not enough.

"She'll hunger soon," was all Amelia had to say to me before disappearing in a blur of movement.

Sound came before sight. A shockwave that trembled the entire floor. In an explosion of rubble, against the shattered, crumbling surface of a wall, out appeared the sight of Amelia with her arm against her sister's throat.

There was a struggle, one that ended as swift as it had started, a struggle that of which Adalia prevailed, wrenching free from her sister's hold and landing on all fours with a raspy hiss.

Compared to before, Adalia was looking worse for wear, and she seemed to be aware of it too - turning away from her sister in an effort to flee, only to suddenly run into Ash who had already recovered in the meantime.

Again, another attempt at escape, and her path was obstructed by a pillar of crimson light. Resurrecting in a blaze of glory, there soared Ria, back with a burning vengeance that consumed the vicinity in a whirlwind of seething fire.

And then there were three… against one. Things were looking up now.

There was another clash of abilities. In the face of three, Adalia was forced to the defensive - attacking less, evading more. Dashing and scampering her way across the room as she saw fit, with the three hampering her every move.

Be it fire, sword, or fangs, Adalia was gradually being overwhelmed.

I stood there in a sort of fearful state of awe. Mythical beings in battle, utilizing abilities that were far beyond human capabilities. I was reminded again about just how inconsequential I was in the grand scheme of things. How someone like me ended up being a key factor in stopping all this is something I'll never tire of asking.

Life just finds a way sometimes.

I was then torn away from the spectacle by a sharp intake of breath. Irene sat upright on the floor, clutching her still bleeding arm. Fatigue ate away at her strength. From the way she was struggling to keep herself from slumping over, I'm guessing Amelia took more than Irene could handle.

"What's… your plan?"

Even her voice was slurred, speaking more into mutters than actual words.

Things between us weren't as peachy as I wanted them to be. After what had transpired, it felt as if I was talking to a complete stranger. Still, there was no changing the fact that she wasn't the one that walked away from me. I walked away from her.

"Irene," I began. "I - "

Third time interrupted.

"Later… talk later," she said, waving her hand lethargically. "Plan?"

Ria's mortified reaction echoed in the back of my mind, I could only imagine how Irene's would be. With a bit of dread, I went ahead and shared my theory, explained my points, and gave her the rundown of what the objective was.

By the end of it, as expected, she could only shake her head at me.

"Stupid..." she said breathlessly. "What if… you're wrong?"

The same question as before.

"Am I?"

I gave the same response as before.

Then there it was... that same stare of uncertainty, just as before.

"Probably… not."

Except not really.

With Ria, she was there to witness it all firsthand. So it wasn't much of a stretch for her to follow along with my sense of logic and agree to the plan, albeit, very reluctantly.

Irene, however, only had my say-so to go off of. Baseless hearsay from the point of view of a detective of her caliber. So why wasn't she arguing to the contrary? Why wasn't she trying to prove it otherwise? To put it bluntly...

"Why are you agreeing with me?"

I just couldn't fathom why. She had no reason, no proof to believe in such a far-fetched conclusion. Unless… She already had a reason to believe me. A reason I just didn't know about.

"I just do," she said, attempting, and then failing to stand up.

A part of me wanted to press her for more information. Then there was that other part of me who was more concerned about current matters, so what came out of my mouth instead, was:

"Was it as bad as it looked?"

"Yes," Irene said, meeting my eyes with a grim stare. "And with the case of the frenzied, it'll be even more so."

Not exactly the reassurance I was looking for. I wasn't about to back down, though. Not even as the prospect of it grew ever more terrifying as the seconds go by, not even then…

If only there was some kind of signal that would let me know when -

"She's starved!" Amelia's voice rang through the air. "Your direction!"

There's my signal.

The rapid scurrying of hands and feet pointed us to the scene of Adalia at a frenetic pace. Her clouded eyes seeking the room for a fresh supply of blood.

"I'm right here," I muttered under my breath. "Come on... come on and do it."

But there were sources other than me. Many wandering, unknowing, ripe selections for her to choose from. We needed to narrow it down for her. I set my sights on Ria, who among the three, was the closest to Adalia.

"Steer her my way!" I called out to her, "Make it so that she has no choice but to come to me."

A command she acknowledged with a shrilling cry.

To the second victim her sights went, scampering, bracing to pounce, until Ria sprouted flames that blocked her from moving any further. She turned and saw the seventh, not even an inch of progress towards him before Ria shrouded the path in a hail of fire.

An attempt for the third was met with a similar outcome. The sixth was no better.

Her choices were being stretched thin now, our distances shortening at every botched attempt. Finally, her frantic scouring brought her eyes down over at me.

She was coming.

Prancing, almost springing towards me, raspy deranged growls expelling from her gaping lips, saliva spilling down from her pointed fangs, anticipation brimming in her wide-open vacant eyes.

Death was an always constant looming threat. But never before has it felt so real as it did right then.

I braced for impact.

Then there was a grunt. A familiar grunt.

Shambling, a foot scraping across the dirt, Amanda stumbled into the crossfire of another Matraich's embrace.

Too far out of reach from me to be able to shove her aside, too close a distance to Adalia to risk shielding her with fire…

Nothing could be done it seemed.

"Someone stop her!" I yelled, desperate clinging on for a miracle to happen.

And then it happened.

As Adalia lunged at her, midway, inches from impact, a blade came flying - whirling, plunging deep into her abdomen with enough force to send her hurtling to the other side of the room and tumbling to the ground.

A surprise intervention that was only toppled over by a surprise revelation.

Ash was swordless. There she stood, in the middle of it all, frozen with her arm outstretched before her. Her eyes always pained me to stare into because every time I looked, hoping to find her, she was never there.

Not this time, however.

This time, I saw it, shimmering in her bright green… a small semblance of self. Briefly, fleetingly, it was there. Ash was there.

Then her expression went rigid, her arm fell back to her side, and it was gone. She was gone again.

Worse yet, the revelation came at a cost. A drastic cost.

Adalia landed directly across from the second victim.

Her fangs, his throat.

We couldn't prevent it.

The second hit the ground with a resounding thud.

Every progress made, every effort expended, erased in a moment that lasted seconds.

The growl that left her lips had strength in it. Adalia was stronger than ever.

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