“Three people…”

Looking at the scene in front of him, Lu Yu’s mind instantly emerged with the details of a 1-to-3 plan.

Although the stakes of the whole program are high….

However, he has enough confidence to eat the three guys in front of him, and he has no dreams of being a man, so what is the difference with salted fish?


Lu Yu took a deep breath, and then retreated back without hurry, as if the picture of “3 people surrounding and suppressing” scared him.

The prince of the wild: “Chase, he wants to escape!” ”

As soon as the words fell, this blue-squared wild player decisively chose to pursue, and suddenly EQ pounced on the target prey in front of him: Shangshan Kenji.


Seeing that “Fiona” is about to be knocked into the air by a galloping black shadow…

However, as if he had expected this scene for a long time, Lu Yu suddenly turned around, strangely avoided the deadly EQ skill two-shot fly, and then locked the prince’s figure to release an R skill [Matchless Challenge].


Suddenly, a gorgeous aura of weakness instantly appeared under the feet of Prince Taye.


Lu Yu’s pupils shrank, and then manipulated “Fiona” to play a general attack, quickly shattering the frontal weak aura, and then frantically tapping the mouse and keyboard, instantly hitting a-q-a combo damage, while shattering the subsequent two auras, causing huge real damage.

Bang bang, three cuts!

In an instant, the blood volume of the Prince of Daye plummeted by 85%, and if he broke the last weakness, I was afraid that his life would be in danger.


The prince of the wild was shocked in his heart, and in a panic, he released an R skill [Heaven Collapse and Earth Crack] to Lu Yu’s position, and then flashed the terrain range that escaped his big move.

“Huh, still want to leave alive?”

Lu Yu’s pupils showed a hint of teasing, and without hesitation, he released a flash and pasted it to the prince’s side, not thinking of smashing the last weak point, but wielding the blade to hit an E + hydra + reset the special effect damage of the general attack, completely unreasonable to harvest the last piece of blood of the enemy’s field.

At the same time, the effect of [Matchless Challenge] is also triggered!

With a muffled hum, the “Weakness Aura” gradually shattered, and finally turned into a huge dark green healing field, allowing Lu Yu’s “Fiona” to remain in a state of returning blood.

With the death of the Prince of Tano….

At this moment, the enemy Ueno combination finally came to their senses, and the two looked at each other, not knowing what to react at all, because the time of the prince’s death was completely beyond their expectations.

In about 3 seconds, the bloody Prince Daye had disappeared.

What the hell hurts that?

Looking at the figure that seemed to be “killing gods”, the auxiliary hammerstone retreated, since the prince of the wild had died first, then, now his Q skill hook is just sending to death, there is no meaning.


Thinking of this problem, the auxiliary hammerstone immediately threw a Q skill [Death Judgment] to the position of the toad in the wild area, trying to avoid Lu Yu’s pursuit route by controlling the toad to cross the wall.


He didn’t know that there were no toads there.

With a bang, I saw a ghost chain cut through the dim wilderness, but the crisp echo did not sound, and his Q skill only hooked an invisible cloud of dark air.

Suddenly, an embarrassing aura gradually appeared around him.

Auxiliary Hammerstone: “…”


Lu Yu didn’t care if he Q or not Q the wild monster, suddenly released a freshly refreshed Q skill [Breaking the Sky Slash], brandished a sharp sword blade in his hand, and slashed at the head of the enemy’s assistant.

In an instant, a scarlet damage value floated from the top of the hammer stone: -189!

“It’s over…”

Looking at the scene in front of him, a trace of panic finally appeared in the heart of the auxiliary hammerstone, and he could only release the R skill [Nether Prison] + E skill [Pendulum of Doom], and then fled to the defense tower area on the side.

And the S-meb on the side was not idle.

I saw that his upper single big bug stepped on a Q skill [Break], trying to block Lu Yu’s pursuit route.

Right now….

Lu Yu frantically tapped the keyboard with one hand, sideways to avoid the knockback effect of the E skill, and then blocked the flying effect with the W skill, while stunning S-meb’s Kogas.

However, this “script” operation is not over.

I saw that he slashed a knife at the weak point of Kogas, obtained the acceleration superposition effect of “small mallet” + “weakness”, forcibly broke through the barrier of [Nether Prison], and then threw out a refreshed Q skill [Breaking the Sky], catching up with the enemy assistance like a ghost.

Bang bang bang….

In the blink of an eye, this crispy assistant became his revenant under the knife.



When Lu Yu completed a double kill, he did not continue to chase and cut down the big single bug on the side, but rationally retreated a distance, waiting for the next wave of troops to come, and then considering whether to cross the tower.

After all, “Kogas” still has an R skill [feast].


Looking at a “Void Behemoth” shivering near the defense tower, Lu Yu let out a breath: “Hey, it’s a pity that there is still a defense tower, otherwise I can complete three kills at a time.” ”

As soon as these words came out, the silent live broadcast room immediately boiled:

“6666666, they’re looking for their own death.”

“Laugh out loud, these forced gourd babies to save grandfather, send them one by one…”

“Wow, the prince of the colored pen, and send heads to the anchor again, report it.”

“GG, the blue square’s road has collapsed, no one works, the anchor’s sword Ji is no longer blocked.”

“Indeed, S-meb can no longer play with S-meb.”

“Hey, 20 shots, S-meb finally recovered from the shadow of being eliminated by SKT, and if he fights again, he is afraid that he will cry.”

“S-meb: Shh



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