My Nascent Soul Ran Away Again

Chapter 185 - Chapter 185: Watch This, How to Properly Use the Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin!

Chapter 185: Watch This, How to Properly Use the Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin!

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Above the Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin, a layer of earthy yellow mist appeared.

“Team thirteen has inscribed Earth Element Array Patterns on their chariot!” The male commentator identified the source of the earthy yellow mist.

“From the very first obstacle, team thirteen’s players have shown unique thinking and skills, ”

The female commentator said to her co-host with a smile, “Until the third obstacle, team thirteen has maintained a leading position, quite an eye-opener.”

In the desert, the Sand-Swallowing Scorpion King noticed the chariot that had abruptly appeared beside it. It lifted one of its scorpion legs and thrust it down directly.

The Scorpion King, with its massive body, had a very thick and sharp scorpion leg, which whistled down towards the bronze coffin.

Inside the cockpit, Cheng Lingzhu pushed the hovering ball, and a ray of yellow light appeared, pulling the entire chariot back underground.

The Sand -Swallowing Scorpion King’s attack missed, and within the sandy area beneath its belly, the sand arched up as the Nine Dragons dragged the bronze coffin, beginning to move quickly.

The flying boat was agile, occasionally extending a dragon head from the soil, striking at the scorpion king’s belly.

Faced with such provocation, the Sand-Swallowing Scorpion King retaliated fiercely. Its pincers stabbed towards the ground, and its tail continuously jabbed downward.

“Team thirteen’s players are both talented and bold, using their agility in the sand to dodge the attacks of the Sand-Swallowing Scorpion King,”

The male commentator observed the situation, “But such maneuvers undoubtedly consume a lot of energy. Does team thirteen have a plan?” The female commentator nodded.

“The Sand-Swallowing Scorpion King is massive, and the supplies for this obstacle are placed on its back. Other contestants have already driven their flying boats and are flying over…”

“If team thirteen doesn’t quickly secure the demon crystal supplies, they might lose the opportunity to other players.”

Just then, a sudden change occurred in the field!

With a “boom, ” the Nine Dragons pulling the bronze coffin suddenly leaped out of the ground.

And with this sound, the Sand-swallowing Scorpion King’s body heavily sank.

Large amounts of sand flowed like water into the ground, engulfing the massive body of the scorpion king, almost leveling it with the ground.

“It’s quicksand!”

The male commentator’s eyes lit up:

“Team thirteen used the local terrain to their advantage. Beneath the Sand-Swallowing Scorpion King must be a den of these creatures.

Once the den was breached by team thirteen, a large amount of sand settled downwards, trapping the Sand-Swallowing Scorpion King.”

Cheng Lingzhu pushed the hovering ball, and the Nine Dragons bared their fangs and claws, with the bronze coffin whistling as it rolled over the body of the Sand -Swallowing Scorpion King.


The Sand -Swallowing Scorpion King slammed its pincer into the ground, shaking its body and pulling itself out of the sand.

However, it was too late. As the chariot passed over, only two of the three supply boxes remained on the Scorpion King’s back. The bronze coffin, with a share of the demon crystals, sped away.

Lu Xuan’s team didn’t take all the demon crystals, leaving the remaining two for the other contestants to scramble over.

After a fierce competition, Ao Sheng’s siblings and Nalan Yu secured the remaining supplies.

With the abundant energy, these two teams accelerated, widening the gap with other contestants.

“The fourth obstacle of the Flying Boat Race, the Endless Waters!”

The male commentator announced the name and origin of this obstacle, “The water in the Endless Waters comes from the Endless Lake outside the city.”

“Twelve hundred years ago, Her Majesty used his divine powers to refine a part of the Endless Sea and placed it in the desert, thus creating the Endless Lake.”

“It’s because of the existence of the Endless Lake that an oasis was born here, and with it, our Flying Boat City.”

The male commentator stood up excitedly, raising his arms, “Marvelous and holy, praise be to Her Majesty!”

All the residents of Flying Boat City stood up, shouting the title of Ye Banzhuang, their enthusiasm reaching the skies.

“Didn’t expect you to be so popular, huh?”

Inside the bronze coffin, Lu Xuan joked.

“It’s nothing much… I just did some practical things, the rest is just my subordinates’ exaggeration,” Ye Banzhuang replied modestly.

The Endless Waters were vast, so large that even the previous desert obstacle could be thrown into it without filling it up.

Compared to a normal lake, the surface of the Endless Waters was not flat.

If someone looked down from above, they would see a whirlpool at the very center of the Endless Waters.

Every object that entered these waters was drawn towards the whirlpool. “Our audience must have figured out what the challenge of this obstacle is,”

The male commentator gestured grandly, “That’s right, beneath the Endless Waters is a special array that manipulates the water’s power.

If the contestants want to cross this water, they will be drawn by the array’s pull towards the ‘array eye’ of the whirlpool.”

To pass the obstacle, contestants must overcome the array’s force and avoid being sucked into the whirlpool.

“In my memory, this type of obstacle has always been the most troublesome for contestants,” the female commentator added, “Although this obstacle doesn’t eliminate contestants, it greatly consumes the flying boat’s energy and the contestants’ time.

Moreover, in the Endless Waters, a no-fly array is set up, requiring all contestants to navigate their flying boats head-on through the challenge.”

“We see that team thirteen, which has maintained a lead, is currently stopping at the edge of this obstacle,”

The male commentator noted, “Team thirteen is observing the characteristics of this obstacle and has not acted rashly..”

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