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Movie Master


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I want Hollywood to be the Hollywood I want – Lancelot Strelow
His life was full of ups and downs, rebellious, and brilliant. No one can deny his excellence. With hundreds of millions of box office in his left hand and countless trophies in his right, even the most critical film critics have to lower their heads, let alone It is said that countless movie fans all over the world worship him, leaving an indelible mark in this era.
But, he is a bastard.
He is a complete jerk, he relies on Hollywood to become famous, but he is a rebel in Hollywood, his disgusting personality makes him the public enemy of the entire Hollywood, he unscrupulously impacts everyone’s bottom line, and he stimulates everyone unrestrainedly With his nerves, he lightly challenged everyone’s authority, and his unrestrained talent was like a nightmare from which he would never wake up. However, no one could refuse him.
You can only avoid falling in love with him if you completely loathe him – The New York Times

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