“GG, let’s congratulate RNG on winning the round.”


As Miller’s words sounded, the four of the RNG rushed into the enemy spring, while Lu Yu had been pushing the tower and steadily dismantling the last piece of blood from the EDG base crystal.


In an instant, a winning prompt pops up on the screen: “Victory! ”

Although the third game is over…

However, the LPL summer finals were not over yet, and the RNG and EDG players glanced at their data before returning to the lounge to prepare the tactical content of the fourth game.


WHEN THE GAME CAMERA CUTS BACK TO THE COMMENTARY TABLE, THE COMMENTATOR WAWA’S BROW FROWNED, AND THEN SAID: “Now that the third game is over, miller, where do you think edg lost?” ”

The reason why Team EDG lost…

Indeed, this is a question that all viewers want to know.

Hearing this, another commentator, Miller, immediately analyzed in detail: “EDG’s lineup is no problem, because the road collapsed, resulting in the fall of the vision of the wild area, and the Scout in the middle was frantically targeted, and in the end, no one could dispose of an invincible Kenji.” ”

“Of course, I’m not saying that Mouse’s strength is weak…”

“To be honest, level 3 towers, team battles all five, in the regular competition so far, we have rarely seen a sword Ji play such a terrifying effect.”


At this moment, a detailed data interface of RNG and EDG players pops up in the live broadcast of the match.

Whether it’s damage or record, there is not much difference between the two teams’ middle and bottom statistics, Uzi’s adcEZ has a few more kills than the small cannon, and Mlxg has a higher output damage than Minkai.

The only data that stands out: RNG is on the road.

With a 7-0-5 record, 40,000 output damage, accounting for 35% of the team’s output, it can be said that it is completely a solo defeat of EDG’s lineup.

Suddenly, the barrage of the entire live broadcast room of the game became lively:

“66666, 40,000 output damage, horror Rus, horror Rus!”

“Wow, with a 7-0-5 record, the MVP of this game must be Shangshan Kenji…”

“What about Emperor Jean? Made, RNG hurry up and bring Jean Emperor back. ”

“Hahaha, the top offensive single, RNG has picked up the treasure!”

“To be reasonable, RNG already has Uzi, Tiger Palm, Mlxg, can you still keep this top list?”

“That’s right, LPL Giants: EDG, find out.”

“, I haven’t spoken yet…”

“Hehe, a group of smelly fish and rotten shrimp, the ancient giants WE sincerely recruit a top list.”


With the passage of time little by little…

It didn’t take long for the RNG and EDG teams to return to the arena and step into their dugout areas to prepare for the BP session of the fourth game.

At this time, the EDG player seat was immersed in a solemn atmosphere.

Seeing that winning another game would lead to the LPL championship, an RNG substitute came out and kicked them off the throne that was about to climb.

To be honest, this has had a lot of psychological impact on EDG.

Ming Kai: “Mouse, when you help me hit the red buff, the second level catches the road, he will die.” ”

Mouse: “Oh, no problem. ”

Scout: “I think I need to choose a single hero who can lead the rhythm…”

Meiko: “Hu Xianzhao, don’t be violently killed later.” ”



At the same time, the atmosphere in the RNG bench area on the other side was much more relaxed, and the tiger master still talked to Mlxg next to him as always, and occasionally teased the coach Firefox behind.

“Don’t relax, we still have two games to play.”

Brother Feng’s brows frowned, then looked at Lu Yu on the side, and asked in a low voice: “In the next game, EDG is likely to target the heroes on the road, so we need to change some of the content of BP tactics.” ”

“Lu Yu, is your hero pool okay?”


Hearing this, Lu Yu replied without care: “No problem, I can play any single hero.” ”

Although he has always played the warrior type on the single…

However, this does not mean that his hero pool is narrow, as long as he has the attribute increase of [Shangdan God of War], all selected Shangdan heroes can play, just some strong and weak differences.

Brother Feng: “Well, come on, let’s try to win two more games and let two chase three.” ”

While speaking, the BP session of the fourth inning has begun.

With a buzz, a familiar BP interface appeared in the live broadcast room of the event, showing in detail the details of the Ban’s selection of each player’s position, as well as some footage of the players’ team members.

And the two LPL commentators are also predicting the lineup of this game.


Commenting on Miller: “EDG actively chooses the red square, and RNG is the blue side. ”

As soon as the words fell, the screen showed that the two teams had entered a ban hero.

I saw that the RNG of the blue square banned the auxiliary hammerstone + Luo, plus a single caution, restricting Meiko’s group opening hero. and EDG’s single-order rapid reinforcement tactics.


On the other hand, EDG’s ban directory is very intriguing, and they actually banned all 3 Ban positions in the first round on a single hero.

You know, it is not common for 3Ban to be in the same location.

As long as you get this kind of tactical treatment…

That means your personal strength has made the enemy team feel a little jealous.


Looking at the BP picture on the screen, Miller’s face showed a strange look, and said in a deep voice: “EDG wants to limit Brando, who played brilliantly in the last game, and they have lost three single heroes in a row: Jian Ji, Qinggang Shadow, and the old captain. ”

“It seems that EDG has already studied RNG’s new singles.”

“According to some information provided by the director, these three heroes are the heroes commonly used by Brando players, and in the second game of his career, he faced a tactical blockade from EDG, which tested the depth of the player’s personal hero pool.”

“That’s right, now let’s see, what hero will RNG choose on the road?”



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