At this point, Clearlove is completely unaware of a problem, and in the dim grass in front of him are four “fierce men”, waiting for him to step into a preset death trap.

Commenting Miller: “There is no vision in the red Buff area, the director still wants to go forward, he wants to do vision, afraid that RNG will hit the dragon.” ”

“However, RNG didn’t hit the big dragon, they were squatting people.”


While the two LPL commentators were talking about this hidden danger, Ming Kai carefully stepped into the grass range, and then threw a control guard far away through the wall of the dragon pit.


Suddenly, a scene inside the circular canyon came into view, empty, and the RNG did not fight the big dragon.


Looking at the scene in front of him, a sense of foreboding emerged in Ming Kai’s heart.

Before he could come up with an escape plan, Mlxg couldn’t wait to throw out a set of E-Q skill combos, instantly picking off this EDG’s wild wine barrel.

Bang muffled!

In an instant, Ming’s assistant Bloom hurriedly followed a Q skill [Winter Bites].

When Ming Kai came back to his senses, bang bang, the stun effect of [Concussion Slam” had been triggered, and then he died on the spot under the combined efforts of the two AD heroes of Uzi and Tiger Palm, without any room for manipulation.

Even if it is the auxiliary Lulu on the side, it makes a big move…

In the end, Minkai’s wild wine barrel still can’t escape the fate of death, allowing Uzi to harvest the last amount of health with a Q skill.

Uzi: “Nice, keep chasing?” Chase? ”

MLXG: “Don’t chase, they still have summoner skills, we fight the big dragon…”

Tiger Palm: “Alas, you guys pay attention to the location of the big bug…”

Ming: “…”

As soon as the words fell, RNG’s foursome decisively triggered an explosive fruit, and at the same time jumped into the dragon pit, arrogantly stepping on EDG’s control guard vision to launch a “big dragon hunt”.

Although there are still three members near EDG …

However, their means to grab the dragon are very scarce, only gambling on Mouse’s flash + R gnawing, and the success rate is still very low.

While all eyes were focused on whether Mouse could do a miracle, suddenly a prompt popped up on the screen: “Ding, EDG. Scout has been killed! ”

Ah, what’s the situation?

Whether it is the two LPL commentators or the spectators watching the game, a question has emerged in everyone’s minds: What happened in the just ten seconds?

At the same time, a mournful howl sounded in the live broadcast room of the game.


That Baron Nash roared up to the sky, and then gradually turned into a little purple-black light and returned to the void.


Looking at the game screen on the screen, the commentator Miller stretched out his hand to hold up his glasses and said slowly: “Mlxg steadily punished the last trace of the dragon’s health, Mouse did not flash to grab the dragon, EDG chose to return to the city to stabilize his hand.” ”

“I didn’t see it just now, Scout’s tricky demon Ji was killed, what happened to them?”

“Well, trouble the director to give a replay.”


Hearing this, the on-site director immediately brought up a playback interface, and this picture was the tower crossing kill operation on the RNG.

Just when the RNG foursome was squatting in the wild area…

Lu Yu had just pushed down a defensive tower on the road and was preparing to set foot on the highland area of EDG.

However, how dare Scout let him casually consume the durability of a highland defense tower.

It didn’t take long for him to catch an enemy Shangshan misposition mistake and quickly throw out a set of Q-W-E-RE skill combos, trying to suppress some of Lu Yu’s HP status.

However, Lu Yu had already expected this scene.

I saw that he avoided the control of the first chain, and then W blocked the second chain, and at the same time predicted the tricky demon who fainted Scout, and then cut out a set of Q-E-a-Hydra-a full damage, and instantly completed the single kill.

However, after Lu Yu’s Shangshan Jianji completed these series of operations, he slowly retreated to an area outside the highland and restored his blood volume to a healthy state by “sucking blood”.

Suddenly, the entire live broadcast room of the game let the barrage of “666” brush the screen.


Lu Yu let out a breath of turbid breath, and then asked, “Well, a wave?” ”

With the successive deaths of the middle singles and the playing field…

At this time, there are only two members left in the EDG lineup, and with the clear line ability of the three of them, they can’t block a bunch of troops with Baron Buff at all.

MLXG: “With more than thirty seconds of resurrection time, we can push at least two high ground.” ”

Uzi: “It depends on the situation, it depends on the situation, all my skills are still there, I can fight a wave of team battles with them.” ”

Ming: “Well, I think you can give it a try…”

Tiger Palm: “…”

After a brief discussion, the RNG crowd felt like trying to end the game in a wave.

Because of the rout of the two BO5 matches, now they need a hearty victory to vent some of the depression in their heads.


Lu Yu immediately responded and continued his “demolition work”.

On the other hand, RNG’s Shimono trio went straight to the middle road area, and Lu Zian, the middle man of the tiger leader, pushed forward the upper road line alone, creating a “1-3-1” split push formation.

Although the fault tolerance rate of this formation is relatively low…

However, the equipment gap between the two teams is too large, and EDG can’t forcibly curb RNG’s push tower rhythm by catching a single hero, and can only stay near the front tooth tower and shivering.

Perhaps, the people of EDG realized that if they continued to give in, there would only be one end to “slow death”.

Therefore, Ming Kai made a desperate decision: “That Jian Ji, must die!” ”


Commentator Miller subconsciously stretched out his hand to hold his glasses, and shouted in an excited tone: “Brando’s upper single sword Ji is pushing the high ground crystal, EDG’s middle highland defense tower, and the two towers on the road have fallen one after another, and they can’t defend it.” ”

“EDG, now they’re embattled!”

“Hey, the director’s barrel E hit Brando, and EDG wanted to gather fire to kill this one Shangshan Jianji.”

“It’s a pity, the equipment gap between the two teams is too big, Brando’s sword Ji backhand hit a wave of huge damage, instantly crippled three people, no one can stop it, Uzi’s adcEZ completed the harvest, three kills, group destruction!”

“GG, let’s congratulate RNG on winning the round.”


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