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After two consecutive rounds of BO1 rounds…

Soon, the S7 play-in tournament was over, and the final teams that made the cut, as everyone predicted, were the WE teams in the LPL division, the C9 and FNC teams in Europe and the United States, and the FB teams in the wild card division.

And, the draw for the fourth place in the follow-up group stage.

WE goes to Group D, C9 flashes A, FNC goes to Group B, and the last remaining FB can only go to Group C.

Suddenly, China is more worried about whether the three LPL teams can qualify.

After all, the strength of the group assigned by the three teams is not weak, SKT Triple Crown Champion, LZ Division King, Division Phantom God FW, each team should not be underestimated.


The LPL team’s record in the group stage yesterday made fans and users even more worried.

Because of the “663rd” day schedule of the S7 group stage, that is, EDG faced LZ team, and then FNC team, EDG failed to win the two BO1 matches.

Did EDG play poorly?

Not bad, the whole team played well and got some early advantage in the match against LZ.

However, they always make some wrong judgments in the end, forcibly drag to the post, operate, and then bury the entire game, completely unable to see the momentum of the LPL final.

There is no doubt that this is a problem with the minds of several players.

Just when Lu Yu was thinking about it, a voice next door woke him up: “Later it will be the match with SKT, I hope you don’t be nervous, we have also won on MSI, remember a little, the SKT of the BO1 competition is not strong!”


Lu Yu turned his head and saw that RNG’s coach Brother Feng personally went into battle to give psychological counseling to several players to ensure that everyone could maintain a normal state.

By the time the qualifying round was over, he had already arrived in Wuhan, where the group stage was held.

Although the LPL team had a poor record on the first day…

However, this does not affect Lu Yu’s mentality at all, anyway, he thinks that it is completely fine to qualify for the group stage, and he can even fight for the first place.


Thinking of this, Lu Yu looked at the RNG coaching staff members on the side.

At this moment, Brother Feng and several assistant coaches are talking about some tactical content, while highlighting the details that need attention.

“Execute according to the tactics just mentioned…”

Brother Feng habitually lifted his glasses, and then looked at Lu Yu on the side, and asked in a deep voice: “Ah Yu, in the game that needs to be held, completely press them to death, right?”


Hearing this, Lu Yu nodded and replied: “Problem, I can guarantee that they can’t take them on the road.” ”

Whether it’s S5 season, or S6 season…

SKT’s tactics are all single-belt on the road, and the general involves operational tactics, so that the enemy team shows flaws and then decides on the next plan.

SKT is very stable, even if it is one behind, there is still a possibility of a turnover.

However, if their upper route cannot play a single belt effect, KT will definitely fall into a long period of operation, dragging Bang’s equipment to take shape, or waiting for “Brother Li” to kill Carrey.

Huni is both the breakthrough point for this SKT.

This once the “king of acrobatics” in Europe and the United States, when he entered SKT, he has not really been happy, LCK has selected some tank heroes, and has not chosen his favorite upper single Lucian at all.

Will “Obama” be selected in this game?

Lu Yu’s eyebrows raised, and then a lyric could not help but appear in his mind: “You are not really happy!” ”

Now is not the time to think blindly…

He took a deep breath, then threw these cluttered thoughts out of his mind and continued to listen intently to Firefox’s tactical content.

With the passage of time little by little…

Soon, the official staff came to urge them to come to the stage and prepare for the first game of the day.

Brother Feng: “Let’s go, let’s win this game.”

After saying this, he took a few RNG players to the main stage area of the Wuhan Sports Center, while Lu Yu followed the back of the team, thinking of a way to play Huni in his mind.

Meanwhile, LPL’s official live booth is ready.

Two veteran LPL commentators, as well as a mysterious guest from the old royal family, form a lineup of three commentators on the same stage.0

Who is that mysterious guest?

You guessed right, he is the most decent retired live broadcast player of the old royal family: Shenchao!

“Ahem, this is the official LPL live broadcast room of the S7 World Championship.”


As soon as the words fell, another commentator, Miller, took over the topic and continued: “Shenchao, do you think RNG’s winning rate is high? ”

Suddenly, the two commentators looked at the former old royal family player in unison.


Shen Chao groaned shyly, and then analyzed: “If RNG wants to win SKT, they need to limit the point on the road, because the puppy’s lower road is not worthy of the opposite side, the middle is stable, and this game must watch Ueno’s play.” ”

“If you have a winning percentage, I can’t say, maybe it’s about 40.”


Suddenly, the barrage of the entire live broadcast room boiled:

“Wow, supernatural = spoiler-type commentary, I like it very much.”

“The key is to go on the road, I think RNG is going to lose, Huni’s strength is strong, S5 knocked Koro up, and now it is estimated that it can also burst the 4.1RNG list.”

“FNNDP, recently Honi is playing some tanks on the list, it is impossible to explode!”

“Hehe, what is the strength of the upper single in the LPL division, don’t you have a little B number in your heart?”

“Yesterday the national point knelt two games in a row, today I just hope that RNG wins one game…”

“After beating SKT, who else to fight?”

“The second game of RNG seems to be playing GAMyue South Team.”

“Hahahaha, then the second game is won steadily, I TM don’t believe I can lose the wild card.”

“EDG: Don’t believe it? Then I’ll prove it to you. ”

“Reasonable, RNG can win, I TM jumped from the 10th floor…”



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