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Chapter 1079: An unprecedented battle

Chapter 1079 Unprecedented Battle

  It’s undeniable.

"Go Boy" can be regarded as the Go enlightenment animation for many people, and it has made many little kids who knew nothing about Go become interested in this chess game.

The same was true for Gu Miao when he was a child. At that time, he didn’t know Go. When he saw the black and white chess pieces, he at most thought of backgammon.

 It’s a bit funny to say…

 Because of the animation "Go Boy", he changed the channel midway and saw it, so at first glance, he really thought that the characters in the play were playing backgammon.

Wanbao's version of the "Go Boy" animation has also achieved the same effect and has become the inspiration for countless children to play Go.

 The good news is that after this round of enlightenment movement, countless children have developed a hobby of playing and learning Go.

Because of this, the animation "Go Boy" has also received a lot of official support and praise. After all, it can be regarded as revitalizing traditional culture!

 But there’s also bad news…

That is the "Uniformity of Heaven and Earth" in "Go Boy" that has taught many people bad things.

 This formula does not exist in reality. It is purely a special symbol of "the luck of chess is the luck of the country" invented by the animation production team, so just take a look at it.

But the children cannot distinguish what is fiction and what is reality. After watching the animation, they are convinced that "the unity of heaven and earth" must exist, and if they learn this trick, they will be invincible.

So they began to dig into the details of the "Go Boy" animation, trying to decipher the secret of the unity of heaven and earth.

 The result is naturally nothing.

It can’t be said that there was no gain, at least they still saw something, such as Xiao Ke’s special way of starting.

 But this is not the unity of heaven and earth!

“The unity of heaven and earth is not so much a set pattern of Go as it is a concept conveyed by the animation "Go Boy".

Gu Miao explained: "It is more symbolic than practical. There is no need to study this reality, because no matter how you study it, you will only come to the conclusion that the unity of heaven and earth only exists in fantasy."

Facing the reporter’s interview, Gu Miao strongly suggested that everyone should not focus on the so-called unity of heaven and earth, but learn from Jiang Liuer’s fighting spirit of perseverance and courage.

“You can defeat all your opponents by learning one set, which does not exist in the game of Go.”

 That's what he wanted to say.

 There is no absolutely invincible way to play Go. Even for AI Go, it just chooses one of the options with the highest winning rate.

So the most valuable thing for everyone to learn from the animation "Go Boy" is never the fixed formulas or chess records, but Jiang Liuer's heart of constant self-improvement.

 External things are just clouds after all.

If there is no great unity between heaven and earth, wouldn't Jiang Liu'er be able to become the great chess master of the Ming Dynasty?


 The reason why a strong person is strong never relies on external objects, but on a strong inner will.


Following a shocking battle, Fusang Chess Master was defeated by the young Jiang Liuer.

 At the end of the story, the fate of the characters such as King Fu, King Demon Sword and Emperor was not explained. It just ended with a sentence from Jiang Liuer when he fell into a trap.

"I won!"

 Along with this sentence, there are also bits and pieces of the past when Jiang Liu'er got along with his father Jiang Lingyun, his mentor the old beggar, Master Yuande, the Demon Sword King and others.

 The strongest one is the memory kill.

“The young Go boy has gone through many hardships, tasted all the hardships in the world, and survived the long night…”

 "Lilian! Lilian! The chess game is deep and bottomless, the heart is big and boundless, Lilian! Lilian! Seek the right path and abandon evil thoughts, there are no boundaries in the black and white game..."

  The familiar theme song sounded, and along with the Fuso chess master's sudden fall to the ground, the chess game that had been played all day and all night finally ended at dawn.

The story of the first season of the animation "Go Boy" has also come to an end, ending its first round of broadcast on CCTV Children's Channel.

 The ending came a bit suddenly.

  When many viewers saw that the story suddenly ended here, without even revealing whether King Fu was punished by the court in the end, they all showed shocked expressions.

 Why did it end?

 Where is King Fu? No more revenge?

The audience felt that this ending seemed to explain something, but did not explain anything at all, and they were confused.

 Fortunately, there are many masters who are good at interpreting plots and gave a reasonable analysis and dissection after watching the ending.

 This is an open ending!

 Whether it is King Fu or the case of interrogating Japan, it all depends on the will of the emperor. As a chess player, Jiang Liuer can only do so much.

 He will win this game.

 As for what will happen after the game ends, that is not something he, the chess player, can decide.

 There are two possibilities…

Jiang Liuer won this game, and the court also had the idea of ​​overthrowing King Fu. After that, the emperor would definitely target King Fu and even thoroughly investigate the Japanese case, and clear the name of Demon Sword King.

 The bad outcome is that King Fu is too powerful, and the court will be unable to do anything about him for a while. The emperor's promise may be true, but it is unclear when it will be fulfilled.

So Jiang Liuer is the next old beggar. Because he has seen through everything and has no way to deal with King Fu, he hides his name for the rest of his life...

  The plot of the animation stops at the moment when the chess game ends, and the ending is entirely up to the audience’s imagination.

  If you think it is a good ending, then it is a good ending. If you think it is a bad ending, then it can also be a bad ending. Anyway, Gu Miao cannot stand up to refute. He supports both guesses.

 “I think it’s a bad ending.”

“Although King Fu is regarded as a thorn in the flesh by the court, as long as he doesn’t raise the flag to rebel, I don’t think he will be punished too much.”

Huang Kun touched his chin and thought: "I am just a chess master. It sounds nice, but I have no real power. How can I bring down a feudal king?"

"Who said that? The emperor's attitude is very clear. He cannot tolerate Prince Fu's wanton behavior. Maybe it will end well!" Hou Bin retorted.

 “Okay, okay.”

Gu Miao waved her hands repeatedly and said, "What's there to argue about? Have you never seen an open ending?"

He called the two here not to listen to their quarrel, but to let Hou Bin and Huang Kun serve as consultants to provide suggestions for the "Mobile Suit Gundam" project.

By the way, I would like to ask Hou Bin if he is interested in this project.

As the top producer of Wanbao Animation, Gu Miao, who was selecting a director for the "Mobile Suit Gundam" project, quickly set his sights on Hou Bin.


Pointing to himself, Hou Bin frowned and said, "I don't have time! I'm still busy with the Pleasant Goat Year of the Dog movie at the end of the year."

 At the time of drawing lots, he caught the dog and was assigned the task of "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf", a major Chinese zodiac movie for the Year of the Dog.

 It just so happens that next year is the Year of the Dog again!

Since this period of time, he has been busy working on a big movie for the Year of the Dog. It is almost the end of the year. How can he have time and energy to work on new projects?

Not to mention Huang Kun.

After the first season of "Wandering in the Animated World" ended, the company immediately started the production of the second season, and the director did not change, it was still Huang Kun.

 “A big movie in the Year of the Dog…”

Gu Miao frowned and said, "I forgot about it even if you didn't tell me. How are you preparing? Are you sure you can surpass this year's "Golden Rooster"?"

“Not sure!” Hou Bin smiled bitterly and said: “The Golden Rooster is among the top three in the entire zodiac series at the box office.”

 Xiao Guo did it too harshly.

  The Golden Rooster has directly brought the Chinese Zodiac series back to its peak after being dormant for many years, making Hou Bin and others feel even more pressure.

Coupled with the popularity of "Guardian of Yangcun", next year's Year of the Dog movie can be said to be full of buffs and stand at the forefront of public opinion.

 “Stabilize the basic market!”

“I don’t dare to think about breaking box office records. As long as we can maintain our capital and maintain our reputation, it will be considered a great success.” Hou Bin said modestly.

 This is also what he really means.

The Year of the Dog is already the sixth film in the Pleasant Goat Zodiac series of movies, from the earliest "Snake Comes Around" to the latest "Golden Rooster".

Except for "The Year of the Monkey", these five previously released movies generally have a good reputation, and the box office is also higher each one.

 But no matter what, there have been so many movies in the Zodiac series, and the audience has become tired of it.

 So the further you get to the back, the greater the pressure on the production team.

 Because everyone has watched so many zodiac movies, their vision has become much higher than at the beginning, and it is much more difficult to conquer the audience.

 If you don’t make mistakes, you win!

Really don’t have any fantasies about soaring into the sky, and each one is better than the other.

The fact before Hou Bin is that if he can continue the popularity of "The Golden Rooster" and ensure that the reputation does not decline, then he has done his best.

 As for Gundam?

 Mr. Gu should hire someone else, Gao Ming!

"Okay, I'll ask Xiao Guo later to see if he's interested." Gu Miao sighed, "If he doesn't have time, then I'll have to do it myself."

This is different from what he thought.

Gu Miao’s work arrangement for the second half of this year is more about taking charge of the overall situation and no longer participating in front-line animation production matters.

He likes Gundam very much, but the body design and the realistic weapon-style robot animation are really not his areas of expertise.

Industry specializing in surgery!

Each animator has their own areas of expertise and areas that they are not good at. Not everyone can perform well across themes and fields.

If possible, Gu Miao would still like to find a director for "Mobile Suit Gundam" who fits the "realistic weapons style".

But if he couldn’t find a suitable candidate, and Gundam was a work that “can’t be given up”, Gu Miao had no choice but to bite the bullet.


 The completion of "Go Boy" and "The Son-in-law Fairy King" have plunged the animation market into a sluggish state.

However, this situation did not last long, because a few days later, Wanbao officially released the latest news about the "Superman" remake animation.

 As soon as the news came out, it immediately shocked the whole world.

This sentence is not an exaggeration at all, because the influence of the "Superman" IP can definitely cover every corner of the world.

  【After 23 years, Superman animation returns again! 】

  【Latest news, the animated remake of "Superman" is officially scheduled to be broadcast in November. Is this your childhood memory? 】

  【What are the changes in the new version of Superman? Three minutes to take you through the new version of Superman...]

As expected, the news of the scheduled launch of the Superman animation swept the world like a hurricane, causing countless animation fans to cheer.

Marketing accounts and self-media bloggers have also picked up the popularity of Superman, and their various gimmicky analyzes and speculations have earned enough eyeballs and views.

This kind of battle can be called the first time in Wanbao's history.

 This is the first time that an animation has received such attention and popularity before it was even aired.

 For the first time, an animation has become popular all over the world before it has even been broadcast, and it is not sure whether it will be released in multiple languages.

I can only say that he is indeed a superman!

The name Superman determines his extraordinary character. This is also the first animated work in the Superman series after 23 years. The expectations of fans can be imagined.


Fans are looking forward to it, but not everyone will go see the Superman animation.

This phenomenon is especially common abroad, especially among viewers who wear tinted glasses, like to engage in racial discrimination, and believe that "Superman" has been tarnished.

 “Don’t pay attention to this kind of person.”

Gu Miao said nonchalantly: "Generally, the louder the people who shout, the faster they will slide and kneel. Do you believe that this will be the same people who shout that they are really fragrant?"

"I believe!"

Dave laughed on the phone: "I have never worried about this. What I worry about is that the Superman animation will return after 23 years. Will it be a bit acclimatized?"

  23 years!

 How many 23 years can there be in a human life? The youngest people who watched the old animation 23 years ago are now 30 years old.

 This is a very serious problem.

Although the IP of "Superman" is still very popular and famous, and is known to the whole world, after all, it has been too long and the age gap of fans has appeared.

 Children of the new generation, especially those born after 2000, have no special feelings for Superman. Can they really like this heroic character?

"Don't worry."

 “Superman’s charm will not fade with the passage of time!”

Gu Miao comforted: "As long as children still have the most innocent heroic dream in their hearts, Superman will never go out of style."

 Childhood’s heroic dream!

 This is a common pursuit that transcends national boundaries, cultural identity, language and geographical barriers.

Every child, especially boys, who hasn’t had a heroic dream as a child? Who doesn't want to be a great hero?

As long as this kind of heroic dream still exists, there will be opportunities for heroic characters to shine. This is also the main reason why hero-themed animation films and TV series have endured for a long time.

 To put it a bit harshly.

  Tokusatsu dramas such as Ultraman and Kamen Rider are still alive, and they are getting better and better every year, which shows that it is difficult for "heroic characters" to be eliminated by the times.

 The same is true for Superman.

As long as people admire heroes and aspire to be heroes, there will be a place for "Superman" to survive, and the charm of the character will not diminish at all.


 This is also limited to Superman.

Even though there are so many superhero characters in American comics, there is only one character that can really reach this level and have widespread influence all over the world: Superman.

for example.

  They are also superheroes. At least Batman cannot do this in some areas. This is the unique IP value of "Superman".

It’s time to harvest the millet. I wonder if everyone has eaten this year’s new rice?



 (End of this chapter)

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