With Lu Yu’s upper single sword Ji back online…

At this time, the S-meb line has fallen into a state of collapse, as long as he dares to step forward to eat the line, he will be cut several times, and then forced to retreat, which can only be described by the four words “miserable”.

And, the blue square’s wild prince is even worse.

Because of the failure of the level 3 Gank on the road, the red and blue Buff was lost, and the enemy’s wild blind monk also took advantage of the situation to enter the wild area to plunder, whether it was the three wolves in the road field area, or the toad, and even the river crabs were cleaned up, completely cutting off his wild rhythm.

With the current brush field level….

Now, the blue side of the wild prince can only carry out some anti-squat protection, otherwise forcibly forcing Gank before level 6 will only bring the other two ways, and then become the back pot man of this game.

However, there are also some shortcomings.

After all, if Daye has been brushing the wild area, it will definitely lead to a sudden increase in online pressure on several teammates, and make Lu Yu’s upper single sword Ji press the line more brazenly.

“Arcee, you can’t play like this.”

Looking at the continuous flow of troops entering the tower on the screen. S-meb scratched his head in annoyance, and said in a remorseful tone: “Damn it, I should choose a warrior hero to fight him, Kogas’s disadvantage is too great.” ”


Hearing this, KT’s team members gathered around and looked at the computer screen interface of S-meb.

Score: “Oh, this Shangshan is a bit strong, his name seems to be the LPL team, Yuan Shuo, do you know him?” ”

Pawn: “Huh? RNG team, I don’t know this ID, Shiheng Ge probably knows. ”

Mata: “Brando, I didn’t have this list when I was at RNG, I don’t know. ”

Deft: “Brother Jing Hao was actually beaten by him, real dishes…”


Just when several members of the KT team were frantically ridiculing S-meb, Lu Yu had already pushed a wave of piled up troops into the defense tower, ready to try to cross the tower and kill again.

To know….

At this time, his Shangshan Jianji was already ahead of the level 2 experience, and at the same time occupied the equipment advantage, “level 6 Yue Tower” was not an easy task?


The corner of Lu Yu’s mouth outlined a playful smile, and then stepped into the attack range of the defense tower, suddenly swung the blade of his sword to smash a “weak point”, and slammed it, causing real damage of -93!

The moment the defense tower locked onto the target, he immediately released a Q skill [Void Slash] backwards to get out of the tower’s attack range.

Just repeat this method of HP consumption a few more times, and it won’t be long before Kogas’s HP status can enter the “Slash Line”, allowing him to get a chance to cross the tower.

Although S-meb is well aware of the risk of being overtaken by the tower….

However, he also knew that he must not leave the area of this defense tower, and once he retreated, the upper defense tower would be consumed with a cut of HP, and he would also lose a large wave of experience in the line.

This is the only chance he has to catch up with the rank disadvantage.


Thinking of this problem, S-meb can only bite the bullet and stay near the defense tower, with Q+W range damage, plus the E skill’s general attack splash to clear the troop line.

However, Lu Yu did not intend to let him clear the army in peace.

Just when S-meb released the Q skill [Rupture], he deliberately stepped into the range of the spike protrusion, and then triggered the effect of the W skill [Laurent Heart Eye Knife], instantly blocking all damage, while bouncing a -84 magic damage.

A muffled buzz!

Suddenly, S-meb’s upper single bug fell into a state of vertigo that lasted for 1.5 seconds.

“Hey, it can also consume a wave of its HP.”

Looking at the scene in front of him, Lu Yu did not hesitate to take a step forward, suddenly cut out a general attack damage, accurately shattered another “weakness aura” on “Kogas”, resisted a defensive tower shelling, and then floated back for a distance, completely unreasonable.

Maybe it’s because the style of play is more fierce…

At this moment, Lu Yu’s live broadcast room actually floated through one or two fragmentary barrages:

“666, the anchor beat a few thieves aggressively, hard to eat the damage of the defense tower, you also have to slash it, cranky!”

“Yes, anchor, don’t be killed by the tower…”

“Tip: The user salted fish Qinglian, give the anchor a grilled fish.”

“Well, thanks for this… Who who whose gift. ”

Lu Yu’s gaze noticed a gift prompt floating in the upper right corner, casually chatted with the barrage, and then returned his attention to “blood volume suppression”.

At the same time, the middle and lower roads of Summoner Canyon can be said to be calm.

I saw the tsar and Gario in the middle facing each other, and the lower combination of the two camps could not kill anyone, temporarily falling into an awkward stalemate.

As the game time gradually passes….

It didn’t take long for S-meb’s upper single bugs to reach level 5.

However, his state is relatively bad, only 1/3 of the amount of blood left, and if he is not careful, he is likely to end up dying tragically on the street.

And Lu Yu’s “Fiona” has been successfully promoted to level 6, has the experience advantage of 1 level, and has also sent a huge wave of troops into the range of the defense tower.


S-meb realized the seriousness of this problem, and quickly tapped the keyboard to call his own prince of Tano: “Dano, come and help clear a wave of troops, I need to go back to the city to update the status.” ”

“No problem, when I am level 6, I can help you with the road again.” ”

S-meb: “Well, that guy’s flash time is still there…”

Before he finished speaking, there was a muffled hum, and a circular magic aura appeared under his feet, marking four weak points at the same time, as dazzling as a death mark.

That’s right, this is Fiona’s R skill [Matchless Challenge].


Looking at the four “weaknesses” under his feet, S-meb subconsciously popped out a dirty word: “Arcee!” ”


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