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1v3 disadvantage, EZ tower next for two record.

There is no doubt that Lu Yu’s wave of operations has exceeded his usual level of playing ADC, and even he feels a trace of disbelief.

Suddenly, the barrage of the entire live broadcast room boiled:

“66666, anchor NB, forcibly exchange one for two, no loss!”

“What? Can EZ still flash R…”

“Well, EZ can R flash, but the R position is still in place, and the anchor is a bit like a BUG.”

“Fart BUG, visually misleading, he is attached to Tam, EZ throws a big move, you can also scratch Tamu without flashing, and after flashing to the praying mantis, I just want to hide from the policewoman’s damage and let myself have output time.”

“Yes, this wave of analysis is well founded.”

“Well said, I choose to watch video + GIF!”

“KT’s down-road combination is really a few dishes, this TM can’t be killed, retire!”

“To be reasonable, I think their wave of crossing the tower is Shi Lezhi, and pushing the tower is over.”

“It’s Rank, after all, just look at Faker’s robot.”

“Made, this force is blind play, in our silver segment, he is going to be sprayed as a retard.”

“Well, is it the first time you’ve seen Faker play assist?”

“Hahaha, that policewoman also has to die, and the rock sparrow has already bypassed…”

“Hey, Iwako Mana, I actually let that policewoman flash +E escape???”


Just when there was a bunch of barrage discussions, Lu Yu had already opened the store interface and was thinking about what equipment he should buy.

“Demon Sect” is one of the must-have items…

However, the economy earned through 2 kills also allows him to buy some loose pieces of equipment.

What exactly does it do?

After some short thinking, Lu Yu finally chose to buy a piece of “Yao ~ Light + Sapphire Crystal” and prepare to synthesize [Ice Pulse Gauntlet], rather than choose to make a “trinomic item” with higher damage

Because this round of enemy lineups has a bit of a lot of heroes with a sudden face…

When a team battle breaks out, he needs a piece of equipment that can “kite” to ensure that he can have a suitable output position.

“Ice boxing” is undoubtedly the best choice.

Isn’t that a little less damage?

Suddenly, Lu Yu’s mind recalled a Hanbok Rank routine: adcEZ of “Goddess Tears × 2”.

If memory serves…

In the S8 Spring Tournament, Rank developed a double goddess tears EZ play, “Magic Cut” + Blazing Angel” mixed damage, which can make up for the lack of damage in the later stage of this hero.

“Well, so be it.”

Lu Yu groaned, and then manipulated his adcEZ upper area.

Although just completed a trip 1 for 2…

However, that defensive tower could no longer be defended.

After all, its durability is not high, as long as there is no problem with the enemy’s idea of combining the next road, it will definitely be able to be pushed off in a wave of troops.

So, it doesn’t seem to make sense for him to go back online?

Thinking of this question, Lu Yu’s gaze subconsciously looked at the small map field of vision.

After seeing Blank’s praying mantis resurrected, he went straight to the road to brush a group of stone people and wild monsters, while Faker’s auxiliary robot was dangling near the middle road, and the wild poodle was a toad monster that had just brushed a group on the road.

Perhaps, he can do a wave of things?

Lu Yu’s brows frowned, and then he decided to change his route halfway and detour to the enemy’s Shanglu Ye area.

With the [Hunting Mark]’s field of vision, he avoided several enemy field of vision like a ghost, without causing the vigilance of the red players at all.

Moreover, Faker’s assistant robot has been swimming down the river, attracting a lot of attention.

With the passage of time little by little…

It didn’t take long for Deft to eat the economy of the Lower Road One Blood Defense Tower alone, and Lu Yu sneaked into the enemy’s Shanglu Wild Area, hiding in the grass area behind the red Buff, while also calling a wild poodle of his own to try to squat a wave of praying mantis that was about to paint red.

At this time, Blank went on the road to complete a wave of anti-squats, and just returned to the wild area to brush the red Buff wild monster.

Perhaps sensing something was wrong, Blank cautiously activated the “scan” and wandered around the red buff area to make sure there was no blue square near the visual eye.

However, he did not know that there were two “hunters” crouching in one of the grasses farther away

When Blank was immersed in the process of brushing the red buff, suddenly, a poodle jumped out of the dim grass, forcibly punished and snatched the buff, and then threw a strengthening rope at his body, causing a confinement effect lasting 1.75 seconds.

However, this scene is not over.

At the moment when Blank was kidnapped, Lu Yu quickly threw out an E-a-W-a-Q-a skill combo, and with the poodle’s explosive damage, he instantly dropped the still confused fighting mantis.


Looking at the black and white death picture on the screen, Blank’s mind couldn’t help but have a trace of doubt:


Why is he here?

Just when this SKT substitute was puzzled, Lu Yu and the poodle had quickly turned to the upper road area, forcing back Letme’s upper single weapon, ready to push another red square defense tower.


Lu Yu glanced at the map information in the lower right corner of the first (Wang Wang Hao) eye screen, and then said: “This defensive tower can be pushed down, and the ADC policewoman from Deft has just returned to the city, so our lower road second tower will not be threatened.” ”

Indeed, Deft pushed a defensive tower down the road and then returned to the city to continue pushing the road is the most correct choice.

However, the subsequent plot development was beyond everyone’s expectations.

That guy actually invaded the wild area with the poodle, forcibly caught the dead praying mantis, and then completed a quick turn, causing Deft to miss the opportunity to consume the durability of the second tower, and at the same time could not defend his own road defense tower.

Rounded, the red side’s lineup lost one “billion”!

At this time, the barrage in Lu Yu’s live broadcast room was complaining about this matter:

“What is the situation, and why can the anchor’s adcEZ complete a trouble-type hero?”


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