"Mr.Badger, Now that the introduction is over, Let's discuss some business," Alex said.

"Sir.Famir, Can I see the legacies before we sign any contract and complete the deal." Badger asked after taking a deep breath like, worried about something.

'Well, It is a reasonable request, but first, I should explain the War Priestess Legacy situation to him.' Alex thought.

"Mr.Badger, Before we complete the deal, I need to explain something to you," Alex said as he took out the teleportation marker with the recorded coordinates of the legacy tomb and placed it on the table.

"I believe you know that this is a teleportation marker used to record the coordinates of a specific location?" Alex asked, and after seeing Badger nod his head in agreement, he continued with his explanation.

"This teleportation marker has the coordinates of a legacy tomb with a [SS] Rank legacy which the organization is willing to give you, but there is a small problem with it."

"The legacy tomb is in the middle of Golden Frog Habitat and is guarded by the Golden Frog Queen, but that is not the issue because the frog queen is friendly, and as the coordinates are right in front of the tomb so, teleporting to the tomb is also not a problem."

Badger had a blank look, and one could tell he had some doubts and questions about the explanation, but he didn't say anything and waited for Alex to complete his explanation.

"The issue is that the player needs to pass the Frog queen test before they can acquire the legacy, and if the frog queen doesn't deem the player worthy, they can't acquire the legacy and, one more thing only female players could take the test," Alex said and waited for Badger to digest the information.

"Sir.Famir, If the Golden frog queen stops the player from entering the legacy tomb, why doesn't the organization just kill her, and the issue will be solved?" Badger asked.

"If the Golden frog queen is killed, then no one will ever get the legacy," Alex replied with a lie that he had prepared beforehand.

Alex knew that Ravenglades Guild could kill the Golden frog queen while facing some great losses, and they would happily do it to get a member with a [SS] Rank legacy.

Alex knew that nothing would happen even if the Golden frog queen was killed, but he also understood that if he told Badger to kill the Golden frog queen by his own mean, it would ultimately make his organization look bad, which was not happening.

"Mr.Badger, the organization knows that getting the War Priestess legacy is very hard as your friend needs to clear the test from Golden frog queen and then pass the trial of the legacy tomb to acquire the legacy, which is why the organization has decided to give you a choice."

"You don't take the War Priestess legacy, and the organization will give you another [SS] Rank legacy in two months but know this before you make your decision."

"The War Priestess legacy is a Peak [SS] Rank legacy, while the other legacy that you will get would not be of the same quality," Alex said and waited for Badger to reply.

"Sir.Famir, Before I make the decision, can you tell me if the other two legacies have some special restrictions that need to be fulfilled before one can acquire them." Badger asked after thinking for a few seconds.

"Mr.Badger, I can tell you about the other two legacies, but I think it is better to see them with your own eyes, as my organization has selected the best available legacies for you," Alex said as he removed the tea cups from the table.

After cleaning the table, Alex took out the breathtaking glass-like shield and placed it on the table, and then he took out the set of daggers from his inventory and placed it beside the shield.

"I think these magnificent weapons don't need any introduction as their presence speaks for themselves," Alex said as he looked toward Badger, whose entire focus was on the table.

'These are real [SS] Rank legacy items.' Badger thought as he picked the shield that was light a feather with a fantastic appearance.

'This shield will belong to me in the future.' Badger thought with a broad smile as he looked at the floating transparent window from the system offering him the legacy quest.

"Sir.Famir, How much do I need to pay for these legacies? And tell me if I need to sign any contract," Badger asked excitedly, not even checking the dagger set to see if it was a legacy item or not.

"Mr.Badger, You should decide if you want the War Priestess legacy, and then we can complete the deal," Alex replied.

'Anahit Would not be happy if she failed to acquire the legacy, but if I told her I returned her legacy because it was harder to acquire, she would definitely make my life a living hell.' Badger thought as he considered the consequences of not taking the legacy.

'I should message Vlad before he does anything stupid.' Badger quickly sent a message to Vlad, not knowing that his friend was standing outside the door, ready to break it down.


'Master, Should I kill this boy?' A Beastmen standing near Vlad asked and waited for a reply.

'Don't kill him but give him a little warning and make sure he doesn't create any ruckus.'

'Why an adventurer like him who holds the legacy of an ancient giant trying to kill that kid?' The beast thought, looking at Vlad getting ready to attack the mana barrier.

Vlad was holding a spear with both hands, and a massive amount of mana was gathering around him, and he was concentrating all that mana on the tip of the spear.

'I hope he has the sanity of a human and peacefully leaves, or I will need to kill him.' The Beastman thought, seeing Vlad ready to unleash a big attack on the mana barrier he created.

'Let's crack this barrier and meet these rats.' Vlad thought while fully concentrating all the mana he gathered on the tip of his spear.

Vlad was confident in destroying the barrier with just his peak Rank three attack because the mana barriers, even at fifth rank, were weak, and the only thing they did was stop someone from spying, but these barriers were feeble against physical or magic attacks.

After a few seconds of concentrating mana on the spear tip, the attack preparation was completed, and just as Vlad was ready to thrust the spear with all his might, his expression changed from contraction to surprise, then pure terror.

'What kind of monster is targeting me?' Vlad questioned as he felt a vast amount of killing intent and mana pressure.

Vlad canceled his attack because he knew if he followed with his attack, he would die without question, and he used his spear as support not to fall as his legs were shaking from the tremendous mana pressure.

"Senior, I am not trying to destroy this hotel. I am just trying to save my friend as his life is in danger, and the attacker has paled a barrier around this room," Vlad said out loud with much difficulty as even after he canceled the attack, he was still experiencing the full brunt of mana pressure and killing intent.

'It is good that he knows his limits, and it is even better for me as he doesn't even suspect that I am protecting that kid.' The Beastmen thought as he looked at Vlad, who was struggling to stand still.

"Your friend is no danger." The Beastmen said as he stopped releasing mana pressure.

'He doesn't have any reason to lie to me.' Vlad thought after hearing the telepathic voice.

Vlad was still not convinced and was planning to ask the senior to help him open the barrier when he received a message from Badger telling him there was no problem and he shouldn't do anything stupid like barging into the room.

'This bastard could have sent this message a few minutes ago.' Vlad thought, seeing the message from Badger.


"Sir.Famir, I will take all three legacies." Badger said after thinking for a few seconds.

"Mr.Badger, The price of these three legacies is four hundred and fifty thousand White Flame coins," Alex told Badger the price with a blank look, but his heart was beating at a crazy speed by just asking the crazy amount of money.

"I am grateful for the opportunity that the Shadow Oblivion organization has given me, and to show my sincerity, I want to offer some gifts," Badger said as he placed a purple space ring on the table.

"I want to gift the organization 30% ownership in a company that handles Advance Robotics and other AI-related new technology acquired from the Galactic shop," Badger said and waited for the reply.

'The company that handles Advance Robotics and other AI-related technology would easily be worth a few billion dollars, and if I accept his gift, I would be an instant billionaire, but I don't need it as real word money is just a few numbers on a screen.' Alex thought after hearing the offer.

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