Heaven and earth trembled.

That black treasure wheel is a great holy weapon, once powerful, it is like a real underworld, rumbling and turning, and can devour ten heavens and earth.

Even if it is to destroy a continent, or even to smash the stars in the sky, it is a breeze.

In the hands of Chi Zun, even if it is not as good as a true Great Sage, it can almost burst out of all his power.

One Great Saint Soldier is equivalent to half a Great Saint.

At this time, the Chi Venerable holding the Great Saint Soldier was enough to easily kill the half-step Great Sage, and he could easily kill dozens or hundreds of supreme Saint Kings with one blow, and even dared to fight with the Great Sage.

But at this moment, such a powerful Great Saint weapon was slapped away by Su Changsheng, wailing in the air, shaking violently, and even a slight crack appeared in it.


It can be clearly heard, there is a crisp sound.

“What?! Shaking the Great Saint Soldier with your bare hands?! ”

In the distance, the eyes of the Tai Void Old Ancestor were about to pop out, and his expression was extremely shocked, and he was about to look stupid.

He had lived for so long, and it was the first time he had seen a half-step Great Saint able to smash the Great Saint Soldier with his bare hands!

Wait a minute!!!

Half-step Great Saint ?!!

At this time, the Tai Void Old Ancestor was shocked and sensed Su Changsheng’s true cultivation.

It’s not the so-called supreme saint, nor is it the Saint King who has just broken through!

It’s a half-step Great Sage!

A six-thousand-year-old half-step Great Sage!

“This… This this… How is this possible… Didn’t Su Changsheng break through to the saint not long ago? ”

The Tai Void Old Ancestor was stunned.

He had lived so long and seen something so upended in his imagination for the first time.

A six-thousand-year-old half-step Great Sage.

This is actually not uncommon, many top demons, even thousand-year-old great saints, have become great saints in hundreds of years!

But Su Changsheng has just become a saint!

It’s not even been a year since sanctification, right?

Even if he had become a saint hundreds of years in advance and had been hiding, but hundreds of years of half-step great sainthood, it was extremely terrifying.

“Impossible!” “Eight Seven Seven”

On the other side, Chi Zun’s eyes widened, and his heart was shocked, and even trembled.

Why is Su Changsheng so terrifying?

Could it be said that he has always been hiding his strength and making a move against An Miaoyi, just to lure him to appear?

“Even if you hide your strength, there are great saint soldiers in this seat, and they are not afraid of you!”

Chi Zun roared, his angry crown rushed, his red hair flew, his divine power was monstrous, his qi and blood roared like a real dragon, and he was cathartic, like a great demon was born.


The monstrous divine power was surging, madly submerged into the Hades Lord Treasure Wheel, the huge treasure wheel vibrated and expanded infinitely, and a vast Great Saint Power bloomed in an all-round way.

The gas machine tore through the heavenly dome.

It can be seen that countless rules and orders have been shattered, the entire order of the avenue between heaven and earth has dispersed, and only a new “avenue” has appeared.

That’s the “avenue” of the Hades Wheel!

The Great Sage powerhouse, who raises his holy path to the extreme, can cover a piece of heaven and earth in a short time, disperse all laws and order, and only his own Dao exists.

In this realm, he is God, “heaven”, who can change order, transform rules, control everything, and suppress all low-level cultivators.


At this moment, that Fang Treasure Wheel unfolded its realm, forming a world of 108,000 li, where all order disappeared and all Dao Dharma was suppressed.


Su Changsheng chuckled, and he also felt a powerful suppressive force appear, suppressing his Dao, his Dao, making him unable to perform.

If it is an ordinary half-step Great Sage, I am afraid that it will be suppressed, and the strength will not be preserved.

“It is worthy of being a great saint, even if it is just a great saint soldier, it still has unimaginable power!”

Su Changsheng praised.

But that’s about it.

For some peerless demons, it is not difficult to reverse the Great Sage.


With just a slight shock, this suppressive force shattered inch by inch, and it could not bind him.

“Kill! Burial the heavens! ”

On the other side, Chi Zun roared, controlling the Hades Treasure Wheel, and the power of the Huanghuang Great Sage was crushed, wanting to kill Su Changsheng, and even did not hesitate to affect An Miaoyi on the side.

“Even if the real Great Saint is in front of me, I can directly kill it, just a Great Saint Soldier, dare to be arrogant?”

Su Changsheng raised his eyes.


The five fingers are open, and between the palm fingers, the zhengzheng is like a divine iron, forming a dragon claw, and the chaotic qi is full of chaos, like the claw of a real dragon.

This is the method of ten thousand calamities.

The subtlety of the exercises passed on to him by Gu Qingge was comparable to the real Emperor Sutra, which recorded the top-level combat methods among the thousands, and this was one of them.

True Dragon Claw!

A dragon groan sounded, as if a real dragon roared.

Just a claw tore out, the Avenue of Heaven and Earth wailed, as if tearing the entire world, the Dao Domain condensed by the Hades Wheel directly collapsed.

The torn claw strike bombarded the body of the Hades Lord Treasure Wheel, and in the terrifying eyes of Chi Zun and Tai Void Old Ancestor, it was directly torn apart.

A great holy soldier was just torn apart.

“How is it possible…”

Chi Zun looked shocked, his heart trembled, and he was full of fear, and his biggest hole card was just shattered?

Beside Su Changsheng, An Miaoyi’s eyes were full of admiration.

The original fear of Chi Zun was directly torn apart under Su Changsheng’s claw, and he was no longer afraid.

“Miaoyi, and see how Honza cuts off your heart demon with a sword and destroys the greatest fear in your heart!”

At this time, Su Changsheng groaned softly, turned his head sideways, his long black hair flew wantonly, just raised his hand to shake it, and a dark golden ancient sword appeared in his hand.

A wisp of great holy power pervaded.

This is the weapon of the Lord of the Starfall Bible, which contains his Dao.

Su Changsheng’s fingers flicked slightly, and the dark golden ancient sword trembled, as if he felt the breath of the Star Fall Bible on Su Changsheng’s body, and he was crying out with grievances.

“Let this seat once again show your power back then!”

Su Changsheng said softly.

It is recorded in the Starfall Bible that its founder once held the sword of the Great Sage, condensed the Emperor Star with the power of the stars, cut out the Emperor Star sword, and killed a Great Sage with a sword!

Today, he reproduces that amazing sword.


He bent his fingers, and in the firmament, immeasurable starlight was led down, forming one river of stars after another, majestic and beautiful.

Every star exudes monstrous power.


Chi Zun looked terrified, seeing this scene, he was even more afraid in his heart, and he no longer had the previous arrogance.

Or rather, facing a monster that can tear the Great Sage weapon apart with one claw.

He couldn’t raise the slightest hint of courage to confront.


Thinking like this, Chi Zun did not hesitate, turned around and tore through the void and fled.

With a half-step Great Sage, if you want to escape, you can escape from a continent in an instant, far away from the world.

“Transform the emperor star with the star, transform the sword in my hand with the emperor star, and slash through the ancient with one sword!”

Su Changsheng said softly.

He didn’t even look at Chi Zun.

Even though he was far away and was about to escape from the True Saint Continent.


Su Changsheng beckoned, the vast river of stars fell, and the Great Sage Sword in his hand did not enter his hand, and in an instant, a raging and boundless force that was enough to kill the Great Sage bloomed.

This one is the same sword move as when Su Changsheng slashed the Purple Mountain Old Ancestor.

But in Su Changsheng’s hands at this time, the power of this sword was terrifying I don’t know how many tens of thousands of times, and it was far from being comparable to it at the beginning.


In the next instant, Su Changsheng swung his sword, and a brilliant star sword light cut out, roaring heaven and earth, spanning the entire True Saint Continent, and shocking several continents in an instant.

Countless strong people, many saints, and even the saint kings all sensed this supreme sword, and all trembled.

This sword is enough to kill the Great Sage!


The heavenly dome far away, accompanied by an unwilling and desperate roar, exploded with a brilliant blood light, and then was submerged by the vast sword light.

In the end, a Celestial Mark across an entire continent appeared, shocking countless living beings.

The hall master of the Red Refining Demon Palace, a half-step Great Sage supreme, was killed by a sword like this.

“It’s over…”

An Miaoyi looked at this scene blankly, her heart swayed, although she saw it with her own eyes, she couldn’t believe it, the big man who had bound her for decades and made her always worry.

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“Thank you, Lord Immortal!”

Soon, she came back to her senses, her eyes gently looking at Su Changsheng, infinitely charming, making people’s bones soft.

“This is for you!”

Su Changsheng raised his hand, gently straightened her somewhat messy hair, and then said gently.



“Chi… Chizun died just like that? ”

“I… A half-step Great Sage, the hall master of the Red Refining Demon Palace, the supreme one who was honored on one side, was killed by a sword like this? ”

Tens of thousands of miles away, the Tai Void Old Ancestor looked at all this intently, muttering in his mouth, completely without the calmness and calmness before, and he was completely stupid.

How is this possible –

On the side, Lin Miao’s face turned red when she saw it, her eyes shining, and she was extremely excited.

It’s this sword!

In that year, Su Changsheng killed the Purple Mountain Saint with a sword.

The scene of holding the sword of the emperor star and being peerless was painted by a master of painting and spread throughout the True Saint Continent, becoming the dream lover of countless girls and young women.

Lin Miao also collected one, and often marveled, intoxicated by the demeanor in this portrait, and sighed at Su Changsheng’s stunning sword.

After a long time, he also became curious about Su Changsheng, and gradually developed a good impression, admiration and so on.

And now, witness this peerless sword.

Lin Miao knew that the painting master had not even been able to draw the demeanor.

Witnessing this sword with her own eyes, she had completely fallen and became Su Changsheng’s admirer.

“—wait… Come on! ”

At this time, the Tai Void Old Ancestor who looked in a trance suddenly woke up, a chill surged in his heart, and he shouted in a low voice.

He didn’t forget his purpose in coming out of the mountain, just to beat and teach Su Changsheng a lesson, so that he didn’t go too far.

But now, don’t say that it is a lesson to Su Changsheng, it would be good if Su Changsheng did not slap him to death in turn.

That sword just now definitely had the power to kill the Great Sage.

Facing a half-step Great Sage who could kill the Great Sage with a sword, he thought of teaching Su Changsheng a lesson after his brain pumped.

Now let alone unify the True Saint Continent, it is not impossible for Su Changsheng to overthrow the Tai Shi Sect.

“It’s that old guy in the beginning of the Tai Shi, and he is not Su Changsheng’s perverted opponent!”

Tai Huang Lao Zu broke out in a cold sweat in his heart.

This kind of peerless demon with combat power against the sky, even if it is in the Taiyuan Holy Land, it is also the treasure of the Holy Land, and it will definitely be cultivated and protected with all its strength……….

Because thousands of years later, this is a quasi-emperor with shocking combat power.

A quasi-emperor with earth-shattering combat power is enough to make a top holy land prosper for hundreds of thousands of years.

In the face of this perversion, where would he dare to stay?

“Daoist friends, please stay!”

Just when the Tai Void Old Ancestor wanted to run away with Lin Miao, a leisurely voice came.

I saw that tens of thousands of miles away, Su Changsheng came with An Miaoyi, just a stride, and came to the two of them, dressed in a star robe, with playful eyes.

“The Taoist friends of the Tai Shi Sect came to my MixC City from far away, and if they didn’t entertain them well, they would leave, if this was spread, wouldn’t it make the outside world mistakenly think that my Su family was not well treated?”

Su Changsheng said softly.

Hearing this, Tai Huang Laozu broke out in a cold sweat.

He heard the meaning, and Su Changsheng already knew his purpose.

“Under the ancestor of the Lower Tai Shi Sect, the Tai Void Daoist, and the Flying Feather Venerable Lord of the Tai Cheng Holy Land, it is really a blessing for the three lives to see the demeanor of the Daoist friends today!”

The Tai Void Old Ancestor forcibly endured the shock in his heart, squeezed a wisp of a smile on his face, and said loudly.

The Holy Land of the Beginning? Flying Feather Venerable?

Hearing this, Su Changsheng raised his eyebrows slightly, did the Tai Shizong even have such a background?

The Taiji Holy Land, which is an extremely terrifying force, is a top holy land.

It is the overlord of the Tai Shi God Domain.

The so-called holy places are also strong and weak, ordinary holy places, top holy places, and supreme holy places.

Ordinary holy places, one great saint can be created, or there are several great saint ancestors sitting in the town.

The top holy land is different, its founder must be quasi-emperor peak, or even a supreme, to be recognized, with an extremely terrifying background.

The supreme holy land is comparable to the imperial court.

And the strong person of the lord level is the title of the quasi-emperor, once promoted to the quasi-emperor, they can be called the honored lord, even if they face the lord of the imperial court, they can not kneel, and they have three points of face.

Could it be that the other party is so self-detonating that he wants to make him jealous?

Thinking like this, Su Changsheng’s face seemed to be smiling, and his eyes leisurely looked at the Tai Void Old Ancestor.

“This Taoist friend, this seat just let you stay for one or two, why do you want to deter this seat with such a self-detonating background? Could it be that you came with hostility? ”

“Or do you want to use the background of the Holy Land, want to use the power of that quasi-emperor lord, and want to scare off the throne?”

Su Changsheng spoke softly, word by word, very plain, but with a terrifying pressure.

Too weak old ancestor broke out in a cold sweat.

The background of the so-called Venerable Lord is, of course, his nonsense.

Although he did come from the Tai Shi Holy Land, in a sense, the Tai Shi Sect was a branch force of the Tai Shi Holy Land.

But in fact, they just lost their competition in the Holy Land and were expelled to the outside deserted continent to guard it.

And under the main door of Feiyu Venerable, it is even more nonsense.

He had only heard the sermons of the Flying Feather Venerable Lord a few times, and he was not even a named disciple.

Previously, he would have said that, but it was just to deter Su Changsheng.

But now judging from this situation, Su Changsheng doesn’t seem to eat this set.

“Immortal senior, you misunderstood, Lao Zu didn’t have that kind of idea!”

Just when the Tai Void Old Ancestor broke out in a cold sweat, Lin Miao on the side spoke up at this time, she faced Su Changsheng directly, her eyes blinked, and she didn’t look afraid.

On the contrary, Su Changsheng saw many different brilliance of 3.6 from the eyes of the other party, which was wonderful.

“Oh? Why is that, can you say it? Su Changsheng snapped his fingers and said lightly.

On the side, An Miaoyi stood quietly, beautiful in white, with a face that was overwhelming, like a pair of beautiful people, a couple of immortals.

“That’s right, the concubine Lin Miao, is the holy daughter of the Tai Shi Sect, and the reason why she appeared here with the Tai Void Old Ancestor is to marry you!”

Lin Miao glanced at An Miaoyi enviously, then looked at Su Changsheng and said softly.


Su Changsheng’s movements were sluggish, and he glanced at the Holy Daughter of the Tai Shi Sect quite strangely.

This is sent to the door by yourself again?

However, Su Changsheng could also see that the Holy Daughter of the Tai Shi Sect was extraordinary, definitely a divine body, and a top-notch divine body.


Soon, Su Changsheng also got a hint from the system, the other party did have a divine body, called the Tai Cang Divine Body, once it was completed, it could transform into the sky and its combat power was extremely strong.

Although the life is only close to gold, far less than Gu Qingge and them, but compared to An Miaoyi, it is not inferior at all.

Plus send it to the door yourself…

“The concubine body admires the immortal seniors very much, but I am afraid that the immortal seniors will refuse, so she begged the elders of the sect to come with her, and if you accidentally bump into the seniors, please forgive the seniors!”

Lin Miao’s eyes were admiring, and she looked at Su Changsheng deeply, and the charm in it would not be fake.

“Your heart is felt by this seat, but you didn’t come to Vientiane City for the so-called marriage!”

“Lin Miao, you are so daring!”

Su Changsheng said lightly, with a sense of pressure.

“Immortal Daoist… wait…”

As soon as the face of the Tai Void Old Ancestor changed, he wanted to stand up and intercede for Lin Miao.

“Daoist, this matter is indeed my Tai Shizong’s mistake, the old man apologizes in advance and can compensate…” At this time, an old voice sounded.

A faint shadow appeared, it was an old man, and his body was filled with the aura of a great saint.


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