Just when S.meb frantically complained that the blind monk was a “human head dog”….

At this moment, Lu Yu is chatting with some barrage content in his live broadcast room, completely unaware that his Shangshan has fallen into a state of “collapse”.


Lu Yu coughed, then looked at a camera in front of him and said: “2-0-0, is my Dao monk very strong, should you brush a wave of gifts!” ”

As soon as these words came out, his live broadcast room became lively:

“Huh? Anchor, you started…”

“Cheeky, brazen, you have a bit of a problem with this forced thought…”

“Okay, I’ll give you all the fish balls…”

“Self-selling boastful anchors, find out.”

“Hahahaha, Song Zhi just said that he hates you, and said don’t let him see you in the world competition, otherwise let you know what is called regret.”

“Laugh at me, just now Song Mentally Retarded has been wailing in the live broadcast room, it is estimated that he has drunk fake wine…”

“Don’t worry about the anchor, Team KT can’t enter the World Championship.”

“User: KG001, give the anchor 1 Buddha jumping off the wall…”

“Then again, the blind monk of the anchor’s game is really strong, crazy sanctions 7 sauce of the praying mantis, and dare to grab 777’s F6, can be said to be very powerful.”

“7-chan’s nemesis: Blind Monk!”

“I remember you, you, and your user ID, wait for the door-to-door Muay Thai warning (including the anchor).”

“7-chan: I’m already working on the rival team’s play in the LPL final.”

“Study a few handfuls, the anchor is not playing wild, and there is no way to play, it is a waste of 7 sauce time…”

“Smoke bomb, Nice, successfully misled an EDG hit the wild!”

“When I play 7-chan, I’ll arrange your RNG clearly…”


When a bunch of barrages were talking, Lu Yu’s blind monk had finished brushing a river crab, and then invaded the enemy’s blue Buff wild area, ready to squat another wave of praying mantis ready to come over and brush the blue Buff.

Although Minkai has vigilantly made a vision nearby….

However, Lu Yu had already relied on the [Hunting Mark] vision advantage to quietly go around an area that no one could have imagined: the 3 Wolf Wild Area.

Because Ming Kai just passed by this place when he was doing vision, no one expected that a blind monk would step on the edge of the blind area of vision, sneak into the 3 wolf wild area like a ghost, and cleverly hide to the area of “black under the lamp”.

Over time….

It didn’t take long for Minkai to drain the blue Buff monster to the point of blood, fix it behind a wall, and then ask Reiz in the middle to come and harvest the last trace of blood.

Minkai: “Hey Ritz, come and get a Buff.”

Ryz: “Oh, no problem, wait for me…”

Minkai: “…”

However, the two did not know that there was a “thief” hidden nearby, and he was silently watching the scene in front of him.

“3-2…… 1! ”

Looking at the “vision information” in front of him, Lu Yu’s mind silently recited for three seconds, judged the location of the blue Buff wild monster, and then threw the Q skill [Heavenly Sound Wave] to a dim wild area.

Bang muffled!

That qigong wave accurately hit the Blue Buff monster, killing its last 50 drops of health.

With a hum, the body of the blue Buff wild monster turned into a pile of ashes, and then condensed into a dark blue light, which quickly poured into the feet of the blind monk, instantly constructing a complex magic aura.

“Nice, farewell, farewell!”

A smile appeared at the corner of Lu Yu’s eyes, and he immediately manipulated his blind monk to leave this area.

Although he has some level and equipment advantages, he still can’t be too arrogant, after all, the enemy’s Nakano combination has a numerical advantage, or two outbreak heroes, and he doesn’t have R skills, and if he continues to wave, I’m afraid he will have to pay a heavy price.

When the enemy Nakano combination came to its senses….

At this time, Lu Yu’s blind monk had already passed the exit of one side of the middle road, detoured to the F6 wild area on the other side, and successfully escaped in reverse.

What is this situation?

Why did the blind monk emerge from that position?

Ming Kai looked at the empty blue Buff field area in front of him, and gradually felt a trace of despair in his heart, the blind monk seemed to understand his every step of the brushing field, more fierce than Mlxg’s style of play, as if he was not worried about being caught at all.

However, Minkai did not know that his nightmare was just beginning.

With the fall of Blue Buff, Lu Yu’s blind monk completely embarked on a “bandit” plundering journey, continuing to live in the wild area of the enemy mantis, brushing its wild area resources, and letting his teammates help brush his own wild area resources.

Yours is mine….

Mine, or mine….

Of course, Lu Yu has not forgotten his duty as a fielder: Gank catches people.

Just 12 minutes into this Rank, his blind monk went down the road after Gank, forcibly crossed the tower to kill the lower duo, and then pushed down a 1 blood defense tower, completely establishing the early advantage of his own lineup.

The only thing that makes people criticize….

That is Lu Yu’s “crazy head grabbing behavior”, whether it is Gank on the road or Gank on the road, all the killing heads are in the hands of his blind monk, causing several teammates to complain.


Lu Yu sighed, and said helplessly: “This matter has nothing to do with me, I can only blame them for hitting my fist and touching porcelain.” ”

As soon as the words fell, the entire live broadcast room let a bunch of “brazen” barrages brush the screen.


Well, sorry, sorry, fell asleep last night, this was the third change of last night.

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