As Lu Yu completed a trip against the Gank on the road, his blind monk fought more and more fiercely, and all kinds of wild areas without vision invaded, and the line of Gank around the field of vision made Ming Kai, a veteran who has dominated the LPL wild area for many years, feel very headache.

At this time, Ming Kai couldn’t help but doubt his own speculation.

Is he Mlxg?

No, his style is fiercer than Mlxg.

In 23 minutes, his record has fallen to 0-5, trailing the blind monk close to 3,000 single-person economic gap, and the equipment gap between the two is getting wider and wider.

Now, the blind monk already has a complete warrior fighting knife + black cut + Tiamat.

However, the equipment of the praying mantis can only be described by the word “chill”, only wild knives and a bunch of loose equipment, even a complete second piece of equipment can not be synthesized, has fallen into the rhythm of complete collapse.

To be honest, that RNG.Brando made Minkai feel a little weird.

This guy’s fighting style is similar to Mlxg’s, but he is more like a reckless man than Mlxg, and even if he stands near the control guard, he can still be captured by this guy as if he can capture some information.

For example: a trip to the Gank process 3 minutes ago.

Minkai tried to Gank the enemy duo, but as soon as he stepped into a grassy area where the “Control Guard” was placed, in the blink of an eye, he was kicked by a blind monk Q skill, and then the W-R-Q-A-E-Tiamat set fell in an instant, leaving no room for manipulation at all.

However, they are not completely without hope of a turnover.

Because Ruiz in the middle is still developing quite well, just drag to the preliminary formation of the equipment of the ADC female policeman, and with the first-hand control of the auxiliary hammerstone, several people can try to fight some small-scale team battles.


The next plot development has deviated from the direction he expected.

While Ming Kai was studying the brush route, Lu Yu had already planned a wave of advance in the middle, preparing to advance a defensive tower in the middle of Ruiz, completely laying the foundation for the victory of this Hanbok Rank.

Soon, Ming Kai saw through his field of vision a small ADC cannon figure moving in the middle direction.

Do they want to force a wave of midways?

Ming Kai’s face sank, and he immediately gathered several teammates to return to the defense tower in the center.

You know, the strategic significance of this middle defense tower is very critical, whoever destroys a middle defense tower can light up the nearby vision information and completely gain the advantage of controlling the two dragon areas.

Therefore, this defensive tower must not fall.

Minkai: “Back to defense, back to defense in the middle, they want to push the tower…”

Ryz: “I don’t think a tower can be defended…”

Auxiliary hammerstone: “It’s okay, those who can hold it, pay attention to their position, they don’t have the means to force it.” ”

ADC policewoman: “…”

At this moment, a dark shadow lurked in the dim wild area, like a ghost around the grassy area next to the F6 wild monster, and the whole process was silent and did not cause a single sound.

That’s right, that black shadow is both Lu Yu’s “blind monk”.


Lu Yu took a deep breath and then looked at the “map information” in the lower right corner of the screen again.

Although there is no view from the inside of the defense tower ….

However, with the information provided by the [Hunting Mark], he could clearly see the location information of the five members of the blue square.

The Fighting Mantis was in the upper half of the river area, Shangshan Raven and S.meb’s were fighting each other on the road, and the last remaining three were guarding near the central defense tower, trying to resist their advancing attack.

“Four to three, well… It should have a 70% success rate of tower crossing. ”

Lu Yu groaned, and then released some signals to a few teammates, asking them to wait for their first hand to start the group, as long as they dropped the ADC policewoman at the enemy’s core, they could easily win this wave of team battles.

As soon as the words fell, a bunch of complaining barrages appeared on the screen:

“Huh? Anchor, wake up. ”

“666, the blind monk of the anchor is going to start sending up…”

“Shamelessly, I’m sure that once the anchor enters the scene, he will be instantly controlled by the hammerstone + Ruiz control + policewoman clip, and melt in an instant!”

“Hahaha, the anchor is like an old general on the stage, with flags planted on his back.”

“Anchor, please don’t brag…”


Just as there was a bunch of barrage discussions, a huge line of troops poured into the enemy defense tower, gradually crowding this not very spacious area.

This is undoubtedly the best time to cross the tower!

“It’s now!”

Lu Yu’s pupils shrank, and then he manipulated the blind monk partition wall to kick out a Q skill [Heavenly Sound Wave], accurately kicking one of the enemy’s auxiliary hammerstones, causing -150 physical damage.

Before they came to their senses….

In an instant, Lu Yu triggered the effect of the second stage Q, and on the way, the W skill twisted his eyes, flexibly avoiding the knockback effect of the hammerstone E skill [Doom Clock], and at the same time pasted to the side area of the ADC policewoman.

Suddenly, the middle and lower trio of the blue square fell into a state of panic.

Auxiliary hammerstone: “ADC back away, pay attention to the blind monk, pay attention to the blind monk!” ”

Zhongshan Ruiz: “Fight, we have enough damage to be able to split second this guy…”

Minkai: “Don’t fight, retreat to the second tower, withdraw and retreat…”

ADC policewoman: “…”

Suddenly, a familiar line sounded in everyone’s ears: “Hehe, I use my hands to achieve your dreams!” ”


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