“Ha, what?”

A hint of confusion appeared on Mouse’s face, and he looked at the black and white death picture on the screen in amazement, and a question arose in his mind: That guy actually went up to level 3?

To know….

At that time, Jian Ji’s HP was also not good, and the damage of Q skill + general attack was not enough, so Mouse thought that he did not dare to flash into the tower.

However, who would have thought that the upper single sword Ji would be promoted to level 3, with the superimposed damage of the E skill and the increase in health of the upgrade, he would complete this level 3 tower crossing kill.

At the same time, several other members of the EDG team also noticed the situation.


Looking at a kill prompt on the screen, Ming Kai’s face sank, and he asked in a low voice: “Mouse, what is the situation?” ”

Mouse: “Well, I made a mistake, I didn’t expect him to rise to level 3…”

Meiko: “RNG’s new single strength is not weak, you should be careful yourself.” ”

Scout: “Minkai, come and squat in the middle of the wave…”

Minkai: “Well, here it comes…”

As soon as the words fell, Ming Kai punished a red Buff monster, and then approached the middle road area, quietly squatting in the grass on the side of the river, ready to cooperate with Scout’s trick demon Ji to complete a trip to Gank.

Because there is no vision….

At this time, Xiaohu did not know that there was an EDG wild wine barrel squatting next door.


Ming Kai stared intently at the Zhongdan Lucian who was clearing the line, as long as Scout forced out the target’s E skill, he would definitely reap the rewards if he followed the control skill of an E.

Even if you can’t complete the kill, you can also gain a single flash skill + consumption of health.

Moreover, he can also take a trip to Gank.

Thinking of this question, Ming Kai hurriedly said: “Mouse, you control the line of troops near the defense tower, I will catch it again later.” ”

Mouse: “Oh, I’ll try…”

While the two were talking, Lu Yu had just finished updating some equipment and then teleported back to his online area.

Suddenly, he noticed a sneaky figure in the wild area.

With the visual information provided by the [Hunting Imprint], Lu Yu could clearly see a scarlet wine barrel icon, which was squatting in the river area, as if he wanted Luthian in the middle of Gank.


Lu Yu’s brows frowned, and then marked some locations in the area near the river, and said slowly: “EDG’s wild wine barrel, it is likely to be in this area, you pay attention to some nearby conditions.” ”

MLXG: “Well, be careful, I’ll look for the location of that barrel…”

“Huh? Oh, thanks. ”

Hearing this, Xiaohu’s forehead couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat.

Although Lu Yu’s words were just a guess…

However, if EDG’s wild wine barrel has been squatting nearby, then he just wanted to go up and consume a wave of Scout’s health, and I am afraid that there is only one result waiting for him: death.

Thinking of this, he hurriedly withdrew a distance, ensuring that he could avoid some sudden gank skills at any time.

EDG’s Nakano duo, on the other hand, felt a hint of doubt.

Why did he step back?

Do you have a view of RNG nearby?

After a period of tens of seconds of waiting, Minkai still found nothing, and the RNG’s Zhongshan Lucian never showed signs of approaching this river grass.

“Well, the middle road is estimated to have eyes…”

Ming Kai’s face sank, and he whispered: “Mouse, entangle that Jianji, I’ll go on the road to Gnak.” ”

With that said, he headed to the area on the road, ready to execute a second gank plan to relieve some of Mouse’s online pressure.

However, the second backup plan also did not succeed.

Because when Ming Kai walked up, Lu Yu’s Shangshan Jianji immediately retreated back for a distance, as long as he was far away from the river area, that guy returned to a fierce crimping state, as if monitoring his tracks the whole time.

Ming Kai asked suspiciously: “The river channel of the RNG has eyes?” ”

Mouse: “No, he has been crimping the line, he doesn’t have time to interject, and I also put a control guard on the river.” ”

Minkai: “…”

Looking at that cautious figure, Ming Kai could only choose to brush a group of the nearest stone people and wild monsters.

After all, the two waves of Gank did not squat to gain anything, it was really a waste of too much time to brush the wild, and he had to hurry up to make up for his development and avoid some backward ranks.

At the same time, the two LPL commentators also noticed this scene.

Commenting on WAWA: “EDG’s wild wine barrel squatted in the middle of the road, there was no vision, but Xiaohu was very cautious and did not go forward, and the director of the factory was wasting his time brushing the wilderness.” ”

Commenting Miller: “Through the picture from God’s perspective, we can clearly see that Brando, who was just on the road, gave Little Tiger some hints, and he guessed that the director of the factory might be in the middle.” ”

“Hey, the director can’t catch the middle road, and he still wants Gnak to go on the road again!”

“RNG’s upper road smelled a hint of danger, decisively retreated, very keen sense of smell, like an experienced old hunter.”

“However, the director still failed to catch people, and it hurt.”

With EDG’s hit the barrel left….

Soon, Lu Yu returned to an unscrupulous state, frequently shattering some “weakness aura” through the Q skill [Breaking the Sky], resisting a wave of damage from the line, and unreasonably consuming Mouse’s health.


Seeing this, Mouse quickly unleashed a set of W-Q-E-A skill combos, trying to match the damage of a wave of troops and exchange HP with that guy.

Although the W skill [Wild Scream] comes with a layer of silence effect….

However, his footsteps were not hindered in the slightest.

Bang muffled!

Suddenly, Lu Yu manipulated “Fiona” to take a step to the side, which could avoid the flying range of Q skill [Break], and then smashed the second “Weakness Aura”, and then a-E-a hit a burst of damage, forcing EDG’s upper single big bug to retreat for a distance.

“This… Mouse’s Kogas can’t beat it at all. ”

Looking at the game screen on the screen, a look of shock appeared on the face of the commentator Miller, and he said in a deep voice: “I think in the later game, Brando’s sword ji is worthy of a ban.” ”


The second change, there are two more, it is estimated that the update will be a little late.

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