Lu Qingchan’s tone was cold.

Although not domineering, it also has a touch of superiority.

Although the Shenxiao Holy Land is only an ordinary holy place, it is also a force with several great saints.

Its power far exceeds that of the True Saint Continent, and it can even overlook dozens and hundreds of continents, claiming to be the top in a god domain~.

And Lu Qingchan, her status in the Shenxiao Holy Land is extremely high, comparable to several Great Saint Ancestors.

For her, a small continental saint will naturally not be put in her eyes.

There was also a sense of command in the tone.


“Be bold!”

Su Changsheng’s expression remained unchanged, still smiling, just treated calmly, but the faces of Su Yun and the other Su family powerhouses, the Wang family master and others were a little ugly.

“Presumptuous, this is the matter of my family’s ancestors, you an outsider also dare to point fingers and talk nonsense!”

Especially Su Yun and Su Hao, their eyes were extremely cold, and they reprimanded.


Hearing this, Lu Qingchan’s eyes were cold, she had been at the top of the Saint King for so long, and no one dared to talk to her like this.

Or in other words, anyone who dares to speak to her like this has already been slashed by her sword.


A terrifying power surged, carrying a trace of sword intent to press towards everyone, not with killing intent, but to teach Su Yun and the others a lesson.

“Daoist, you’re a little overdone!”

At this time, Su Changsheng’s tone was also a little cold, and without seeing any movement from him, the surging power was wiped out by an invisible force.


This scene made Lu Qingchan a little surprised, his eyes looked at Su Changsheng, sword intent surged, staring at one or two, but found that he couldn’t see through Su Changsheng at all.

A saint actually has such strength?

“Division… Master, if you have something to say, don’t do it! Seeing that Master Venerable’s face was cold and had a tendency to move, Chu Yue hurriedly beckoned.

“Yue’er, you retreat, this time Master Venerable will be tough once, even if it hinders your Dao Heart, Master Venerable will forcibly help you cut off this marriage!”

“Your future can be ruined like this!”

Lu Qingchan’s attitude is very tough.

She stretched out her hand, and an invisible mighty force surged, imprisoning Chu Yue like a tidal wave, and then collected into the Dongtian World in her body.


Immediately afterwards, she raised her hand and placed her palm on the long sword behind her, and a terrifying sword intent emerged.

In this heaven and earth, the invisible divine chain of order retreated one after another, all of them receded, and only an extreme sword artistic conception pervaded, like a divine sword stretching across the sky, suppressing everything.

This is the Dao domain that is close to the Great Sage.

Use the power of your own avenue to turn a world into your own domain.

But Lu Qingchan only used the realm of the Saint King to achieve the great saint’s thing.

It is worthy of being one of the reincarnations of the Ancient Sword Immortal.

Su Changsheng was also a little surprised, this Lu Qingchan was indeed amazing, he had not fully awakened, and he had not been able to combine Chu Yue, and he had an amazing combat power comparable to the young supreme.

If it is combined, awakening the true spirit memory of the sword immortal, as well as the physique, I am afraid that it will not really be able to soar into the sky.

“What?! My avenue is suppressed! ”

“This is the Dao Domain?”

“The Holy Dao Law of this seat can’t even be used, suppressed by this sword intent, this… This is…”

The group of strong people present were all shocked, especially the Vientiane Ancient Saint, who was even more shocked in their hearts, recognizing this terrifying ability——

It was a Dao Domain possessed by the Great Sage.

Could it be that this cold female sword immortal is a great saint powerhouse?

“Su Changsheng, your strength is indeed good, even if you dominate a continent, you can do it, but your marriage with Yue’er, this seat does not agree!”

“Lift it, this seat will give you corresponding compensation!”

Lu Qingchan said proudly.

Although she did not draw her sword at the moment, she had already shown her strength and believed that Su Changsheng could make a wise decision.

“Honza refuses!”

“Su Changsheng, do you know how amazing Yue’er’s physique is? Once awakened, she can soar into the sky, even if she worships in the Primordial Holy Land and becomes a contemporary saint, it is a breeze! ”

Hearing this, Lu Qingchan was stunned, her eyes sharpened, and her tone was cold.

“Her future is a supreme, a great emperor, and even an immortal dao, she has an infinite future, not trapped by a little saint of yours!”

That’s why she’s so tough.

When he found that Chu Yue was a little shaken, he decisively took action to imprison her, even if she was hated by her afterwards.

“Those futures you are talking about, this seat can also give her, or even better!”

“It’s a Taoist friend, you pointed fingers at Honza as soon as you came up, can it be true that Honza is good-tempered and can let you act recklessly?”

Su Changsheng’s tone also gradually cooled.

He didn’t have a seizure before, but he didn’t care, and he had the right to watch the play.

But now, the other party’s attitude was so tough and bad, then Su Changsheng gradually became a little angry.

Sword fairy?

I’m sorry, he hit the Sword Immortal.

“Can you give her a better future? Ridiculous, you think you are Supreme? Or the Great? Do you think you can be compared to the Primordial Holy Land?! ”

“A little saint, don’t be too arrogant!”

“Since you are so ignorant, then this seat will teach you a lesson today!”

Lu Qingchan laughed angrily, and Su Changsheng’s words made her feel ridiculous.

A little saint dared to speak wildly?

Could it be that he didn’t go to the First Holy Land?

“The last person who dared to talk to Honza like this has been killed by Honza with a sword!”

“As for you!”

“This seat just lacks a sword maid, you will serve this seat at that time and make a small one for Yue’er!”

Su Changsheng said lightly.

It just so happens that the status of the master and apprentice is reversed, and the master is the sister and maid of the apprentice, and serves in turn, which seems to be a good way to play?

It is just right to see the scene of this proud white female sword fairy breaking through the prevention and tears.

Su Changsheng suddenly looked forward to that scene.


On the side, Lin Miao’s face was a little strange, she didn’t doubt what Su Changsheng said.

The last one killed by his sword was Chi Zun of the Red Refining Demon Palace, a half-step Great Sage.

Such existences were killed by Su Changsheng’s sword.

Then this female sword fairy in front of her must be no better, right?


Lu Qingchan drank coldly, and she was completely angry.

If she just wanted Su Changsheng to withdraw from marriage before, now she had the idea of slashing him with a sword.

Let her be a sword maid? Still want her to make small ones?

Isn’t this just wanting to receive both master and apprentice?

Thinking that she and Chu Yue were being manipulated on the bed by Su Changsheng together, Lu Qingchan was extremely ashamed and indignant in her heart, and she had an urge to run away.


Lu Qingchan drew her sword, and an extremely terrifying aura burst out, comparable to a half-step Great Sage, and it was about to surge out and sweep the entire True Saint Continent.


Su Changsheng frowned.

If a big war broke out in the Su family, then in an instant, the entire MixC City would be wiped out.

Buzz –

Thinking like this, Su Changsheng waved his hand, and in an instant, the stars shifted, the heavens and the earth changed, and the two people appeared in the dark and boundless cosmic starry sky, surrounded by stars in the sky.


At this time, Lu Qingchan’s momentum also swept out, impacting this starry sky, and the sword intent was extremely fierce, causing thousands of stars to tremble and almost fall.

“This is the extraterrestrial sky?”

Although Lu Qingchan was ashamed and indignant, she also noticed the situation she was in at this time and suddenly woke up.

She is the realm of the Saint King.

Although there are only four heavens, their combat power is strong enough to reverse the half-step Great Saint.

With her strength, even a Great Sage powerhouse could not be silent and instantly take her to the extraterrestrial starry space.

Not to mention Su Changsheng is a saint!

Or, no, he is definitely not a saint!

“You… Not a saint! ”

Lu Qingchan’s expression was shocked, and her eyes looked at Su Changsheng sharply, very shocked, and there were some complicated things.

Could it be that she got it wrong from the start?

“Honza has never said that he is a saint!” Su Changsheng’s expression was flat, he stepped on the void, surrounded by immeasurable stars, as if he was the lord of the stars.


The next moment, Su Changsheng’s aura fully erupted, comparable to the vast momentum of the Great Saint Overlord, and in front of this might, Lu Qingchan was pitiful.

Like an ant, his heart couldn’t help but tremble.

“Great… Great Sage…”

Lu Qingchan was shocked, and the long sword she held in her hand was almost unable to grasp it at the moment.

Su Changsheng, whom she looked down on, turned out to be a great saint?

Moreover, this aura was simply terrifyingly powerful, more terrifying than she had ever seen the Great Sage.

“Lu Qingchan, you also use a sword, today, this seat will teach you how to use a sword!”

Su Changsheng’s expression was flat, looking at Lu Qingchan, who had lost his soul, and said lightly.

Buzz –

The white palm was raised, and a dark golden ancient sword appeared in it, and the breath of the stars flowed.

The Saint Soldier of the Star Fall Great Sage, although he could no longer keep up with his strength.

But now it’s not bad to take it out and use it!


While this Ancient Sword Immortal has not yet awakened, it is not bad to ravage her with kendo beforehand!

Just teach her a lesson!

Of course, this is just the beginning, and there will be countless “sufferings” waiting for her to eat.

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Su Changsheng’s thoughts turned, but the movements in his hands did not stop, and the thought of commanding billions of stars appeared thousands of stars, and all of them turned into a majestic emperor star.

The emperor star is brilliant, the divine light is shrouded, the chaos is surging, and the wisps of emperor fluctuations are permeated.

It was as if he truly possessed the soul and was a real emperor star, and his power skyrocketed.

The current Su Changsheng’s strength has already far surpassed that Starfall Great Sage.

The perception of the Starfall Bible is also far beyond the other party.

The Emperor Star sword, in the hands of Su Changsheng at this time, whether it was power or avenue perception, it had completely surpassed the Star Fall Great Sage!!


A sword shone brightly, shaking thousands of stars and rivers, and Lu Qingchan, who bore the brunt of it, was completely frozen at this moment, and the long sword he held in his hand seemed to have no courage to swing the sword.

“Damn, even if you are a Great Sage, Ben… I will not be worse than you! ”

Lu Qingchan suddenly bit her tongue, holy blood flowed, the stinging pain woke her up from her fear, and the long sword she held in her hand also burst out, and the sword intent was shocking.

Even if the strength is far inferior to Su Changsheng, this sword intent is dazzling and shocking, and it is not bad at all.


Lu Qingchan brazenly swung her sword, and a shocking dazzling sword light seemed to penetrate the nine heavens and ten lands, piercing the ten directions of Tianyu.

0 ask for flowers


Seeing this scene, Su Changsheng’s eyes lit up, and he couldn’t help but praise.

This is the real sword cultivation, rather than bend.

Even in the face of a terrifying strong enemy far beyond his own strength, he still has the courage to draw his sword.

It’s not like the group of waste in the Ling Void Sword Sect, which has the sword path empty, but no sword heart.

“Lu Qingchan, you are very good!”

Su Changsheng said loudly.


Immediately afterwards, Su Changsheng slashed down with a sword, and Di Xing slashed through Wangu with a sword, submerging Lu Qingchan’s sword light in it along with himself.

“I lost!”

Before losing consciousness, Lu Qingchan muttered, and then was flooded by the sword light, and her eyes were completely plunged into darkness.

His body was fished out by Su Changsheng before it was completely submerged by the sword light.

It’s hard to come across such a rare Twin Sword Immortal Master and Apprentice, but it can’t just be gone.

“Lose? You didn’t lose! ”

Su Changsheng hugged Lu Qingchan, looking at the unconscious state, showing a delicate appearance, and couldn’t help but whisper.

That dazzling sword intent was so pure and powerful, if it grew, it would be a peerless sword immortal that shook all worlds.

Su Changsheng was looking forward to that scene.

But before that —

“Or be my sword maid obediently, give me a few children!”

Su Changsheng showed a wicked smile.

Letting the cold and arrogant female sword fairy give birth to her own child with a big belly seems to be a very good picture.


Su’s house, in the room.

“From today on, you will be my sword maid, you will serve me every day, in addition, Chu Yue, Yue’er, that is, my wife, you have to call her lady, well, sister can also do!”

Su Changsheng sat on the first seat, his expression leisurely, and he was telling things.

In front of him, Lu Qingchan, who changed into a maid’s uniform, carried a long sword, and had a skeptical look on her face.

Chu Yue was also confused and blushed, not understanding what was going on in all this.

Before obviously losing consciousness, Master Zun was still fighting with Lord Fujun, and a big war would break out at any time.

Why did the master become a sword maid as soon as he woke up? And you have to call her Mrs. or sister?

Could it be that Master Zun was defeated by Lord Fujun?

And –

The work of a maid seems to include a maid’s bed, right?

Could it be that Master Venerable will serve Master Fujun with her in the future?

As soon as she thought of that picture, Chu Yue was extremely ashamed, her face turned red, and she was about to faint.

“It can’t be… It can’t be…”

Lu Qingchan lost her mind in her mouth, and also thought of similar things, with tears in the corners of her eyes, almost breaking her guard and crying.

She was a flying feather sword saint, and she became a saint king after only cultivating for hundreds of years, and was known as a peerless Tianjiao.

Is it possible to fall into the clutches of the man in front of you?

Just like those defeated cold fairies in the novel, the lonely sword fairy?


On the side, seeing this scene, Lin Miao couldn’t help but shake her head, her beautiful face was gloating, and Wang Xi’s eyes also had some pity.

The saint king, what an identity, turned out to be a maid, and had to be called a disciple sister…

This, if it is replaced by her, I am afraid it will not be much better——

Will die of shame and indignation!

“By the way, half a month later, this seat will hold a big wedding, and you will marry together at that time!”

At this time, Su Changsheng spoke again, and the words he said made Lu Qingchan suddenly pale.

“Don’t worry, you’re just a little maid in charge of the bedchamber!”

Su Changsheng glanced at her and kindly reminded.


Lu Qingchan was about to cry.

This status is not comparable to that of a wife!

Instead of being a little maid, it is better to be a wife, at least with a higher status!

Lu Qingchan completely broke her defense.

At this moment, she extremely regretted her previous decision, would it be okay if she had a gentle attitude?

“By the way, the top forces of the three parties that threaten the Wang family, Qingchan, you will deal with it!”

At this time, Su Changsheng raised his eyebrows, as if he had thought of something, and ordered Lu Qingchan.

It’s like calling a maid.

Su Changsheng was not afraid that Lu Qingchan would disobey or run away, and he had already placed a ban on Lu Qingchan.

It is the emperor-level level, and he is not afraid of disobedience at all.


Lu Qingchan froze again.

Unexpectedly let her take action to solve the Wang family problem?

In that case, what is the point of her coming to Su Changsheng’s trouble?

It would be good to solve the three major forces directly with one sword and solve the trouble for the Wang family.

Now not only has she lost herself, but she should have dealt with things that Su Changsheng should have dealt with, and now she has to let her make a move.


Lu Qingchan bit her lip silently and remembered this humiliation in her heart.

It’s just that the extremely beautiful face obviously can’t hide his mood, showing a humiliating and unwilling look, but he has to submit.

Combined with her cold temperament and sword fairy temperament.

The amazing charm of this mixture is formed.

The eyes of everyone present lit up, even women such as Wang Xi and Lin Miao were a little moved.

Chu Yue’s eyes also lit up.

… Lose….

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