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Chapter 268 - Chapter 268: Love at a Glance

Chapter 268: Love at a Glance

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Jiang Yi suddenly turned off the speakerphone and ran to the side to listen to the phone.

Feng Xing was a Best Actor and a director. He was quite popular in the entertainment industry. He found out about Jiang Yi and told Zhang Nan.

Of course, Zhang Nan had also asked around through various methods. Fu Xin was her good sister. She had to understand Jiang Yi well and see if he was reliable. If he wasn’t, she would leave immediately.

When she found out about Jiang Yi’s strength, she dismissed the idea. Jiang Yi was really not someone ordinary people could provoke. However, after Imowing Jiang Yi for the past two days, she felt that he still doted on Fu Xin, so she was not so worried.

Feng Xing said, “Wang Anlong has a certain status in the entertainment industry, and he has a backer. Someone who can make him beg so humbly must have extraordinary strength.”

“Does that mean that the person behind your husband is more powerful?” Zhang Nan continued to look at Fu Xin in surprise.

Fu Xin shook her head. “1 don’t know. I’m just a little Karami. I only know how to take care of children, play games, eat, and sleep.” As Fu Xin spoke, she counted with her fingers how much she could do.

Compared to the big shots in the entertainment industry and the elites of society, her life was really simple. Then, Zhang Nan and Feng Xing started to report names as if they were reporting the names of the dishes, but she did not recognize any of them. She wasn’t interested in any of this. Instead, she stared at a flower in a daze.

It was not until Jiang Yi returned from the call that Zhang Nan and Feng Xing stopped chatting. Feng Xing said, “It’s getting late. Let’s go back!”

After dinner, it was the interview segment. The director would ask some questions.

Fu Xin had been looking forward to this segment for a long time. When she was looking at the information, she was already interested in some questions and wanted Jiang Yi to answer them. The guests sat on the sofa in a semicircle.

The director started asking questions. After asking a few questions, he started asking about their wedding anniversary.

Leng Bing and Liu Canbai answered at the same time. Their answers were quick and accurate. Zheng Ni and Fu Changqing’s answers were not slow and were also correct. Only Zhang Nan did not answer. She casually made up a date, but the result was wrong. In the end, Feng Xing answered.

It was Fu Xin and Jiang Yi’s turn. Fu Xin said in embarrassment, “You Imow, I lost my memory, so I don’t remember.”

The director looked helpless. Fu Xin had lost her memory, which meant that she didn’t remember anything, so she didn’t have to answer many of the questions after that. Did she want Jiang Yi to answer them alone? At this moment, Jiang Yi suddenly said, “It’s my birthday.”

Men were younger than women. They were the same age, so when Fu Xin reached the legal age, Jiang Yi hadn’t yet. They looked forward to it, and finally, it was the legal age. On Jiang Yi’s birthday, he pulled Fu Xin to register their marriage with him early in the morning. That day, they were the first couple to register their marriage.

The next question was whether they still remembered the scene of their first meeting.

Leng Bing and Liu Canbai gave a long description, making people feel that their first meeting was a little unrealistic. It seemed that only Zheng Ni, her husband, and Feng Xing were listening. Fu Xin and Zhang Nan didn’t care at all. They were distracted and had long forgotten about it.

Jiang Yi looked cold and indifferent. It was unknown if he was listening. It was only when it was Fu Xin’s turn to answer that his eyes looked a little warmer.

Fu Xin said, “I still don’t remember.”

The director: “Even if you lost your memory, can you remember what it was like to see Jiang Yi for the first time after you lost your memory? Can you describe it?”

Fu Xin thought that since she had lost her memory, she could skip this segment. She didn’t expect the director to be so smart to think of this method.

Since the director was so smart, it was not appropriate for her not to answer. Hence, after thinking for a moment, she replied, “After I lost my memory, the first time I went out was to participate in the children’s variety show with Little Xinyuan. Jiang Yi was busy, so I never saw him. The first time I saw him was in the village. He was on a business trip and passed by there, so he came to visit.”However, he was even more handsome than a suit. When the sunlight shone on him, he shone like gold.

“This is the first time I’ve seen such a handsome man. I was captivated by him.

It can be said that I fell in love with him at a glance!”

After Fu Xin finished speaking, Zhang Nan started to jeer. “Do you have to be like this? It’s so mushy! Is this a confession?”

“The director asked me to say it,” Fu Xin emphasized..

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