“Nice, a very spiritual wave of troop transport towers, let’s congratulate RNG on winning this game!”


When the narrator said this sentence, Lu Yu’s upper single Ruiz had already pushed off 2 front tooth towers.

At the same time, RNG’s foursome also organized a wave of highland towers, assisted Bullhead’s WQ second company + pig girl big move, and combined with Uzi’s huge damage, instantly melted Iboy’s ADC cannon and Meiko’s auxiliary Lulu.

Although EDG’s lineup still has one Shangshan Nar and Wild Excavator left…

However, they were powerless to stop the crushing offensive in front of them, and Mouse and Minkai could only flee to the spring area in embarrassment.

Bang muffled!

Soon, a prompt pops up on the screen: “Victory! ”


Looking at the base crystal building that had turned into a pile of ruins, the atmosphere of the EDG player seat gradually became solemn, and everyone was silent, their eyes staring at the list of achievements in front of them.

After a long silence, several members of the EDG team turned and returned to the backstage lounge to review the tactical loopholes of the previous game and the BP content of the preparation for the final game.

However, when they saw the video of the last game, a sense of despair welled up in their hearts.

Or the replacement of that RNG…

Even if he restricts the four upper single heroes, he still can’t limit that guy’s online single belt and running line, moreover, his sense of smell is very keen, and every wild invasion and running line can catch Ming Kai’s traces and accurately interrupt his own push tower rhythm.

There is no doubt that this is already a “world-class list” performance of strength.


Now they are still facing a very serious problem, how will they deal with this RNG substitute list?

Mouse: “I’m sorry, it’s my problem…”

“It’s okay, it’s okay…”

Hearing this, EDG’s coach Nofe reached out and patted the depressed Mouse on the shoulder, and then said: “There is still the last game, as long as we play the last game, we can win the championship trophy of the final.” ”

Minkai: “…”



Just when the EDG coaching staff was in a pang of distress, all the Tieba forums were discussing the game just now, as well as predicting the victory or defeat of the last game, and some local tycoons posted: [RNG wins the championship and will draw 100 T1 level skins. 】

Of course, the comment is at most a post of a GIF of the final’s wonderful operation highlights:

“Tho, why are all Ritz’s GIFs?”

“233333, it’s all Ritz’s lotus show, this is a bit of a mess…”

“Uzi: It feels like this to lie down and win, it’s so cool!”

“The royal family is all me Carrey, version 2.0…”

“Huh? Just came home from work, what’s the situation, EDG knelt for two games in a row, let two chase three!? ”

“A few thieves stimulated, I thought RNG was going to be 3-0.”

“Wow, this single is a little terrifying, four Ban on the single, and can also play a terrifying advantage…”

“Yes, even if Ritz beats Nar is a slight advantage, no one can play such a terrifying effect.”

“To be reasonable, EDG is losing in rhythm…”

“80% team battle participation rate, almost every wave of battle has Ruiz’s figure, single belt, team battle is not wrong, RNG has picked up treasure.”

“This forced to get rich overnight, and the value skyrocketed next season…”

“Those waves of driving, very spiritual, instantly interrupted the rhythm of EDG’s thinking of the momentum…”

“If EDG wants to win, he must let RNG play Tank Hero alone…”

“66666, the puppy is finally going to get rid of the curse of the crownless.”

“Please exchange Emperor Jean back, I want to see the loveliest Yan Annie in this world…”

“Ten thousand blood books, kneel and beg to let the emperor play…”


Just when there was a bunch of barrage discussions, Lu Yu had already followed a few teammates back to the lounge backstage to study the tactical routines of BO5’s last round.

“Guys, guys, don’t relax, we still have the last game to play!”

Brother Feng slapped his palm vigorously, attracting everyone’s attention, and then said: “Win this game, and then think about other things, everyone must give me seriousness.”

“Now, let me tell you about the tactical content of the game…”

While speaking, Brother Feng stretched out his hand to point and draw on the LCD screen, explaining in detail to everyone some details of the field of vision, as well as the rhythm problem.

Listen, listen, listen…

Suddenly, a prompt sounded in Lu Yu’s mind: “Ding, trigger a random mission: [Curse without a crown, Uzi’s first main champion]”

As soon as the words fell, the details of the entire mission were revealed:

[Curse without a crown, Uzi’s first main tournament champion]

What: The host needs to win the last round to help Uzi win his first career title in the main event.

Reward: Skill upgrade card × 110,000 RMB.


Looking at the scene in his mind, Lu Yu’s pupils flashed a trace of surprise, and then his eyes looked at the details of the final “skill upgrade card”.

That’s a good thing…

Because it can ignore the progress of experience points and upgrade the skill level for free.

Therefore, he must obtain this bug-level prop.

Then again, who was the S8 Spring Champion in the previous life?

You know, when Lu Yu came to this world, the spring playoffs of the LPL had not yet begun, and I only knew that the only favorites to win the championship were the IG team that was invincible in the regular season, and the EDG team mixed in the Fish Pond Bureau.

Compare with these two teams…

At that time, RNG’s regular season record could only be described as “dismal”, and the chances of winning the championship were very slim.


Suddenly, Lu Yu’s gaze subconsciously looked at a domestic strongest ADC player next to him, and a guess emerged in his mind: After the final of the last game, the effect of the “curse” will not break out, right?

While he was thinking about it, the official staff had come and urged them to play.

The last game of BO5…

Now, it’s officially unfolding.


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