As long as you complete the content of a task, you can get millions of RMB rewards, and there are some special rewards.

There is no doubt about it….

It’s a great way to make money.

Suddenly, Lu Yu couldn’t help but recall his current identity: RNG substitute on the list, want to get some playing time as an RNG list, at least until the S8 spring game.

Or, find a way to get a starting spot on a team, otherwise the odds of playing at the S7 World Championship are low.


Because RNG has a “management father” player in the team: Jean Di · Letme。

Some of Letme’s blindness was more vivid than the operation….

For example: S7’s four-strong advantage Nar jumps back, the line does not cross the river, never opens the group, the team battle is full of blood OB, and the body of Sein does not dare to resist the tower.

No matter how bad Letme plays, the 25-year-old can always get a “starter” position, then play a wave of underdog whitewashing and continue his journey as a singles mixer.

In a past life, the inability of Buckle to play was both a prime example.

As he pondered the question….

At this time, a knocking countdown sound sounded next to the ears.

Looking at it, I saw that the hero ban selection on the screen had ended, and now it was his turn to lock a single hero, and there were only four seconds left in the selection time.


Lu Yu’s brows frowned, casually went to the list of heroes on the screen, and completed the lock in the last 1 second.

A muffled buzz!

I saw a silhouette holding a blade popping up on the screen, the bright interior of the palace, pure white combat clothing, purple cape, and rose petals floating around, like an elegant noblewoman.

That’s right, it’s “Matchless Sword Ji Fiona”.

Although this version of LOL is not very suitable for “warrior on the list”….

However, it is still not to the point where it cannot be chosen, so there is no problem in choosing “Kenji”.


Lu Yu moved his palm casually, and then looked at the lineup of red and blue, just thinking about the problem of “playing”, before he had time to see the names of the heroes of the two camps.

Suddenly, the two lineup lists came into view.

Blue square lineup: Shangdan Big Bug, Dano Prince, Zhongdan Tsar, adcEZ, Auxiliary Hammerstone.

Red Square Lineup: Kamisingle Kenji, Fight Wild Blind Monk, Nakadan Gario, ADC Ember, Auxiliary Bullhead.


Looking at the scene in front of him, Lu Yu’s eyebrows raised: “Kogas? Well, I don’t have any difficulty hitting big bugs. ”

Indeed, he has some advantages on the road line.

You only need to pay attention to the blue side’s wild prince Gank, he has the confidence to crash that one on the single Kogas line and completely clear the road, and Gario in the middle of his own side also has a global support move after level 6, and the subsequent single belt can also get more protection.

Over time….

Soon, the player’s loading progress will be completed on the screen, and you will instantly enter a familiar Summoner Canyon interface


When Lu Yu finished buying some equipment for going out, his eyes noticed a strange picture, and he saw that the map in the lower right corner flashed with 5 red marks, which seemed to symbolize the signal of the enemy hero, and were slowly moving in a dim fog of war to the river area in the middle of the map.

Slow down….

These are the two skills that have just been acquired: [Hunting Mark] · [Upper Single God of War]?

Although already read their content description ….

However, it was the first time he experienced the effect of tracking skills that resembled “BUG”.

Now that the effect of [Hunting Mark] has appeared, there is only one [Shangdan God of War] left to improve the online strength, and according to its description, he can obtain some S-level proficiency of Shangdan heroes.


Lu Yu’s eyebrows raised, and then he quickly manipulated his Shangshan Jianji to rush to the online area.


At the same time, the KT team training room of Han Country.

S-meb is broadcasting a regular Rank match, and because SKT is chasing two to three, he is still very depressed and needs a killing game to vent his emotions.

“Huh? That Shangshan dared to play Jianji in front of me. ”

The corner of S-meb’s mouth outlined a sneer, and he said without scruples: “Hehe, I can use Kogas to teach this guy a lesson and make him understand that not everyone plays Kenji well.” ”

As soon as the words fell, a bunch of lively barrages appeared in the S-meb live broadcast room:

“Hahaha, blast that one Shangshan Jianji.”

“Ah! Why should S-meb play Kogas and play some warrior on the list. ”

“Whatever, S-meb is one of the strongest swordsmen in Hanbok, it doesn’t matter if you exercise the meat tan on the list, anyway, it will end up beating the enemy’s upper order.”

“Hey, RNG-Brando, is that Kenji from the LPL team?”

“I haven’t heard of it, garbage team, garbage division…”

“Hahahaha, it is estimated that the Kenji line will be blasted by S-meb’s Kogas.”


Looking at the crazy barrage content surging on the screen, S-meb chatted with the barrage while manipulating his big bug to bypass the river and quickly go to his online area.

However, he did not know that there was a “hunter” hidden in the grass in the distance.

That’s right, the “hunter” is both Lu Yu’s upper single sword Ji.

According to the tracking information provided by [Hunting Mark], he had hidden in advance to the grass area at the exit of the river, trying to carry out a level 1 ambush and forcibly suppress the online health of the “big bug”.

After all, Fiona’s level 1 fighting ability is not weak.

“Sure enough…”

Looking at a red mark that was constantly jumping on the screen, Lu Yu let out a turbid breath, and then manipulated his upper single sword Ji to take a step forward, and suddenly swung his sword blade to slash at the “weak point” position of the big bug.


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