Magic Tower Starry Sky

Chapter 1811: Abnormal

Looking left and right, someone was a little confused about the current situation. He simply got down from the seat in front of the eyepiece of the astronomical telescope and walked towards the crowd.

Lin noticed that the expressions of a group of people were actually divided into three types. Most of all, there was a hint of confusion in the calmness. This was the expression shared by the elves headed by the Scarlet Sword Saint Miriam. There is also a great demon in human form, Starina.

There is no need to think too much about the situation of that big demon, he is just Azad's follower. Just ignore it as a background board.

But Lin clearly remembered that before he prepared to start the abyss stargazing operation, although he invited the elves and the World Tree to prepare, he only allowed three elder-level elves to stay on the third floor of the magic tower.

The other elves are on standby. Anyway, the World Trees are also very skilled in using the flash technique. Support or anything else is no problem.

Whenever necessary, transporting an army of millions of elves in an instant is just a matter of thought. Of course, whether the hastily sent troops have combat effectiveness is a question on another level.

But now the elves appear directly on the top of the tower. Originally, they formed a circle around the astronomical telescope. Just after someone came to his senses, the elves came together on their own initiative. In total, there were twenty-seven or eight people crowded at the top of the tower.

There is another expression between Fen and Ezio who doesn’t know why he appears here. The latter did not receive the invitation.

The task Lin had assigned to the Brotherhood before was to stay in Shield City on the Lost Land side, or stay in the house in Yi City on the Abyss side. Anyway, just don't get close to the magic tower if you have nothing to do.

Who knew these guys would actually reach the top of the tower?

The expressions of these two people were surprised. Although it was not exaggerated, it was obvious that they felt... unfamiliar with the environment they were in?

Lin didn't know where this feeling came from, but both Fen and Ezio looked cautious and confused. Ezio even ran to the edge of the tower and looked out over the Crown of Thorns device. Both of them were confirming the environment.

The crown of thorns... still looks the same, but it no longer smells like a hakakiri.

You must know that all Hakiri have the same magic circle as the ring set designed by Lin, which can be used to locate the flash spell.

For this reason, Lin's ability to sense positioning had to undergo a revision and upgrade. Otherwise, there are tens of thousands of sensing points around you all the time reminding you to pay attention, which is like placing hundreds of alarm clocks beside the bed while sleeping, and they all go off at the same time. It is easy to suffer from mental breakdown.

But now those auras belonging to Hakiri have almost disappeared, at least not at all on the Crown of Thorns, and can't even be sensed elsewhere. You must know that even if Haggiri ran into the subdimensional tower in the dimensional gap, it would not make anyone feel such a complete isolation.

There were too many things that he couldn't figure out, so Lin didn't dwell on it for too long.

As for the third expression, it is the incomprehensible expression of the Demon Prince Azad.

It can be said that if you want to interpret this guy's micro-expressions, you can probably drive all the psychiatrists crazy and look like Harley Quinn in Batman. So Lin didn't intend to delve into what the man was thinking behind his charming expression that was half-smiling but not smiling.

Although Lin didn't completely understand this person's knowledge, he also knew that he shouldn't take it too seriously and could only use it as a reference. Even if you ask him, you may not get the correct answer.

So Lin quickly turned his attention away from Azad. Now was not the time to waste time dealing with this guy.

For the first time, Lin did not ask the people close to him. Instead, he walked towards the group of elves and asked, "Why are you all on the top of the tower?"

He didn't notice it until he got closer. As soon as he got closer, Lin was startled when he saw the elf holding the elder staff in Yishui.

He is not a novice who knows nothing about the ecology of the elven tribe. Others may never see something like the Elder Staff once in their lifetime, but Lin Lian has been to the heart of the tree, which is the absolute weakness. How could he not know about an artifact-level item like the Elder Staff.

He went out with the elder staff, and all twenty-five of them were present. It is estimated that the elves were invading the Kingdom of God and preparing to kill the gods. So he couldn't help but be surprised.

However, someone asked a question, the Blade Maiden of the Ancient World Tree Yectrasil, and also a representative of other elves. The Blood Sword Saint Miriam was about to answer, but a strange color flashed across her face in an instant.

Although this weird expression was caught by someone, Miriam immediately returned to normal and said:

"Because Mr. Fen suddenly ran to the top of the tower, and we also came up with the help of His Majesty's strength, this means that your Majesty's knowledge of the matter here has been made. In order to avoid serious situations, all the elders were sent here to make preparations. .”

At first glance, the reason sounds very reasonable. After all, the World Trees know what someone plans to do and how dangerous it will be if the worst happens. Therefore, if there is any trouble, it is a reasonable option for Yggdrasil to invest the strongest combat power first.

This was also due to the actions of the elves, Fen only saw them following up to the top of the tower. The rest happened after Lin and Fen were sealed in the space constructed by the Haggiris, so they didn't think there was anything wrong with this reason.

But when Azad and Ezio also heard this answer, their expressions were not so calm. Not to mention Azad's condition, Ezio had a strange expression, filled with reflections and lack of confidence.

Now it was no longer possible for Lin not to ask. He ignored Azad, who said few truths, and asked Ezio directly: "Hey, boy. How did you show up here? Did you come together or separately? I didn't want you to stay here. Are you on standby in Shield City?"

He was bombarded with several questions, but Ezio, a stupid boy, was not stumped. In the past, he relied on his strong skin and toughness to fight with a certain magician in various ways. He only used the lower three moves and all other destructive tricks. The constant stream of questions is just a trivial matter.

But...that was him in normal times, but today's Ezio didn't have such decisive reactions and acumen. He was hemming and hawing, unable to say even a single sentence. He looked like he was racking his brains to organize what he wanted to say.

But the confusion of memory not only caused some trouble for Ezio's thinking, but also caused actual pain. The throbbing migraine made him scratch his head sadly and scratch his messy brown hair.

Just as Ezio slapped his head sadly, his face suddenly changed in an astonishing way, and something hard like scales rose up from the inside of his skin.

But this is not a permanent change, but a wave-like propulsive change with the opposite direction of the beating. When it passes through the eyes, the white part of the eyes will turn black, and the original pupils will turn into red vertical pupils, completely devoid of human appearance.

However, after the wave passes, the skin will return to normal. With the slapping of palms, such changes spread round after round.

Lin had never seen such an abnormal phenomenon before. Even if he had seen other examples, it happened to Ezio, and it happened in front of his eyes, how could he not ignore it at all.

Lin hurriedly stepped forward and asked: "Boy, what's wrong with you?" At the same time, two hands grabbed Ezio's shoulders, and all the data on his body were immediately detected by Lin, who had the true biography of the original lich.

Ezio Augustus, a human who drank the blood of a black dragon as a baby.

Generally speaking, dragon blood is impatient and cannot be drunk directly. It must be processed and mixed into a potion for use, or it must be absorbed by soaking or bathing.

It's just that this method will lose most of the essence. Therefore, capable people use quantity to ensure that users can receive sufficient improvement.

However, as the most special period of infancy in a person's life, drinking dragon's blood directly has the opportunity to obtain great benefits. That is to integrate the blood of the dragon clan into oneself and transcend the human identity.

It can be said that from a certain perspective, Ezio has become an extraordinary person, or someone with such qualifications. All the exercises and training he did were just to lure out the power in his blood.

How could such an excellent experimental rat escape Fen's clutches! As a man who often interacted with each other, Lin also knew what kind of situation Ezio was in.

Because of this, Lin was horrified by Ezio's current situation. It's like being teleported using a flash technique without any protection, causing the teleported object to be corroded by alien energy and tend to turn into an evil spirit.

It's just that Ezio's alienation was suppressed by his dragon blood. The two have a tendency to merge, so the situation is very strange. UU reading www.uukanshu. The only good thing about net is that at least he has not lost his normal sanity, but he is not having a good time as a whole.

Ezio was not able to wear clothing such as the Elf Holy Robe, but he also had no chance of being teleported by the flash spell, so it should not be the alien energy erosion that Lin is familiar with.

Did he turn into a demon because he had been active in the abyss for too long?

Or... Lin looked at the eyepiece seat of the astronomical telescope. What happened before was not a dream. However, those influences are not non-existent, but they have been eliminated for some reason, but not completely?

is that so?

Without more clues, Lin could not make a more accurate inference. He didn't dare to do anything to Ezio rashly, for fear that he would mess up something. After all, body modification is not someone's specialty. After that, we will see if Fen is interested in taking action.

However, Lin immediately shifted the focus to Azad and asked, "Do you know what the situation is?" Only then did Lin notice that Haqikiri Khan was actually being held by Azad.

He lightly clasped his shoulders with the Khan in his hand. Azad said with his usual casual attitude: "What happened~. By the way, I want to go back to the Lost Land, can I just go through that door?"

Regarding the sudden change of topic, Lin replied angrily: "I hope the defense measures of the magic tower can kill you directly. But you are a human, and even if you have demon blood, you are not completely a demon, so you can enter and exit freely."

"But if you want to bring Starina with you, that's impossible. It will definitely trigger the defense mechanism. But what is the condition of this brat? Did you come together?"

"Haha." Azad pretended to be stupid and said, "What's going on? Does anyone care?"

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