“Blood Sword Dynasty?”

Su Changsheng sat down, bowed his fingers lightly, his expression was flat, and his eyes looked at Su Yun.

“The Purple Moon Emperor Lord has a hatred with the Blood Sword Dynasty, and his father, the previous generation of the Purple Moon Emperor, was killed by the Blood Moon Dynasty and almost destroyed the country!”

Su Yun explained respectfully.

He is also probing intelligence, or rather, this is no longer ~ any secret.

The Purple Moon Dynasty was once close to the top power, and the previous emperor was even more amazingly talented, almost on the verge of becoming a saint.

However, the strength of the Purple Moon Dynasty also attracted the jealousy of the Blood Sword Dynasty, for fear that the other party would advance to the top power and threaten the status of the Blood Sword Dynasty.

Therefore, he set up a killing game and killed the Purple Moon Emperor Lord, and even killed all the way to the Purple Moon Imperial City.

If it weren’t for the follow-up problems of the Blood Sword Dynasty, coupled with the hidden powerhouses of the Purple Moon Dynasty, the Purple Moon Dynasty would have been destroyed.

But even so, the current Purple Moon Dynasty has reached a precarious point.

The Blood Sword Dynasty has millions of soldiers, ready to destroy the Purple Moon Dynasty in one go.

Therefore, the current Purple Moon Emperor would hate the Blood Sword Dynasty extremely much, and even did not hesitate to use himself as a bargaining chip, just to destroy this force.

“So it is!”

Hearing this, Su Changsheng thought, a Blood Sword Dynasty, if you want to destroy it, it is not a difficult thing.

“Promise her!”

Su Changsheng bowed.

The Purple Moon Divine Body, although it is not a top-notch Divine Body, it is not too bad.

Su Changsheng also wanted to accumulate a small amount into a lot, and did not expect to be a top-level divine body and holy body all the time, which was simply unrealistic.

“Old Ancestor, what about the Holy Daughter of the Heavenly Desire Sect?” Su Yun asked with some hesitation.

“Let her come to me!”

Su Changsheng looked at ease and waved his hand, Su Yun’s heart was awe-inspiring, although he knew the old ancestor’s decision, he was still a little worried.

“…… Old Ancestor, this Holy Daughter of the Heavenly Desire Sect is very involved, and has a relationship with a big man in the Red Refining Demon Palace, I am afraid that I will provoke the Red Refining Demon Palace! ”

Su Yun hesitated for a while, but still gritted his teeth.

“Don’t worry, I am sure of my actions!”

Su Changsheng glanced at him and said in a flat tone: “You just have to do it with confidence!”

“By the way, Su Ziyu will be the goddess of the Su family from now on, and she will do her best to cultivate her, and her status and rights will be equal to yours, understand?”

The light flowed and fell on Su Yun.

An invisible pressure fell, causing Su Yun’s heart to shake, and then he lowered his head.


Su Yun said in a low voice.

He was not surprised by this.

In his opinion, Su Ziyu is a high-grade divine body, and if you cultivate it as a family goddess, this is normal.

“Go, get things done!”

Not long after, Su Yun retreated, leaving Su Changsheng to sit alone.

“Alas, you still have to get stronger!”

Su Changsheng sighed lightly, the Red Refining Demon Palace, this is still a behemoth after all.

Although I am not afraid, there is a pressure after all.

There is also the Great Saint Secret Realm mentioned by the Ninth Princess, although he does not want to go, but there is always an intuition, he will still be related to this secret realm.

This relationship bond is likely to be the Ninth Princess.

And to solve these problems, the most important thing is strong strength.

“That’s it, this Ten Thousand Dao Immortal Alliance auction, let’s go to this seat, I hope to buy some resources, impact the Saint Ninefold, and then quickly go to the Saint King!”

Su Changsheng’s eyes flickered.

Ten Thousand Dao Immortal Alliance, this is an extremely terrifying Chamber of Commerce force, its depth is too deep to speculate, even the Immortal Emperor Court and other emperor-level forces are secretive.

The chambers of commerce of its branches are all over the Immortal Wonderland, thousands of god domains, and many time and space worlds.

And the True Saint Continent also has a branch of the Ten Thousand Dao Immortal Alliance.

The duration of the auction varies, sometimes once in a hundred years, sometimes once in a thousand years.

Every auction is a grand event, attracting the top powerhouses from the nearby continents, and the weakest are the Wangu Realm, or the Tianjiao demons of the big forces.

There are many saints, there will be several saint kings, and even occasionally great saints appear.

In every auction, many rare and powerful divine items will appear, and there are no fewer treasures that can directly enhance the cultivation of saints.

In the past, Su Changsheng did not participate, because the fundamental capital was auctioned in it, and he was afraid that a certain saint would target it and kill it at will.

But now, I have the confidence to participate.

“Well, you have to prepare some sources, so as not to have money to buy the auction items when you get it.”

Su Changsheng whispered, and then his figure disappeared.

Source, which is hard currency at the level of saints.

For auction items involving this level, only the source and the divine source can be used as the settlement currency.

And the words of the spirit stone are no longer qualified.


The time came at night, and the moon was clear.

Su Changsheng sat on the stone chair in the pavilion, the moonlight in the sky fell, the silver light was thousands of ways, Su Changsheng sat leisurely, drinking wine, like an immortal.

All around, the spiritual energy is like fog, endless, and a pair of eyes are like clear spring water, and they are faintly farsighted.


Not long after, outside the sky, a white-clothed fairy shadow appeared, the skin was like jade, and the moonlight fell on its body, reflecting a bright luster, as if it was emitting light.

It was a peerless beauty, with picturesque eyebrows and beautiful beauty, as if she was a fairy who came down from the Moon Palace, and like a demon concubine who troubled the world.

Cold and holy, enchanting and moving, the two completely different temperaments are perfectly integrated.

It makes people look away.

“Under An Miaoyi, I have seen the Immortal Saint!”

That white-clothed fairy shadow came with the moon, step by step, the white and tender jade feet stepped on the shoes, and every step that fell, set off a brilliant moon.

She came to Su Changsheng’s side, her beautiful eyes stared, and her tone was extremely gentle.

Cold and moving, but with a soft and enchanting voice.

Delights the eardrums.


Su Changsheng raised his hand and pointed out, and a cup of spirit wine was poured out, the rich aroma of wine was fragrant, and the essence of the avenue was sprayed in it, and you could see fragments flying.

“Heavenly God Wine, worthy of being an immortal saint, is really atmospheric, let the little woman drink wine that is difficult to see in this life!”

An Miaoyi said in surprise.

Heavenly God Wine, this is a saint-level spirit wine, containing the essence of the Dao and the fragments of the Dao rules, which can make the cultivator realize the Dao, and even cultivate to a great advance.

A small cup can make the Wangu Realm bankrupt, known as the Heavenly God Wine.

It means wine that only the gods are qualified to drink.

This kind of top-level spirit wine, even if she is a saint of the Heavenly Desire Sect, she can’t afford to drink it!

“It’s just a small meaning, drink it!”

Su Changsheng beckoned, smiled slightly, the handsome face was just a simple smile, and there was also a rather extraordinary charm.

“Xie Changsheng Saint!”

An Miaoyi said softly, and then the jade finger stretched out lightly, pinched the white jade wine glass, and drank it all in just one sip, very angry, without the feeling of a little girl’s home.

“It’s a wine like no other in the world!”

A cup of drinking, two flushes rushed to her cheeks, An Miaoyi had a red little face, exhaling like a lan, she was a little drunk, and her eyes looked at Su Changsheng with confusion.

In her body, the wine turned into a majestic aura, carrying the power of the rule fragments, frantically washing her divine body, making it more pure, and her cultivation continued to grow.

“If you like it!”

Su Changsheng also put down the wine glass, his eyes looked at An Miaoyi, who was a little drunk, and a flash of surprise flashed in his eyes.

She is worthy of being the holy daughter of the Heavenly Desire Sect and the owner of the Heavenly Desire Goddess.

This kind of appearance and temperament is really rare in the world.

“Listen to what Su Yun said, you want to see me?” Although she was amazed at An Miaoyi’s beauty, Su Changsheng quickly came back to her senses, looked at her, and asked softly.

“The immortal saint doesn’t have to worry about him, the concubine body is sincere, please the immortal saint can take the concubine body, even if he is a concubine, he is also willing!”

Hearing this, An Miaoyi blinked her beautiful eyes, pretending to be drunk, with a red little face, and wanted to approach Su Changsheng’s arms, coquettishly.

“Who is that big man from the Red Refining Demon Palace? What is the strength? ”

Su Changsheng’s expression remained unchanged.

Instead, he raised his hand and squeezed her jade hand, staring at An Miaoyi with flat eyes, faintly sharp.

Although Su Changsheng didn’t mind accepting An Miaoyi, he could even offend the big people of the Red Refining Demon Palace.

But the basis of all this must be based on whether An Miaoyi will deceive him.

If there was something false in her words, then Su Changsheng would have to think about how to treat her.

I will still accept it, but if I have an attitude, I will be a lot more cold, just as a pure tool person.

“Adults should be really cautious!”

An Miaoyi was a little stunned, but then smiled bitterly, her beautiful eyes blinked, and she looked at the bright moon in the distance. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

“The Red Refining Demon Palace has nine hall masters, and each hall master is said to be a saint king, and above the nine hall lords, it is the palace master, and the big man who fancy the concubine body is a hall master!”

An Miaoyi’s expression returned to calm, and she explained faintly.

“That hall master is very powerful, ranked in the top three, and even more ambitious, it is said that he wants to attack the Great Sage, and the concubine body is the furnace prepared by him, waiting for the moment when he comes out and plunders!”

An Miaoyi smiled bitterly.

In this life, she seems to be a holy girl, high and high, sought after by thousands of Tianjiao and sect leaders, but in fact she is just a puppet, and she is destined to be a plaything in the future.

“Shock the Great Sage?”

Su Chang was vivid, such a top saint king, it can be called terrifying, few forces dare to provoke.

No wonder that just one fame scared a saint to leave.

Even a hegemon like the Tai Shi Sect is not necessarily willing to provoke, right?

Tai Shi Zong, in the final analysis, is only a continent hegemon, and it may not be strong.

“An Miaoyi girl, that is the king of the great saints, the strongest who can impact the great saint, will be a giant in the future, how can you think that I, a little saint, dare to provoke that one?”

Su Changsheng put down the wine glass and looked at her with a smile.

Why is that?

You know, the strength he is currently showing, although it is very strong, it is still far from the Saint King.

“Concubine trusts the adult, you are not as simple as it seems, besides… The concubine body was helped by a worldly master, and he once calculated to the concubine that the concubine body would be helped by a rising saint and free from a tragic fate! ”

“The saint who is rising in the True Saint Continent now, but you are the only one, naturally I have to find you!!”

An Miaoyi blinked her beautiful eyes and said a little playfully.

“A worldly master?”

Su Changsheng was a little stunned, how is this like a liar bridge in a third-rate novel?

“Hmm… It was a middle-aged man in a Taoist robe, whose origin was mysterious, and he only explained the fate of the concubine’s body in just three words, and gave the concubine’s body guidance! ”

“Can the concubine body contact you without the Heavenly Desire Sect, or is it because of the opportunity obtained by the guidance of that worldly master!”

An Miaoyi said, her eyes were grateful when she mentioned the middle-aged man.

“So it is!”

Su Changsheng was abrupt, then groaned, and looked at An Miaoyi again, his eyes sharp.

“Honza is indeed able to fight against that big man, but there is also a question, what benefits can Honza get?”

“Your words alone are not enough for this seat to fight against a demon palace!”

Su Changsheng said calmly.

“The adult really likes to make calculations, but the adult is so cautious, the concubine body is still very happy, which proves that you are indeed sure to help the concubine!”

An Miaoyi smiled gently, as if she had removed her mask, and she looked at Su Changsheng softly.

“The concubine body also has its own chips, the concubine body has the guidance of the worldly master, and has obtained the inheritance of an ancient powerhouse, that strong man only has a wisp of remnant soul, but the physique is a rare top divine body, if the adult resurrects it, it is another beautiful wife and concubine!”

“In addition, the concubine body also knows some saints and goddesses, all of them are the friends of the concubine, they either have a strong physique, or the qualifications are extremely high, and the concubine body can match you with the bridge!”

“How? This condition? ”

An Miaoyi smiled, with cunning in her eyes.


Su Changsheng was silent, and he looked at An Miaoyi with a slightly strange expression.

He didn’t expect An Miaoyi to fight so hard.

In order to get his help, he did not hesitate to sell the ancient powerhouse who was given to the inheritance, not only that, but also planned to sell a group of good sisters.

Is this the plastic sister flower?

“The concubine body is also helping that senior, she only has a remnant soul, relying on the concubine body, it is difficult to help her, only the senior can help!”

“That’s a good thing to kill two birds with one stone!”

“As for those sisters who are concubines, they will also marry in the future, so it is better to push it to you!”

“Concubines are also doing good deeds!”

As if seeing Su Changsheng’s thoughts, An Miaoyi blinked her eyes, there was cunning in them, like a fox, overwhelming the city, making people just want to sink into her charm.

“You said so, then if Honza doesn’t agree, it will seem a little unkind!”

Su Changsheng smiled slightly, and nodded slowly in An Miaoyi’s expectant eyes.

“Concubine, thank you Lord Changsheng.”

An Miaoyi’s face was delighted, and she threw herself into her arms, her voice soft.

Su Changsheng could hear a sense of reassurance from this, no longer as uneasy as before.

“From today onwards, you will stay in the Su family, and the Heavenly Desire Sect will not have to return!”

Su Changsheng put his arm around her and said.

“Wouldn’t that alarm the powerhouses of the Red Refining Demon Palace?” An Miaoyi said uneasily.

“Don’t worry, didn’t you say, that big man is still in retreat, as long as he doesn’t come over in person, then it doesn’t matter, this seat can handle it!”

Su Changsheng looked calm.

Even if the other party personally went out and killed him, Su Changsheng was not afraid.

Even if he is defeated, he can ask the Ninth Princess to make a move.

That’s right, there is soft rice to eat, it can be so arrogant and domineering.

“By the way, this is the ring of that ancient powerhouse, and her remnant soul is sleeping in it.”

At this time, An Miaoyi handed a ring to Su Changsheng, which appeared moon-white, and there was a mysterious fluctuation in it.

“There’s nothing wrong with that!”

Su Changsheng raised his eyebrows, and he could feel a faint Yuanshen fluctuation from it.

In this, there is indeed an ancient powerhouse hidden.

[Ding, test the candidate who meets the criteria for wife and concubine, the remnant soul of the emperor concubine of the ancient heavenly court, Changyue, physique: Taiyin Holy Body, [Golden] level life, it is recommended to restore its state and marry him as a wife and concubine! ] 】

Soon, the sound of the system suddenly sounded.

“The imperial concubine of the Ancient Heavenly Court?”

Su Changsheng’s heart was shocked, and his eyes looked at this ring with some surprise, this ancient powerhouse, so big?


This is also a rather top-notch holy body, although it is not as good as the innate mixed yuan Dao fetus, but it is also very terrifying!


This is an imperial concubine, is this to make him a thief?

[Ding, the Ancient Heavenly Emperor is a woman, and it is a rare female Heavenly Emperor! ] 】

Just when Su Changsheng felt strange in his heart, the voice of the system sounded again.

Female Heavenly Emperor? Lily?

In this way, then it will be fine!

“Lord Changsheng, is there a problem here?” Seeing that Su Changsheng was silent, An Miaoyi thought that there was a problem, and her tone was a little uneasy.

“It’s okay, I didn’t expect it!”

Su Changsheng shook his head, this was a big surprise.

The imperial concubine of the Ancient Heavenly Emperor.

He is somewhat looking forward to the day when the other party gives birth to his child, and the picture must be very good.

“There’s still time next, accompany me for a drink!”

Su Changsheng said.

Time passed, and days passed in the blink of an eye.

In the Purple Moon Dynasty, in the palace, the Purple Moon Emperor Lord sat on the imperial throne with a cold face, and below, a group of ministers looked flat and their eyes were disrespectful.

In addition, a group of princes gathered, imposing and powerful, guarding a blood-haired youth.

“Female Emperor, as long as you marry the Blood Sword Emperor Lord, the Purple Moon Dynasty will be spared the danger of destroying the country!”

The blood-haired young man held his hand and said proudly.

… And….

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