[The host does not have this constitution! ] 】

It seemed that he did not expect this to happen, and the system was silent for a while, then continued.

“Does not exist?”

Su Changsheng’s mood was a little delicate, he looked at the petite dragon girl in his arms, the skirt of the blue and silver was very gorgeous, his face was delicate, and his eyebrows were with pain.

Could it just be luck?

“That’s it, since it was sent to the door, then save it, and turn it home by the way!”

Su Changsheng shook his head slightly and stopped thinking about this.

According to the evaluation given by the system, this dragon girl, also a future female emperor, is close to the purple-gold level of life, although it is not as good as Gu Qingge, but it is also very against the sky.

How could he let such a dragon girl send to the door?

It just so happens that he saved her, so there is no problem for her to be with her body, right?

“What a pitiful peerless beauty!”

On the side, Yan Ruyu also stepped forward and couldn’t help but praise, her flawless face was filled with pity.

Such a petite girl looks like a sister.

“Don’t underestimate her, she’s a great saint!” Su Changsheng shook his head and said softly.

Hearing this, all the strong people were surprised.

Such a young girl is also a great saint?

However, when combined with the previous terrifying momentum, as well as the Buddha-figure of the silver true dragon, this is not surprising.

“Is the Buddha-figure of the Silver True Dragon a strong man of the Silver Dragon Clan in the Seagod Palace?”

Yan Ruyu guessed.

There are many dragon clans in this world, and the ethnic groups are also different, some honor the sea area, and some occupy the land, but they all have one characteristic——

It’s extremely powerful.

The Silver Dragon Clan is the dragon clan force of the Sea Clan.

“Yes, it is the Silver Dragon clan of the Seagod Palace, and the status is very high, it is estimated that she was chased and killed by hostile forces, and if she saves her, it will also be a lot of trouble for us!”

Gu Qingge said at this time, she did not directly say the identity of the dragon girl.

After all, as the Destiny Female Emperor Reborn, only Su Changsheng knows about it at present, and she doesn’t want to be exposed.

“It’s troublesome, just solve it when the time comes, go back!” Su Changsheng smiled lightly.

He is not afraid of trouble.

If there is a chaser coming to the door, then solve it easily.

With his current strength, if he wanted to make him defenseless, it would at least be possible if the Great Emperor arrived.

Otherwise, relying on the two imperial soldiers, he has the power of a battle.


Gu Qingge bowed her head, she also knew Su Changsheng’s current strength, and she didn’t need to worry about this, it was enough to be arrogant.

Soon, Su Changsheng and the others left here and returned to MixC City.

After coming to the Su family, Su Changsheng settled the dragon girl for the first time, and made a move, using various elixirs, and even the blood of the demon emperor to heal her injuries.

During this period, Gu Qingge took Yan Ruyu to walk around the Su family and met other sisters.

At this time, Yan Ruyu knew that Su Changsheng already had a wife and concubine, and even had two daughters, as well as several unborn children.

But she doesn’t care, such a powerful man, it is normal to have some wives and concubines.

And the two green-robed great saints, as well as a few strong people, were arranged by Su Changsheng in the Su family and let Su Yun command.

Anyway, Yan Ruyu is already his person.

Her subordinates are also Su Changsheng’s subordinates, and it is a waste to leave them unused, just to work for the Su family.

“Two Great Saints?!!”

And Su Yun almost fainted with happiness when he learned that there were two great saints obeying his command.

With two Great Sages in hand, what forces could the True Saint Continent have to stop the Su family?

Even if the Immortal Old Ancestor did not make a move, the Su family could sweep the True Saint Continent and be completely invincible.

Therefore, with the help of the two Great Sages and several strong people, Su Yun immediately began to prepare, wanting to launch a comprehensive attack and attack many top forces.

He wants to dominate the True Holy Continent.

This is also Su Changsheng’s order, within a year, he will see the Su family become the overlord of the True Saint Continent.

For the orders of the Immortal Ancestor, Su Yun has always obeyed his words.


In the next few days, the Su family sent troops and attacked many forces, including the top forces that had snatched the resources of the Ten Thousand Beast Sect.

Just like the Ling Void Sword Sect!

The movements of the Su family naturally also shook many top forces, and all the forces could not sit still, and began to unite and prepare to resist the Su family’s attack.


On this day, the Ling Void Sword Sect, a big hand that covered the sky, slapped down, and pierced the Great Array of the Guardian Sect with one palm, and the vast holy power swept through, shaking the entire heaven and earth.

Su Hao stood in the air, and the terrifying holy power surged from his body, and his whole body was covered with divine light.

He was like a god king descending from the heavenly realm, his eyes were cold, scanning the world, and he had a terrifying majesty.

This scene made the disciples and powerhouses of the Sword Sect terrified.


Su Hao slowly spit out a word.


“Destroy the Ling Void Sword Sect!”

“Hahaha, weren’t you still crazy a few years ago, daring to seize the resources of the Ten Thousand Beasts Sect, now it’s time to pay the price!”

A group of Su family powerhouses killed, the sky was full of figures, a massive army, and many strong people, the number of which was several times that of the Ling Void Sword Sect.

You know, after the Su family received Su Changsheng’s cultivation of terrifying resources that did not consume, the number of strong people increased by ten times or a hundred times more than before.

In addition, Su Changsheng will occasionally make a move, refining many divine objects, and even the fragments of the avenue to improve the strength of the Su family’s powerhouse.

It can be said that the overall strength of today’s Su family is stronger than that of one of the ancient races, there are more than a thousand strong people in the Ten Thousand Ancient Realm, and there are countless Cave Void and Law Phase Realms.

Of course, the saint was still not born.

After all, it is too difficult to become holy, and if you rely on resources alone, it is difficult to pile it up in a short time, and it takes a lot of time.

However, high-end combat power with Su Changsheng and two great saints is also enough.

“Su family, do you want to kill them all!”

The Sword Sect Ancestral Land, accompanied by a roar, three terrifying holy powers rushed up, all of them were the saint ancestors of the Ling Void Sword Sect.

When the Ling Void Sword Sect was facing a crisis of life and death, they finally couldn’t sit still.

Originally, the Ling Void Sword Sect secretly had a hidden saint, and there were four saints in total.

It’s just that there is a saint ancestor who has fallen in the Great Saint Secret Realm of the Burial Demon Valley, and now the Ling Void Sword Sect, there are only three saints, and their strength has plummeted.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Three brilliant sword rays came, overwhelming the sky, with terrifying holy power, to kill a group of Su family powerhouses.

If the saint strikes, if there is no strong person of the same level to stop it, it will be a one-sided slaughter.

“Great, Lao Zu made a move!”

“My Sword Sect has three Saint Ancestors, who can definitely defeat the Su Family powerhouse!”

“Hateful, the Su family deceives people too much, the saint ancestor makes a move, my Sword Sect must counterattack back and destroy the Su family!”

In the Sword Sect, a group of elders and disciples showed joy when they saw this scene.

Some radical disciples roared.

“Also ask Elder Su Hao to make a move!”

In the Su family, a leading Taishang elder suddenly changed his expression when he saw this, and shouted to Su Hao, who looked indifferent and like a god king.

The Su family has only one ancestor, Su Changsheng.

And the other Su family powerhouses, even if they are strong, are only an elder, or the position of a Taishang elder.


In the air, Su Hao looked indifferent, he was covered in divine light, a big hand fell down, covering heaven and earth, pinching all three sage sword rays in his palm, and then shattered.

A terrifying momentum far beyond a saint and almost like a saint king was crushed, like a flash flood and tsunami, sweeping the heavens and the earth.

“Half-step Saint King?!”

“The Su family even has such a strong person!”

“It’s over!”

The three great sages of the Sword Sect, the old ancestor, trembled in their hearts, and a trace of fear flashed in their eyes.

Although the strength of the three of them is good, they are all Saint Five or Six Heavens, even if they join forces together, with the help of the Ling Void Sword Sect’s heritage, they are not the opponents of the Saint Nine Heavens.

When Su Changsheng came to the door, they had four saints, plus their background, they also did not dare to fight with Su Changsheng, they understood that they might not be opponents.

Now facing a half-step Saint King, with only the three of them left, it was even more impossible to be an opponent.

A thick despair welled up in my heart.

“Hahaha, the Sword Sect that has been passed down for nearly 100,000 years, is it possible that it will be extinct in the hands of the old man?”

“This seat is unwilling, Su family, even if it is death, this seat will make you pay some price!”

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The three sage ancestors all laughed miserably, and then, their faces turned hideous, and they all broke out their strongest combat power, and they even used the foundation of the Ling Void Sword Sect in an attempt to make the Su family pay.

At the very least, it is necessary to kill some of the Su family’s powerhouses.


Su Hao looked indifferent, and he directly greeted him, suppressing the three Sword Sect saints with one hand.

Heaven and earth boil.

In the 100,000 li of the earth, there are countless brilliances rushing into the sky, gods can boil, and the divine light is billions of ways, like a war between the gods, and ancient myths have descended.

Incomparably violent fluctuations, sweeping hundreds of millions of miles, I don’t know how many strong people are shaken.

Far away, a venerable powerhouse, or a cave void, or an ancient one, and even occasionally a hidden saint, was looking at this scene with a shocked expression.

Passed down for nearly 100,000 years, the Ling Void Sword Sect, which had approached the level of the ancient clan, ushered in a catastrophe.


Half a day later, the terrifying movement disappeared, and the entire Ling Void Sword Sect had been destroyed, and many strong people had been killed, as were all elites and true disciples.

However, after all, the Su family did not completely exterminate, ordinary disciples were taken as slaves, let them work for the Su family, and only by accumulating enough merit could they be free.

“From today onwards, the territory of the Ling Void Sword Sect will be taken over by the Su family, and those who do not submit will be destroyed!”

Su Hao soared into the air.

His eyes scanned the heavens and the earth, and then he spoke, and his sound shook the earth for hundreds of millions of miles.

In the region ruled by the Ling Void Sword Sect, countless forces and strong people were terrified, and none of them had a luck mentality, and they all chose to submit to the Su family.

Soon, the news of the collapse of the Ling Void Sword Sect quickly spread throughout the entire True Saint Continent, and countless forces and powerhouses were shocked.

No one expected that the Su family’s means would be so fast and terrifying.

The strongest top force of the Ling Void Sword Sect was actually thundered and destroyed by the Su family.

For a time, the major top forces were very panicked, some forces were ready to run away with resources, and some forces were ready to submit to the Su family.

The entire True Saint Continent was in chaos because of the Su family.

“Alas, it seems that the True Saint Continent will soon be unified, and a powerful Saint Race will rise!”

Tai Shi Zong, the white-bearded old man stood with his hands in his hands, looking at the turbulent True Saint Continent, his eyes were complicated, and he couldn’t help sighing.

Holy Family?!

On the side, the face of the Tai Void Old Ancestor changed, this is a force of the same level as the Holy Land.

The Su family can actually become a holy family?

However, thinking of Su Changsheng’s demon performance, even if the Tai Void Old Ancestor was very conceited, he had to admit that the other party was indeed terrifying and against the sky.

Once promoted to the Great Sage, it is indeed possible to take the Su family to be promoted to the Holy Family.

“Huh? A great saint has come!? ”

At this time, the white-bearded old man’s face suddenly changed.

His eyes looked at the north of the True Saint Continent in horror, and he couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart.

“Great Saint? Old fellow, is it that the comer is not good? Seeing this, the Tai Void Old Ancestor was also awe-inspiring in his heart.

You know, in the past, the True Saint Continent was not without the arrival of the Great Saint powerhouse, but it had never once made the white-bearded old man gaffe like this.

“~ It is true that the comer is not good!”

The white-bearded old man couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

“They have already wiped out 30 billion miles of living beings, specifically, they have been eaten!”

“What?! 30 billion li? ”

The Tai Void Old Ancestor exclaimed, Rao was also shocked by this number as a Saint King.

Three billion miles of land, how many creatures will there be in this?

It is said that hundreds of millions are small numbers, and such a huge number of creatures have all been devoured.

Could it be said that the Great Sage who descended was an extremely murderous Great Sage of the Demon Race?

Only the strong people of the demon race would like to devour the flesh and blood of living beings so much.

Wait a minute…… They?

“Could it be that there is more than one Great Sage?” The Tai Void Old Ancestor was shocked in his heart and couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes, not just one, but four, all of them are the Great Sages of the Sea Clan, and they seem to want to eat all the creatures of the entire True Saint Continent!”

The white-bearded old man looked ugly and had a heavy heart.

The vast True Saint Continent has hundreds of millions of li, many forces, and countless living beings, but it cannot withstand the mass extinction of a full 30 billion li.

Moreover, the other party’s idea seems to be not just to stop at 30 billion li, but to eat all the True Saint Continent.

Such cruel methods, even if they are powerful in the Demon Dao, rarely dare to do so.

If you dare to devour the creatures of a continent, this will be chased and killed by the strong people of the imperial court, and it is even possible to dispatch a quasi-emperor.

“Old fellow, what now? Do they let them devour it? ”

The Tai Void Old Ancestor was anxious in his heart, and quickly asked.

“There is only one way, notify Su Changsheng of them, and then lead people to run!”

The white-bearded old man glanced at him and shook his head.

“And we are the same, although the old man leaves the Taishi Sect without permission, he will be punished by the Holy Land in the future, but if we don’t run away, we will all die!”

“Those several Great Sages of the Sea Tribe are all the strongest at the peak of the Great Sage, and it is impossible to fight unless it is the Great Sage Overlord or Quasi-Emperor who comes!”

The white-bearded old man sighed, his tone weak.

If it was one or two ordinary Great Sages, he could also unite with Su Changsheng to fight and even kill.

But the four peak great saints, then they can only choose to run, otherwise they will die.

“Four Great Saint Peaks?!”

The Tai Void Old Ancestor breathed suffocated, and was also frightened by this terrifying lineup.

No wonder the white-bearded old man would say that he wanted (Li Hao Zhao) to run.

“Wait, what does that kid Su Changsheng want to do, this is looking for death!?” At this time, the white-bearded old man’s face changed again, as if he saw something, and said with some annoyance.

“No, the old man has to go and save him!”

The white-bearded old man’s face was gloomy, but he quickly became firm.

“Tai Shi, what do you old guy want to do?” Tai Void Old Ancestor’s eyes widened, and his heart was uneasy.

“Too vain boy, you go and leave with the disciples of the Tai Shi Sect now, I have to go and save Su Changsheng’s kid, Miao’er has only been married for a long time, you can’t let her stay a widow!”

The white-bearded old man glanced sideways at him and instructed, and then he directly tore through the void and left.

This time, it was a real move, and he didn’t care about the so-called ban on holy places.

On the other side, far from the center of the True Saint Continent, in the continuous land in the extreme north, 30 billion li of land were all submerged by the mighty waves at this time, forming a vast Ze country.

From afar, tens of billions of miles of ocean roll up, setting off tens of thousands of miles of terrifying waves at every turn.

Countless palaces, cities, and even countless buildings, races, sects, and tribes have all been submerged, and the creatures in them have been devoured, and the blood and water have stained the vast sea.


In the vast ocean, a terrifying blue devil shark rushed out, with black and purple lines on its body, very terrifying, and the blood was monstrous.

Soon, this demon shark rushed out and turned into a blue-haired man, his face full of comfort.

“Refreshing, I haven’t eaten so cool for a long time, and it’s really the most delicious flesh and blood of the Terrans!”

The blue-haired man laughed.

“If it wasn’t for chasing and killing that dragon girl, I wouldn’t necessarily have this opportunity!”

“Hahaha, this time must eat a lot, not only this continent, but also other continents, but also eat a few more great saints, that is the most delicious!”

“In the past, we had to be careful when eating some people, and eating a little more would attract the Quasi-Emperor of the Imperial Court, and now that His Highness guarantees us, we are not afraid of the arrival of a Quasi-Emperor!”

In the vast Ze Country, there are also three terrifying sea tribe creatures, their bodies are extremely large and terrifying, exuding the aura of the peak of the Great Sage.

They were laughing.


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