Su Changsheng showed a moving expression.

Green Emperor.

This is also an extremely famous demon emperor, who became enlightened at the end of ancient times, and once created the brilliant Green Emperor Demon Court, praising several heavens and earth.

Even the Immortal Emperor Court and the Red Blood Emperor Court were much worse than it.

It’s just that this great emperor has already fallen, and the Green Emperor Demon Court he founded has gradually declined in the following years, and was jointly destroyed by a group of opponents.

Su Changsheng also did not expect that what Gu Qingge wanted to explore was the burial place of this great emperor.

“Madam, is the Tomb of the Green Emperor dangerous? This one is a supreme emperor, not to be underestimated! ”

Su Changsheng’s expression became serious.

Although the emperor’s tomb is good, it is not so lucky, and the slightest carelessness is a great danger.

“Don’t worry, the Tomb of the Green Emperor is one of the few relatively safe cemeteries, and the Young Emperor specially left behind, which contains the heart of the Demon Emperor, as well as the Demon Emperor Blood Pool!”

Gu Qingge said softly.

“Once obtained, you and I will have a big increase in strength!”

“In addition, there are Green Emperor soldiers in the emperor’s tomb!”

Speaking of this, Gu Qingge’s eyes shone brightly, which was also the plan she made after she was reborn.

First use secret methods to quickly improve cultivation and activate physique, and then cut off the opportunities that Hu knows, such as the tomb of the Green Emperor, and obtain the Extreme Dao Emperor soldiers of the Green Emperor.

Once there is the Extreme Dao Emperor Army, it also has the capital to traverse the world and compete with the hegemonic forces of all parties.

Merely…… All these plans stopped at Su Changsheng’s arrival.

Before her plan began to be implemented, she was cut off by Su Changsheng, and the whole person was taken down by him.

Thinking of this, Gu Qingge’s eyes flowed and fell on Su Changsheng’s body, faintly resentful.


Su Changsheng also sensed this resentful gaze, and when his mind turned, he understood.

Suddenly, I felt a little crying and laughing in my heart.

Is Gu Qingge blaming him?

However, anyone will pass up this good opportunity.

A female emperor who has just been reborn, has no means of resistance.

If this is not taken, then what kind of man?

“Cough, speaking of the Extreme Dao Emperor Soldier, madam, I just got a secret treasure some time ago, you come and take a look!”

Su Changsheng coughed lightly, changed the topic 22, and then a black secret treasure appeared in his hand.

Presents the image of a lid that looks like the lid part of a jar.

An inexplicable mighty force flowed, very mysterious, as if it could devour all souls.

“…… This is? ”

Gu Qingge glanced at it, and didn’t care at first, but soon his pupils shrank, and his pretty face became solemn.

She straightened up, her beautiful eyes blinked, and a blazing divine light emerged, mysterious runes flickered, staring, observing this black secret treasure.

Seeing this, Su Changsheng did not bother, but quietly looked at Gu Qingge, who was serious with a serious face, his eyes blinked, and he was as cold and noble as the Nine Heavens Goddess.

That beautiful and unparalleled appearance made him like it more and more.

It’s my wife, it’s so beautiful!

Su Changsheng sighed secretly in his heart, and then took a cup of spirit tea, the aura was pervasive, and he drank slowly while admiring the peerless appearance of the female emperor.

“Sure enough!”

At this time, Gu Qingge sighed softly, she withdrew her eyes, looked at Su Changsheng with complicated eyes, and said.

“This is the Extreme Dao Emperor soldier of a female emperor in the Ancient Heavenly Court, and his name is Zhenxian Emperor Jar!”

“This one is the upper part of that imperial soldier!”

Ancient Heavenly Court?

The movement in Su Changsheng’s hand suddenly froze, this was the second time he had heard of this force.

Last time, it was still the remnant soul of the emperor concubine in the ring, and the other party was the imperial concubine of the Ancient Heavenly Emperor.

This time there was another female emperor.

Although I don’t know how strong it is, I am afraid that it will not be much worse than Gu Qingge, right?

“Hmph, in ancient times, there was the Tongtian Divine Tree, connected to the immortal world, there were many strong people, and the emperors coexisted, claiming that there were three thousand emperors, even the true immortals had some!”

As if seeing Su Changsheng’s thoughts, Gu Qingge snorted lightly and explained.

“The Ancient Heavenly Court was also one of the most terrifying forces at that time, and that Heavenly Emperor was even stronger than the sky, even if it was a true immortal in front of her, she had to tremble and bow her head!”

Saying that, Gu Qingge’s face showed a look of fascination.

Even though she, as the Ten Thousand Tribulations Female Emperor, was in charge of the Red Lotus, and was at the peak of her strength in the previous life, she was still shocked by the strength and anti-heaven of that Ancient Heavenly Emperor.

“Awesome indeed!”

Su Changsheng on the side put down the cup in his hand and stroked his palm with the same admiration.

Although he didn’t know that the True Immortal was strong, just by virtue of this Ancient Heavenly Emperor’s ability to dominate a group of great emperors, it was enough to see her terrible.

But…… Her imperial concubine seems to be in her own hands, and she still wants to marry her imperial concubine.

This plan seemed to be promoted by Gu Qingge, and he wanted to give up at that time.

As a result, Gu Qingge personally helped him, and he was still very interested, and now he saw that she still had some yearning for the appearance of that ancient heavenly emperor.


Su Changsheng was suddenly a little subtle.

“And that female emperor is also terrible, she has really killed immortals, this town immortal emperor jar, is once the town killed immortals and got its name, although it is only half, but if it can be revived, it is not weaker than the imperial soldiers”

Gu Qingge continued to explain, the more she spoke, the more excited her tone became, and her eyes were shining with excitement, very excited.

“If you master this imperial soldier, then this time the Green Emperor Tomb can be taken from ten, even if you get the Green Emperor Soldier, you are completely sure!”

“Madam, how to urge this imperial jar, I have tried many methods, but the results are useless!”

Hearing this, Su Sheng became interested.

During this time, in addition to staying in the room with the brides, he also used his leisure time to study this imperial jar, during which he tried various methods many times.

But alas, none of them succeeded.

As if this was just a useless magic weapon, no matter how much divine power he poured in, there was no response.

If it weren’t for knowing that ordinary Great Saint Soldiers couldn’t withstand his endless influx of divine power, Su Changsheng would have wondered in his heart if this was a waste product.

“There should be a problem with the Zhenxian Emperor Jar, the gods in it are sleeping, and if they want to use it, they need special means, and ordinary control means can’t activate it!”

Hearing this, Gu Qingge smiled lightly, his posture was calm, and his eyes looked at Su Changsheng.

Didn’t go on.

Seeing her arrogant appearance, the corners of Su Changsheng’s mouth raised slightly, and he was secretly amused in his heart.

Is this a compliment that wants him?

“So Madame has this means?” Su Changsheng didn’t know, and his face was curious.

“Naturally, this emperor is the female emperor of ten thousand calamities, the master of the future immortal heavenly realm, if it is in the ancient era, this emperor is by no means weaker than that heavenly emperor!”

Gu Qingge said proudly, his eyes flowed, as if he had returned to the period of the female emperor, with a supreme aura, reigning in the world, looking at the ancient heroes.

“It’s worthy of being my good wife, it’s really powerful, and I’m ashamed of my husband!” Su Changsheng stroked his palm and praised, his tone was admiring, which made Gu Qingge’s heart flutter a little.

Always suppressed by Su Changsheng, the bastard, she finally had the opportunity to move back to Yicheng.

Listening to his praise, Gu Qingge was happy in her heart, and a smile faintly appeared at the corner of her mouth, very happy.

“So what means does Madame have?” At this time, Su Changsheng changed his tone and continued.

“Hmph, no need to agitate the general, I have mastered an imperial method, called the Immortal Soldier Technique, which an ancient emperor spent his life trying to create and use to control immortal weapons!”

“Although it didn’t succeed, if you control half of the Zhenxian Emperor Jar, there is still no problem!”

Gu Qingge said, raised his hand and pointed a finger, and his white jade-like finger pointed at Su Changsheng’s eyebrows, passing the immortal soldier technique to Su Changsheng.

Soon, a vast scripture came, extremely mysterious, it was the supreme law to control weapons.

Through this imperial technique, you can even forcibly interfere with the opponent and control the opponent’s imperial soldiers.

This is a godless law that has reached a peak in the way of weapons.


For the first time, Su Changsheng fell into the path of enlightenment, he fully felt this imperial method, his body emitted all kinds of unfathomable fluctuations, fairy light was shrouded, spiritual mist was surging, and thousands of chanting sounds continued to come out.

Various visions also emerged.

Countless symbols, hundreds of millions of golden runes, emerged on Su Changsheng’s body, gradually forming a “soldier” character.

“Is this an immortal body? It’s terrible! ”

On the side, Gu Qingge withdrew for a distance, looking at the vision in front of him, and Su Changsheng, who had fallen into a state of enlightenment, his absolutely beautiful face was full of complexity.

Once again, she clearly sensed the horror of the immortal body.

An imperial method was able to enter Xiaocheng in such a short time, and he continued to study and deepen and gradually master.

Presumably, it won’t be long before Su Changsheng can easily use the Immortal Technique to control the imperial soldiers.

Such a terrifying understanding, even Gu Qingge is far inferior, or far worse.

“Immortals? No, or rather, even in the immortal body, this is the top physique! ”

Gu Qingge muttered.

During her last female emperor period, she had not seen peerless demons, and she had also heard of the legend of immortal bodies, but her achievements were not as enchanting as Su Changsheng.

If nothing else, the Immortal Body is the top holy body close to the immortal body. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

“Good Emperor Law!”

Not long after, Su Changsheng woke up from the enlightenment, and many visions disappeared, his eyes flowed, and there was a mysterious aura on his body, and he admired at this time.

He has already mastered the Immortal Technique.

Although it is not said to have reached the extreme, it is also equivalent to the same level of great saint studying for a lifetime.

The Immortal Warrior Technique of this realm should be enough to control the Zhenxian Emperor Jar.


When Su Changsheng ran the Immortal Technique and controlled the Zhenxian Emperor Jar again, the black lid finally moved this time, the cover trembled, and a wisp of imperial power pervaded.

At this moment, it was as if it had collapsed the ancient time and space, shattering the nine heavens and ten earths, and an unparalleled power bloomed, far exceeding the Great Sage who did not know how many tens of thousands of times.

This is the real Diwei.

Even the wisp of quasi-emperor divine power that Su Changsheng had seen before, in front of this imperial power, it was just a clumsy counterfeit, ridiculously small.

This is the Extreme Dao Diwei!


This piece of heaven and earth is trembling, but it has not shaken to the outside world, because many large arrays have been laid down, and Su Changsheng also intends to converge the emperor.

Otherwise, once it breaks out, even a wisp can evaporate a continent and shake the entire God Domain.

As soon as the Extreme Dao Emperor Soldier came out, it was enough to crush everything and make one of the emperor-level forces shake.


Under the gaze of Su Changsheng and Gu Qingge, Di Gai soared into the air, blooming with a terrifying black light, like a black hole that swallowed ten thousand Dao, and the qi surged and terrifyingly terrifying.

Gu Qingge looked excited, and the sense of depression that had been urgent in her heart also relaxed a little.

With the Extreme Dao Emperor soldiers in hand, no matter what kind of enemy he faces in the future, he will have a certain confidence.

“So strong, worthy of being an imperial soldier!”

Su Changsheng was also amazed that he controlled the emperor jar and could feel the monstrous power contained in it.

Even if it is only a small part of the outbreak, it is enough to sweep all the Great Sages, resist, and even suppress the Quasi-Emperor.

Just like the wisp of quasi-emperor divine thought he encountered before, even if he touched his original figure, as long as he held the emperor jar, he was sure of a battle, and he could retreat all over his body even if he was not good.

“At this moment, I also have the confidence to face those supreme powerhouses!”

Su Changsheng said silently in his heart.

Although there is a system, because the time is too short, it is a little passive in the face of some supreme powerhouses, such as the absolute quasi-emperor or even the supreme.

But now, he has no fear.

As long as it is not a true Supreme Arrival, holding the Emperor Jar, he can fight.

“The divine power is consumed so fast!”

At this time, Su Changsheng’s face changed, feeling the divine power that quickly disappeared in his body, and his heart shook.

His divine power is huge, far superior to the powerhouses of the same level, I don’t know how many tens of thousands of times, and the result is a little difficult.

If it is other great saints, I am afraid that if they can’t control it many times, they will be drained of their divine power.


Thinking like this, Su Changsheng gradually retracted his divine power, and the originally revived emperor jar also calmed down, fell into his palm, and became unpretentious again.

“After all, it is half an imperial soldier, it is not complete and flawless, and the degree of divine power consumption will be ten times that of ordinary imperial soldiers, which is something that cannot be avoided!”

Gu Qingge on the side also explained.

“But no matter what, we also have an Extreme Dao Emperor Soldier now, no matter what we do, we have the confidence, even if you want the Imperial Court Princess, or the Ancient Imperial Daughter, the Empress has no problem!”

Saying that, Gu Qingge glanced at Su Changsheng meaningfully, and his eyes were quite playful.


Su Changsheng’s mouth 013 corner twitched slightly, is this mocking him for marrying wives and concubines recently?

But think about it, it’s true that the hunting range is a bit wider.

The reincarnation of the female emperor of the Mandate of Heaven, the princess of the imperial court, the concubine of the Heavenly Emperor, the king of the primeval people… And the Buddha Gate Heavenly Daughter –

This series of gods and daughters, each has a different identity, and they are all extremely noble.

If it were an ordinary person, it is estimated that he would have been shot to death by the powerful and strong.

“Madame’s words are reasonable, just for her husband has an idea, and is preparing to rob a few ancient royal daughters, such as the Heavenly Dragon Empress who has recently become extremely famous and the seventh on the Great Saint List, and she is very interested in her husband!”

Su Changsheng put away the emperor jar and looked at Gu Qingge, with a smile at the corner of his mouth.

“It’s just, before robbing the ancient queen and daughter, madam, if your husband still wants to have a few more children, let’s come a few more times!”


Hearing this, Gu Qingge was stunned, and then a chill surged up, followed by an exclamation, and the whole person was hugged by Su Changsheng.

“Madam, how about trying something else today, such as picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence?!”

Su Changsheng laughed.

“Su Changsheng, you bastard!”

Gu Qingge looked embarrassed, squeezed his fist with his small hand, and smashed it fiercely towards Su Changsheng, resisting his hegemony.

It’s just that he didn’t use divine power, and with his own strength, he was obviously tickling.

It is better to say that it is resistance, but it is love…

“It’s useless, today for the husband, we must revive the husband!”

Female emperor?

He hit the female emperor today!

For a time, the battle between Su Changsheng and the Heavenly Mandate Female Emperor seemed to have reached the end of heaven and earth, and the avenue was about to be wiped out.

In the middle of this, he also alarmed several other women, and the wives of nine goddesses, including Bai Yuege and others, came to help.

It’s just that they are obviously not opponents.


Three days later, on the edge of the True Saint Continent, an ancient stretch of mountains stretched between them.

This place is close to the land of Beixuanzhou, which is a forbidden land, and there are countless dangers in it.

Ordinary Ten Thousand Ancient Realm, the slightest mistake will fall here.


On this day, Su Changsheng came here with Gu Qingge, his eyes flowed, and a wisp of qi pervaded, tearing the rule and order, and erasing the danger of this area.

For a Great Saint Overlord, few places can be called dangerous.

“Madam, this is the tomb of the Green Emperor?”

Su Changsheng was responsible for it.

His eyes flowed, and he looked at the world with a frown, but obviously did not notice anything abnormal.

“Well, I know where!” Gu Qingge was dressed in a white dress, her face was cold, absolutely beautiful, and her temperament was extremely stunning, like a goddess of nine heavens.


Soon, under the leadership of Gu Qingge, Su Changsheng quickly found a strange place, revealed a strange appearance, and immediately fell with a palm, accompanied by violent fluctuations, and a terrifying aura rushed into the sky.

The earth shook, tearing continuously, and a huge whirlpool appeared in it.


Gu Qingge said coldly, and soon the two entered it.

On the other side, at the edge of the earth, there was also a group of people who sensed this qi engine.

“This… The breath of this ancestor! ”

A woman with a beautiful face and a jade-like face showed joy.


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