With a wave of 0 for 3 on the next road…

At this time, the situation that EDG had just stabilized had already generated a trace of turmoil.

The first is to let Carry’s ADC mice get some economy in the later stage, Lu Yu’s road to get two human heads again, and let the development of the iboy suffer some impact.

To know…

When the first defensive tower collapsed, Iboy and Meiko did not dare to push the line too deep, and the two needed Minkai to continue to make eyes on the lower road field, paying a lot of resources as a price to ensure the safety of their line.

And that made Mouse’s road tough.

After experiencing a wave of team battles just now, Lu Yu’s upper single Qinggang shadow is simply unstoppable, crazy pushing the line on the line, and when he catches the right moment, he pounces on the fierce wave and forcibly consumes the state of health.

Moreover, there is not much durability left in the upper tower at present.


Lu Yu brazenly pushed a wave of troops into the tower, and then stepped forward and kicked out a Q skill [Precision Etiquette], and with a muffled sound, kicked off a large part of its durability.

Perhaps, Mouse sees this as an opportunity.

Just as Qinggang Shadow kicked out that Q, Mouse suddenly gritted his teeth and quickly released an E taunt on the enemy in front of him, trying to cooperate with the damage of the defense tower to cause a wave of consumption.

However, Lu Yu had already expected this scene.


When he kicks a Q skill, he predictively takes a step sideways and cleverly avoids this control skill.


I saw that Shen’s E taunted and passed by him without causing any impact.


Mouse was shocked in his heart, and quickly released a “sword formation” on the spot to avoid being consumed by some of his health.

However, Lu Yu completely ignored his upper single caution, and quickly A made a general attack, followed by a second kick of Q skill damage in front of the defensive sculpture, and then E skill against the wall, flexibly leaving the attack range of this defense tower.

Bang bang…

With these two loud sounds, two outer fragments fell from the EDG upper tower, leaving only the last bit of durability, I am afraid that with another wave of troops, Lu Yu will be able to complete this demolition.

Suddenly, the barrage in the live broadcast room of the game became lively:

“666, ignore the Shangshan Shen next door?”

“Beast, this force simply does not treat Mouse as a person, and has no quality.”

“Brando: Huh? Something just flew by…”

“Miserable, Ming Kai is still brushing the wild, and he doesn’t want to take care of the road at all.”

“Hahaha, don’t help the inferior bureau in the wild, Ming Kai came over to send people’s heads?”

“GG, who can block this single belt of the blue steel shadow…”

“Wow, there’s something about this dodging skill…”

“Gan, 37 knives behind, is this Mouse too dish, or is Brando too strong?”

“Hehe, LPL is all rookie chickens pecking at each other…”

“Terrible, RNG’s upper and lower road repair knife advantage is 1000 economic advantage…”


Just when there was a bunch of barrage discussions, Lu Yu had already brought the second wave of troops to the city, ready to complete the last step of the “forced demolition work”.


Mouse noticed this situation and did not hesitate to withdraw to the area near the second tower.

With his “armor shoes” + a large number of loose equipment, 100% of the upper road defense tower that cannot hold the residual blood, and even faces some danger of being killed alone, so choosing to retreat is the wisest choice.

With the strategic retreat of Shangdan Shen…

At this time, the entire defensive tower fell into an undefended state.

“Huh? Have you already given up keeping. ”

Lu Yu glanced at the “vision information” in the lower right corner of the screen, and then quickly pushed this wave of troops into the defense tower, and suddenly kicked out a general attack with a “curse blade”, causing its durability to instantly drop to zero.


Suddenly, the magnificent defensive tower gradually collapsed and collapsed, turning into a pile of dilapidated ruins in the blink of an eye.

With the fall of the upper tower, EDG’s economic disadvantage has widened to nearly five thousand, and this gap is mainly reflected in the equipment of Shangdan-AD-Daye, and if the two are compared, it is simply the difference between “local tyrants” and “beggars”.

However, Lu Yu’s next operation attracted everyone’s attention.

When his Qinggang Shadow completed the demolition of Tower 1, he did not retreat or make an eye position in the nearby wild area, but went straight to EDG’s Shanglu Tower 2 area.

What does this guy want to do?

Follow the normal game…

In the case of a single defensive tower and no vision nearby, all professions do not push the line too deep, but choose some robust solutions, which is a very basic anti-Gank awareness.

But, this RNG’s new replacement is unreasonable?

“Damn bastard…”

Looking at the scene in front of him, Ming Kai scolded secretly, and then said: “Scout, let’s force a wave on the road.” ”

Although he is very reluctant to take care of the road thing…

However, now you must help Mouse limit this Qinggang shadow, otherwise the second tower will let that guy wear off a lot of durability, resulting in a “clearance” situation on his own road.

After all, the picture of that guy being demolished by Mouse just now is still vivid.

Scout: “Well, no problem…”

Meiko: “He didn’t dodge, he didn’t have a big move, if you go around, you should be able to complete the kill…”


After a brief exchange, EDG’s Nakano duo decided to push a wave upwards, trying to stop Lu Yu’s further advance, or even looking for some killing opportunities to save the situation.


Minkai and Scout are completely unaware of one thing, their tracks have been exposed to the Hunter’s field of vision.


Noticing the traces of EDG Nakano, a prototype of a plan immediately appeared in Lu Yu’s mind, and then his eyes were brushing Mlxg, who was brushing river crabs: “Teacher Guo, let’s do another wave of things?” ”


Hearing this, Mlxg responded with interest: “Something? Okay, no problem, I’ll come over here! ”


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